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  1. bringiton

    How To Dump Your Rig In No Time.

    Can dump at Desert Trails RV Park off of 4th (opposite direction from truck stop) in El Centro.... $5.00...open to public.....usually no line ....
  2. Why did the rescue copter land on Gecko near the Ranger Station just after the drags today?
  3. bringiton

    Sidewinders In The Washes? How About Gecko Rd?

    Over the years, I have seen lots of tracks in the mornings around the bushes on the canal side of Pad 5.....
  4. bringiton

    Longest Stay At Glamis ?

    With age comes a cage...and the ability to pace yourself...(once in a while)
  5. bringiton

    Longest Stay At Glamis ?

    Been away from the sight....yep, 75 days sleeping everynite in the MOHO on Pad 4....Wife and I would run our rails monday thru thursday and then sit back and meet the new neighboors as they moved in for the weekends and holidays...only went to vendors, Olds and the drags then...also sat out a few sandstorms... MOHO moved once, for 3 hours, to go to Brawley for LP...(Glamis storage was out) Buggy trailer and toys stayed in camp under watch from neighbors...Water and pumpouts by Bernie from Brawley... We did have another vehicle and were able to go to town for food and supplies... Ironically, there were two other camps that were there when we got there and left the same time we did... We had a great time but were ready to move on at the end....
  6. bringiton

    Longest Stay At Glamis ?

    75 days on Pad 4...nov 15, 2011 til feb 1 2012....Saw a lot of the good and bad of Glamis thru all of the holidays ...can't wait to go back this season !!!!!
  7. bringiton

    Seat Sliders

    is there a "bolt in" version?
  8. bringiton

    2011 Ford F-150 Ecoboost

  9. bringiton

    Slr By Sandlimo

    What does the Slr stand for?
  10. bringiton

    Anybody Remember 1975?

    Ah yes....1975 was a very good year...was 33 and made a life altering professional choice to leave a State Dept of Transportation in the NW and go into private Consulting...Moved 200 miles to take a new job...was racing in the NW Desert at the time... Retired in 2011 after 50 years in the business....2 wheels lead to 3...3 lead to 4 ( quades) and now "with age comes a cage"...am finishing my 4 LT/v-8 rail and thinking about # 5...a Funco G52... "Found" Mother G 5 years ago after years on the Oregon Dunes...and just bought a winter place in El Centro to be close all winter instead of just for vacations... LIFE IS GOOD....
  11. bringiton

    2011 Ford F-150 Ecoboost

    So far, Ive towed 4 different trailers...1 is 8x9 with one quad...1 is single axle buggy trailer with 1700 lb singleseater, 1 is a tandom axle with 2 quads and the 4th is a 24ft enclosed with 2 buggies (guess 8000 lbs)....same problem to differing degrees...all trailers have new/balance tires... It has been back to the dealer (Vancouver, Wa) twice so far...first time Ford sent out a kit to shim the middle driveline bearing...supposed to be fixed...NOT Second time they had it four days, "road" balance the tires, Ford sent out a repair order to reprogram the computer to shift earlier...better but not fixed... Going back for 3rd time as soon as I get the time... The pickup was bought in June 2011 and now has 12k miles...I bought it to tow my various toy trailers,,, BTW..the throttle delay is attributed, by FORD, to a hiccup in the wireless throttle...they adjusted it and sure enough, it got worse... was hoping someone was a step ahead of m and had/has a fix....
  12. bringiton

    2011 Ford F-150 Ecoboost

    any problems with a vibration or shuddering primarily while towing...
  13. bringiton

    2011 Ford F-150 Ecoboost

    Any feedback or thoughts about the 2011 Ford F-150 Ecoboost ???
  14. bringiton

    Exhaust Ideas

    Mine is on the outside....not so bad...
  15. bringiton

    Exhaust Ideas

    Oregon has the same type of noise and spark arrester laws.....I borrowed the "Woodrow" fix on my NorthStar a couple of years ago and it works great....keeps the LEO's happy... I change back to the standard tips for Glamis and Idaho.... Woodrows system works !!!

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