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  1. my dream car for oregon, must look away..........
  2. mark5193

    Next step up from lt80

    got my son a raptor 250 at 6 yrs old and it took him 30 minutes to figure out the clutch. the honda's are big, heavy and slow......
  3. mark5193

    Next step up from lt80

    raptor 250 hands down.
  4. i've had an 09 r for 6+ years and never touched it beside oil change. runs like a top always!
  5. mark5193

    Cheaper 2000 watt generator options

    camping world sale prices are shitty, lol
  6. mark5193

    Let’s discuss Quick Release whip mounts

    this is what i use, the best hardware i have seen.
  7. mark5193

    How To Keep Rats From Living Under My Motorhome?

    ive had good luck with both peanut butter and the sticky traps, rats love peanut butter. caught one the first night i put trap out. i flip houses and deal with these nasty critters all the time.
  8. mark5193

    Cheaper 2000 watt generator options

    unfortunately i'm all the way up in washington.
  9. my 18 turbo rzr was 18k otd (oregon) including an aluminum roof and polaris windshield. spring kit for $700 and it's a decent ride. i put stg 4 tune/exhaust/clutch and it's just over 200hp at the crank. it's pretty quick. it's really fast on dirt/asphalt, lol.
  10. mark5193

    Cheaper 2000 watt generator options

    think he would ship?
  11. mark5193

    Building a YJ for the dunes

    start with a tj....
  12. mark5193

    2010 rzr 4 800 Robby Gordon shock question

  13. mark5193

    2010 rzr 4 800 Robby Gordon shock question

    i had a turbo rzr4-800 and i put elka's on it. they were reasonable and performed great.
  14. i love my 30" cst setup. light for a molded tire. easy on belts too. 2018 rzr turbo stg 4.

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