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  1. Water and sand cars don’t mix. Been saying that for years.
  2. I get such a kick out of all of the IG posts after Prez Day.... "Last trip of the season".... Ummmmmmm Huh???? It is going to be 72F all week next week and into March!!!!! Last season the weather was so nice, you could still go into April. I don't mind though, Feb/March/April are the best months of the year IMO. People stop going, fine by me.
  3. Shift linkage adjustment. Either at the shifter or nose cone.
  4. Best way to set it is at the fuel rails. 55-58psi at the rails. Adjust fuel pressure regulator accordingly to get that.
  5. Ah Hermes. Such a dick. We have had multiple run ins with him. Multiple people from our group have called the El Centro office and complained to the officer "in charge" at that time. One of the times, it was Hermes. The person that called still filed a complaint. LOL
  6. Yeah, not a good spot.
  7. AND don't forget. 934 CVs are mandatory. Even if you are setup for 930's, you HAVE to convert. Even if you run 112.234 HP and 78.5 Torque...... Change over now.
  8. I have learned over the years that the easy way out doesn't usually work.
  9. Just shipped my dual disc yesterday to have new splines put in.
  10. I had 6 trips on my new 2nd and it was worn out. I agree. Crazy but it happens.
  11. Is it h pattern or sequential? i have a H pattern and I had to replace the shifter. New shifter and I couldn’t get it out of first and had to take it to Kevin McMullen. 5 min of him adjusting the shift tube and it worked perfect.
  12. Agreed. No matter what box you have, stuff wears out. There is a difference between "breaking" parts in a box and wearing stuff out.
  13. 1st gear is shot. Louder in 1 gear means the gear is worn out. This has been a tell tale sign for me over the past 13 seasons. I can tell when I have worn my 2nd out, it gets louder. I have been right every time. 1st gear is more narrow than 2nd, so if you use it very much, it wears faster. Below is what a worn 2nd gear looks like. I could hear this when I shifted into 2nd. All of the other gears sounded much quieter.

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