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  1. These still available?
  2. Sitting in Vegas watching Cars go round & round.
  3. Not my KSC but the crack looks exactly like mine. I don't know why, but that made me laugh! Anyhow, Carlin fabrication in Redlands can take care of that for you. Tell him Damon sent you and you're a Glamis dunes member 909-856-7097 Jason Carlin.
  4. Thanks for the info! Will do!
  5. Leaving for P.I.R. In the morning. Going to Rancho this afternoon. Let me know. Maybe we can make something work. D.
  6. I did one on the back of my inlaws 5th wheel,mainly to hold the bar-b-que but it swings out to grill and when you need to open the door. I tied it in well enough to tow a trailer if he ever wants to.It's located in Fontana if you want to come check it out. I sure I can do something similar on yours. You could probably just extend your wiring and put a plug back there. Let me know. D.
  7. It may be a little far west for you, but north woods inn in Covina /Azusa is damn good grub. We go there for special occasions and we live right by the 215/10 interchange. If you try it I'm sure you'll like it. D.
  8. Looks good I like it. My wife wants the same era Tahoe. Please keep us updated on this.
  9. I'll be at the ssss tomorrow morning around opening time. Will be going to Vegas Friday the 3rd for the truck race on sat If that'll work for you let me know. D.
  10. I have the low buck tool one that just chomps through the tube. Quick, safe, clean. I love it. If you were closer, you could just come use it for your tube or two.

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