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  1. what would it take to get some copies sent to me? How would you get em off the DVR??? A DVD burner???
  2. I still have all of Season 2 saved of my DVR!!! With drawls easily taken care of. :D
  3. I second that on the SCU. My Choices for a 2 Seater would be... SCU (Don) & REVENGE RACING (Justin)
  4. Holy Crap!!! Let us know how it goes. How'd you get around the "Drive by Wire" problem??? I have always liked the VQ35 engines. Keep us updated (or at least me) on the progress of the engine.
  5. You got 1 out of 4 Next time you start a flame thread just take some pics. What gets me is that we don't have pictures of the quads racing up Olds but you don't question that the races didn't happened. So why is it so hard to believe that a group of people that have a history of holding these races & have left trash at each site they raced at before, left trash once again after they were done racing this past weekend.
  6. Stock pump...and the thrttle body is opposite the pullies. So, I guess it's all orig. :D
  7. It is amazing how much sand that car can throw into the back seat when it's stuck. I never thought I would be so happy to have something covering my ears. Thank god for headsets or I would have gone through a case of Q-tips. Wait til the wife sees that you put her pic on here... lol your in deep now. Hey Todd... Nice hair man. F*ck...No doubt!!! I look like I am going bald...no wait, those are my racing stripes. :D At least the cameria man could've got my good side. Thanks for making me look like I'm losing my hair Squirrelly . I just finished getting quotes to fix my A-Arm...I am going to upgrade to the Dual Sport A-Arms (1 3/4 tubing instead of 1 1/2). It looks like it's goings to be around $1,000.00 for everything, and that's Chroming 'em too. There goes the Money I had saved up for the Headset/Radio package. O-well, life goes on. It was a sweet ride while it lasted.
  8. Hey Jeff...we need to change your name to Squirrelly or something. :D
  9. post that list here if you can. that would be an excelent idea. Platinum Sponsors Arizona Glendale Steel Supply Kenz Cycle Tech Ohton Racing California Mc Coys Performance Sand Toyz Unlimited Watson Performance Florida Banshee Superstore Kansas The Barn Guys Louisiana Cajun Custom Trailers Michigan Herek Motorsports RDZ Racing Missouri Precision Power Sports Ohio Bac Technologies Oklahoma CP Industries Oklahoma Jims Sand Toys Oregon Dave Moore Racing Direct Drive CNC Mattoon Machine Twister Crankshaft Texas Lonestar Graphics Utah HS Customs KT Performance Site Sponsors Black Label Racing Diesel's Powder Coating GT Performance Iron Rhino Design Noss Machine Titan Racing TK Customs Vinco Racing Planet Sand Access denied. Here's the link
  10. If you go to their web site, Planetsand has a list of sponsers that support their site. We need to write Emails to their sponsers and let them know that their endorsing a orginization that is not cleaning up after their event. I don't know if it will do any good...but it couldn't hurt.
  11. The Motor was a Little Slow...I counted at least 10 to 12 seconds before his tail lights dissappered. :D
  12. I just may do that. I was hoping to get a price on Chroming 2 lower A-Arms (an estimate) before I committed to pay for the service. Thanks, Todd.
  13. I am looking to Chrome some A-Arms and need a Chromer in the Inland Emperor, anybody know of a good one??? Thanks, Todd.
  14. Thanks for the enterainment Jeff...too bad I had to leave early. Next time bring the cameria on the first run. You'll get better action shots. -Todd.

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