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  1. Although I’m glad the POS is gone, I find it really strange someone who’s on suicide watch (24hr surveillance) who’s about to squeal on tons of powerful people, manages to pull this off.. I hope these girls can still get justice and somehow all the pieces of shit involved in this go to jail. But I doubt it. How effed up.
  2. Seeing crap like this makes me sick! I’ll keep my eyes open for your stuff. Hopefully it was insured. I HATE thieves. did storage have cameras at all?
  3. I’ll be there the 17th-24th. Just me the lady and dog. Never been before but excited to check it out. Also camping at glass creek. If you’re out there we’d enjoy meeting up for a ride!
  4. Sweet pics thanks for sharing. Can you have 2 stroke jet skis in the water? Would love to check it out one day and tear it up with the rzr and then drop a ski in the water to get refreshed
  5. Nice, I’m a list guy too
  6. I like riding after the storms and don’t mind a drizzle while riding either. I’m not scared to get my shit dirty but I won’t “mud bog” in those mud holes or anything like that. We were up north last weekend and got caught in a thunderstorm and it flat ass started dumping on us, and even turned into good sized hail. I was dying laughing cause we were complaining of the heat and dust 30 minutes before hand... But I’m also prepared for that situation and always have ponchos in my storage compartment in the rzr and an umbrella that serves as a sun shade and works great for the occasional rain storm. It was funny watching 5 dudes huddle under one umbrella .
  7. Doin blow and bangin hookers on the hood of the buggy usually gets me amped up edit to add: but when the wife’s home I usually just watch YouTube videos of G and scroll through this website lol
  8. Good to know. Guess we won’t be taking the highway into the town for beers- we will just have to find the trails that parallel it. But I’d imagine you see people crossing over the road tho to get to the other side. Wonder if they get hassled Will definitely be getting a map. Also have a few apps on the phone that are good at pulling up trails and info. Thanks for the info
  9. Perfect, this is exactly what I was looking to find on here! I appreciate the Info and have loads more questions I’m on IG @nickc313 I’d love to see your pics and vids so please hit me up on there when you can!
  10. Hey GD, Im looking for input on a planning a trip to do some riding, fishing, beer drinking and relaxing in Mammoth from Aug 16th or 17th to the 23rd or 24th. So far what I have seen is Sherwin creek campground is a nice spot or glass creek campground. Maybe there is better? Free is nice but don't mind paying if the area can meet by "needs" listed below. Im looking for a place where I can camp(~26ft bumper pull toy hauler) and not be overcrowded by rigs parked in like sardines and let my dog run around without being told to keep her on a leash. We like to have our "own space" unless we are camping with people we know. As of now, it just me, the fiance and dog. Dry camping is fine- don't need hook ups, toilets or any of that. Am I able to ride from glass creek to mammoth down the 395 or are rzrs not allowed on the road? We're from AZ- plated and street legal here , but know CA is not as lax and I am sure Ill need to buy some helmets too for the riding. Basically looking for info from any of you that have been here? The do's and dont's. Will I be able to get a spot showing up on a friday night or sat morning? We'd like to be able to drive the rzr everywhere from camp so I dint have to unhook the truck and don't want to be "trailering" to any trails. Hows the weather in aug? Leave windows open in trailer or will AC be needed during day? Lets hear it fam, thanks for any info/help! And if anyone is going to be there during that time- LETS RIDE!
  11. Kevin McMullen, but wait a few weeks that way he has time to finish my shit first
  12. Crazy. You’re a better person than me. It wouldn’t have been a camera pointing at him if it were my truck you did the right thing! Hopefully he gets hit by a F350 crossing the road one day
  13. Thanks GD.com crew Got to spend it in the sand so it was a great day
  14. I’ll agree it was shady and seems strange, but at the end of the day it’s a trailer used to move stuff around. It’s gonna get banged up, chipped, dented and whatever. 2019 or 2017 you probably didn’t buy it to make money off of. You bought it to haul your stuff and if it does that and you got a deal to where you “don’t want to give it back,” then just run it And price depreciation on a Carson utility/flatbed trailer?? I’d wager you’d be able to sell this trailer for pretty damn close to what you’ve got into it within the next 5 years if it’s not beat to chit.

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