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  1. The only expensive part is the R&P. Costs of other parts are similar to other boxes. My average cost has been $2200 every 5 years. My first R&P lasted 12 years. Now, if I have to do another R&P in the next 5 years, I will do the same and swap out to a S4.
  2. Good info. My H pattern shifts like butter. Unless it is driver error.
  3. 1/2 a bottle of starch per tire for me. Good for the season.
  4. I paid $400 for mine. Just the intake. $200 to chrome. $200 for filters and outer wares.
  5. This entire sport is "unnecessary". LOL But it is expensive.
  6. Summers Brothers. RBP. Pro Am.
  7. Nice. I would add the blue and green and tie them into the same point on the lower part of the cage. Maybe add a gusset from the tranny mount to the down tube closest to it?
  8. Looks good. Are you going to add some X bracing tubes and/or gussets?
  9. Correct. Not a fair comparison to try it this past weekend.
  10. Bump up the air pressure. They will slide. I run 10” wide wheels with 33 Blasters, #2 cut. If I go to 18psi. I am on skates!!!!
  11. Stupid. One version is rated to tow "14000lbs". Yeah, lets hook up my 42' Weekend Warrior, 12,500lbs empty, and see how that thing does. LOL
  12. I think that is the size of my desert tires. I will check when I get home. I won't put them on the car for a while. Do you need a pix on the car?
  13. Buttercup station has a rain gauge through the BLM. It shows 0.66" fell last night.
  14. Did you bolt everything up dry?

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