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  1. I run an STM CVT fan kit on my 2013 Maverick XRS. I run it when ever the engine is running, and for a few minutes after shut down. My belt temps stay in the 160-180 range on hard pack, and 160-190 in the sand. Guys say it is more of a restriction than help, but my personal experience is my belt temps run 10 or more degrees lower with the fan than they did without it. Just my .02
  2. I use my phone charger. It has a 2nd usb port in it.
  3. Almost 2500 miles on my 2013 Maverick. Other than a few toasted belts, due to an aftermarket primary clutch effin up (stocker back in with no issues since), no issues that wernt self inflicted.
  4. Title of this thread is misleading. I thought you meant Polaris was putting a "Stupid" sensor in the 2015's.
  5. Cam, my sister has a Wildcat X ltd. We did the break in out at Glamis (with Sandguppy). It has good power, not quite as much as my Maverick, but not as under powered as I was lead to believe. We did not get it out and dune with it much, since it was the break in ride, but I did take it over to Olds. It had no issue getting up the steeper part of the hill, and handled great in the dunes between Olds and the washes. The only issue we had with it was the front lower A-arms. Left one got bent. How??? I'm not sure, but after going on the Wildcat forum, it seems to be a fairly common issue. We replaced both front lowers with chromo A-arms, and that should never be a problem again. I know your pops...He can dune that Rhino with no problem. He'll have no problem dunning the WC. I think the Wildcat X ltd is a great buy, considering the upgrades you get. It comes with the Elka stage 5 shocks, Team clutch, full doors, and a roof, and has 90+ crank hp. Add some harnesses and some lighting, and it's good to go. All in all I was pleasantly surprised with it.
  6. We have already seen 110 rwhp achieved on the turbo Maverick with just a reflash of the ECU. I think there's still a little meat left on the table, stock. http://www.maverickforums.net/forum/53-mrr...sh-110rwhp.html
  7. DWT ultimate beadlocks come in a 10x12. I have a pair with Skat 26x12.5x12 8 paddle extremes mounted on them.Very pleased with them, but the 50 cal. wheels are very nice as well (and a little less $ than the DWT's).
  8. WTH was that guy thinking??? Lucky he didn't get chopped into mince meat
  9. Try these.... http://www.f1engineering.com/Custom.html http://baccusent.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=13168078
  10. Amazing how well that usually works...
  11. Not true on the CVTech Mike. The rollers (actually sliders) don't deform from heat. I had Adam tune my clutch as you know, and the sliders were perfect. Steves got torn up from running without a CVT cover and got packed with dirt and sand. The sliders will wear out eventually, but are very easy to replace. I actually ran my oem primary with the STM secondary over the holidays out at Mother G, and it actually out preformed the CVTech STM combo.
  12. Just had to throw that last line in didn't you Sandy...Charles is pretty intent on on redemption...Judgment day, I mean MLK is coming soon. LOL Andy
  13. DING DING DING.....We have a winner. I've blowed up 1 belt on my Mav in 1yr and 1300+ miles, but only because I hammered it all day long then raced a built Commander. Blew past him like he was standing still... then POW!!! I have a CVT blower on mine now, and don't abuse the belt too much without cooling it down periodically. All the new sport SxS's are fine machines with each having issues, and each having thier strong points above the others.
  14. Check out SDR http://www.sdrmotorsports.com/pages/Gallery.html

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