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  1. So with that belt part number what kind of gap do you have? Using factory brackets?
  2. If I were to use a shorter belt i think it would be too much tension on the tensioner. Theres a different upper mount and moves the alternator outwards more. I will find it and post it.
  3. Fix that tensioner and belt problem. I have the same setup and the belt stretches and touches. It already started eating itself.
  4. Absolutely! That rad will be more than large enough.
  5. Well they are $319 on the website. I'll find the place that was selling for $299. But we splittin hairs here. Lol $150!
  6. I have no idea what you're selling. Lol a buggy frame? I'll take some photos
  7. Brand new they are $300. Ill offer $150.
  8. Thanks intro. But im just looking for the intercom. I have a 100w uhf radio in my car.
  9. Looking for a Rugged 660. Nothin crazy. Don't really need headsets or anything. Just the unit.
  10. Lol no way. I saw you on the 15 south when I was driving home from vegas. Haha
  11. Thank you. I need 12'8" for my buggy though.
  12. Distance from door to cabinet and width? Thank you
  13. You can send me a pic and i can identify them for you
  14. They are super durable!! Love mine
  15. fordfreak


    PM sent for some Honda 3.5 headers.

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