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  1. I thought like many here on the board that a rental would be beat up and ran into the ground. However, the price looked good for a small car that we were looking for. I've been driving a corolla I bought from hertz in riverside for the past 3 years. It had about 30k miles on it and in great shape. I now have over 90k and It gets 35 mpg and one of the best cars I have bought. the prices are straight forward, not much haggling you have to worry about if your not into that thing. They do offer additional add ons for the vehicle if you are looking for that.
  2. smalliez

    Vendor's Row

    Is anyone out in glamis this early or does anyone know when they will be out there? I am looking to get some food while I'm out riding this weekend.
  3. smalliez

    Led Light Bar On A Quad

    I have a few different setups. One bike has 10 inch rigid flood, another has 6 inch from safeglo also flood. And I have another with spot duals. I actually prefer floods over spot as it gives more light over the entire dunes and not just in a single direction.
  4. smalliez

    Listening To Blm Freq On Scanner App..

    I can understand so much more with this, thanks
  5. The only stop I had was on the way out. They were asking if I needed a new map of the closures as they were inspecting my sticker to make sure it was placed properly. Very sneaky, but I put it on right so I had nothing to worry about.
  6. smalliez

    Light Bars On Quads?

    I actually wired multiple quads with led bars ranging from 2 inch cubes up to a 10 inch bar. I have mine setup with a separate switch and relay going directly to the battery. I just recently updated my stator on my yfz 450 to help our with the draw but so far it has been running great.
  7. smalliez

    New Nascar Rules

    Common sense is not that common anymore
  8. smalliez

    Direct Tv Vs. Cox

    If you switch to dtv, first off, they do offer rf remotes so if the box is in a different room that won't be a problem when you split the signal. Second, be wary of the hbo free offers, most of the time they are free for 3 months, then $47 bucks after. I know dtv is offering NFL package free right now for 2014. Dtv signal can be split into 2 tvs but not recommended by them, you can always do it on your own. Dtv has the new genie box with mini clients so if you have a smart phone there is a voice app you can control tv if you don't want to use the rf remote.
  9. smalliez

    Nfl Playoff Pool

    Esco you missed my pics, not the it matters but I had broncos Seahawks
  10. smalliez

    Dsl Or Cable

    DSL is old technology, max speeds that Verizon offers is 15mbps on a dedicated line, I'm sure the 18 you get with AT&T is pretty much maxed out as well. As for cable you can get faster speeds but they are shared on the cable line, so when everyone gets on at the same it will slow down... Now, as far as slowing down less than what you can get with DSL I doubt it. I must be in the ghetto because I got fiber 25/25 and can't see myself going back to either cable or DSL but since you probably don't have that option, I would go with cable.
  11. smalliez

    Nfl Playoff Pool

    Broncos Seahawks Lets see it happen
  12. smalliez

    Nfl Playoff Pool

    I'm going with opposite of Dw, looks like a winner Patriots Saints Broncos Niners
  13. smalliez

    Nfl Playoff Pool

    Chiefs Saints Bengals Niners
  14. smalliez

    Way Too Crowded

    Does anyone have pics of the crowds at the drags or olds? I want to see what I missed.
  15. smalliez

    Yfz Led Light Bar

    Nice set up. Have you run the set up yet? Looks solid... M4 :-) you can get directly to our lights on this link: http://www.m4products.com/led-off-road-lights/ I am curious why you want to be able to easily remove the light? I am a fan of the handlebar mounted pod lights. That is what I did on the test TRX450r and a second bar at the front bumper. Smaller, lighter, but combined with 4 pods you have 40w or 3200 lumens. We of course have the light bars too. Thanks for the post and info. Getting some great ideas and hoping to make a decision soon. Reason for the easy removal? I don't do a ton of night riding but when I do I want it lit up! Good suggestions, I am not tide to any one preference. Thanks again.... Thanks. Just got a chance to test them out this weekend. I was running on the stock stator and long story short we ended up riding a lot longer then expected at night and the battery was drained. Going to charge back up tonight and look into getting a stator just so it doesn't happen again

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