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  1. Can't wait to get out there next Wednesday!!!!!!
  2. lincster

    LS t-stat

    Holes or not, you still have to warm it up, let it cool, add coolant. So most of my steps above have to be applied to either situation.
  3. Start with the easy stuff. Check filters. Check fuel pressure. Hard time starting but idles fine doesn’t necessarily mean fuel.
  4. lincster

    LS t-stat

    No holes needed. Jack the front of the car up. loosen the hose clamp on the upper radiator line at the motor. Fire it up. It will get hot, steam will come out where the hose clamp is lose. Shut it off. Let cool. Add coolant. Repeat. It will burp itself. Ive been doing this for years. No issues.
  5. lincster

    LS t-stat

    Don’t bash the messenger. Just relaying what I was told. I went the redline route.
  6. Sand was AMAZING towards the south last weekend. osbourne and olds were bad. But everything else was amazing!!!!
  7. lincster

    LS t-stat

    Freeze plugs fall out. Shop I talked to have seen 2 in the bottom of the water pump. Expense in this sport????? Is that a thing??
  8. lincster

    LS t-stat

    Or this. Redline sells them.
  9. Crow has a rebuild/recert program. Fill out their form, send them your belts and you get basically new ones back for 1/2 the cost of new.
  10. Do you have O2 sensors? If one goes bad, it will start dumping extra fuel at idle and foul plugs. I learned that the hard way and took a bit to figure it out. Once I replaced the bad one, plugs looked great and idled fine.
  11. Stock motor? What kind of computer?
  12. Out here now. Burned 30 gallons just today. Such awesome conditions.
  13. We have our reservations on Fremont street in mid April. Lets see what happens!!!!!
  14. You must ride a dirt bike?

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