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  1. This is so dang true. Insurance is a major problem.
  2. I'm a dentist who enjoys all aspects of dentistry, but with any medical problem, you need to have definitive diagnosis before doing the endo . Thats just my opinion and the way I operate. No definite diagnosis = no endo (root canal). Why do work that might not need done?
  3. Revenge Racing Silencer, 5 seater. Redline 500hp Ls2, Fortin H pattern, 17" douglas beadlock wheels, King Bypasses all around, king bumps, PCI radios with car to car, 2" hollows, 934's, lawrence gps, hydraulic adjustable light rack, sway bar, new full wrap by wolf designs, BFG dirt tires, walker evans beadlocks. 8 into 1 exhaust. Tranny, cv's, clutch, and wiring was all gone through by Kevin Mcmullen at beginning of last season with only 4-5 day trips since. Brand new batteries, headset, steering wheel ect. Very reliable, very strong running car. Super Sad to see it go. MTS off-road can also speak for this car. Never had a single issue. 1900 miles on car since new. Also have a 24 foot trailer that can we bought with the car that fits the car perfectly without removing any tires/wheels. $39,000 (415) 902-0272
  4. Good luck I’ve been looking for a V8 Funco for a while!
  5. Just tested with King in Barstow today. Best decision I've ever make Iribe from King had my car so much better in 10 min. it blew my mind. So awesome.
  6. Still really wanting a Gen 4-6 Funco with a V8 and 4D or better. Let me know what you have! Thx!
  7. Me Too! Join the club good luck! I'd do a gen 5 too!
  8. North side. Probably west if you. Lit basketball court. 415-902-0272

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