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  1. I could run Gordon's blindfolded. Did it for years, so I knew those ranges. They suck now for a car. You said it, flow for a while. Like 15 secs "a while". LOL
  2. You will for sure get stuck at Gordons. Unless you camp right behind the bathrooms at the entrance. Buttercup has more hard pack areas for camping. Right by the ranger station, there is a large area to camp. Midway is down the road a bit, heading West. That is all rock solid ground, basically graded gravel/hardpack. Buttercup dunes are small for rails. You can cover the whole thing in about 20 mins. There are a few large bowls that are fun to get zipping on. Gordon's is horrible now for rails after the closures. Fun for SXS's. Buttercup is on the South side of I8, Grays Wells exit. Gordon's is on the North side of I8.
  3. I love my power stroke but I agree. If towing twice a year, pay @LRS and but a 1/2 ton for a daily driver.
  4. 3.88 is the highest ratio Fortin offers. I have it in my transaxle. I can't disagree with what has been said about the cost. I like my Fortin, but if I have to dump another $8k into it before 5-7 years, I will swap to a S4D. For what it is worth, here are the pinion gears of a Hewland (right) 3.88 (new manufacture) and the old manufacture of the 3.88. I will say, the 3.88 that I just took out is still in decent shape and has been in my car since 2007. There was micro-cracking in the root in the middle of the tooth and since I had it apart to replace 2nd, I decided to just do a new R&P.
  5. I am anxious to see what my temps run in a couple of weeks. I don’t have any data with no cooler but I will post up numbers with.
  6. Never have touched the turning brake. I get around 7-8 years in CVs. 934s 2700lb car. V8 10-12 trips a year. Belray/Swepco
  7. Sure they can. I have 3' of line. Runs up about 1.5', makes a loop and then back down to the ground.
  8. If Trans is fresh, should get $10k all day long. Depends on generation also.
  9. Are you asking what the tranny is worth or the car?
  10. Dropped 48lbs in the last 2 years. Eat much better. Very little sugar. No candy. No soda. No ice cream. No milk. Watch the stress level. Carbs are down. Walk 12000-15000 steps per day with work.
  11. I do something close to that. I always am ready 10 min before the rest of my group and I am out there driving around camp in 1st gear for 10 min before we go. I do this every morning.
  12. Me likey. Gotta pick up some of those.

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