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  1. Bad ass car. Congratulations on a beautiful build! Little bit different motor/trans package from your last build. Any particular reason? hope you get her out before the seasons over for a shake down
  2. Nice upgrade and great thread so far. Thanks for sharing
  3. I’ve had State Farm for a long time. I’ve referred tons of people to my agent for high end buggies. I’ve also had 2 of those people totally wad their sand cars up and were paid out very fair for a total loss. I hate insurance companies but Instead of going the route of saying State Farm sucks, I think it would be more appropriate to say “my agent at State Farm sucks” Because I don’t believe they’re all created equal. Just my .02 and probably not worth much Sorry to hear about your experience/loss
  4. The lady bought me a dji spark. I wanted an introductory user friendly drone to see if it was something I’d like. Think it was like 6-700 bucks with the case, extra batteries and all the crap you end up buying. I like that it’s small, compact, easy to travel with and it takes some pretty cool shots. Girlfriend crashed it into a tree at about 60 feet and it tumbled down through the branches and hit the floor. Changed the propeller and we were back in action 10 minutes later for a “starter” drone it’s pretty bad ass imo
  5. Correct, velocity. Didn’t need all the fancy shit because I will be using this utv for some racing and ended up redoing a lot of stuff anyways
  6. Haha I did NOT need another rzr. I was perfectly happy with my 1k and it was dialed in exactly how I wanted it. But at that price I felt like I was losing money if I didn’t buy one butttt add up all the aftermarket shit I just purchased and I realize I’m an idiot again lol
  7. Blake was the sales kids name we worked with on the floor. He did alright but In the end we were working with a Jordan Valdez (think he’s a manager of some sort) doing the wire transfers and paperwork and he actually knew what he was doing
  8. berts mega mall at SSSS- 20.5k otd for 2 seat turbo S. We got a smoking deal but also bought 3 and paid cash so that helped weasel the price down
  9. Thanksgiving is coming up quick. Will deliver to Glamis
  10. And those 3 of you are probably filled with plenty of regret and sadness

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