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  1. Take the bearings out and go to any "good" bearing supplier. They will match it up no problem.
  2. U r in the wrong world if u r a “year/make/model” kind of guy.
  3. That star is not race prepped. This is race prepped. something going on with your axle if u have to use a mallet and then your star looks like that. My stuff literally falls together.
  4. lincster


    Yep, believer in both. My wife lost a close friend to her when we were in high school. Whenever I am out of town, she says she sees that spirit in the house at night.
  5. I had it custom made. No supports from the end of the elements. Supports from the tube that run down and bolt to the block.
  6. Here is what I have.
  7. Redid all of my lines last season. Still used steel braided, just like in the pix above. Adding a fuel shut off valve this summer.
  8. Tire pressure, every trip. Lights every trip. Truck, get in and go. Buggy.... that is a whole different story.
  9. 9" dual disc, stage 4. Smooth as butta.
  10. Mechanical oil pressure gauges are old school. I haven't seen on since my Dad's 1968 Jeep. It sprung a leak one time.... what a mess. I will stick with electronic.
  11. I'm your huckleberry. Punisher got nothing on me.
  12. Put them together wrong. What LRS and jwest2sh said is correct.
  13. I will take a pix of mine tonight. Long bolt and 2 nuts is all you need.

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