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  1. DID ya miss me? Like the Flu?
  2. Well hello, Yep it's me.....Shall we have a Kennie's Gathering..SNOWBALLS, Luxor Lights, Music, Great food..best night rides ever? Just stopped in to say hello everyone!!!
  3. Thanks everyone. Twins are great they are now 16lbs each. Cristian is two now and Stephanie is my smart one straight A's this report card. Lara's doing great See you guys soon FYI anyone want to throw out a chat heres my email eventcoordinator@frontiernet.net or go to the website www.nitrosyndicate.com Kennie
  4. [attachmentid=91687] Zofia
  5. [attachmentid=91624] Just wanted to share w/ ya...that Zofia @ 6lbs 5 oz and Mia 6lbs 11oz were born at 6:29 pm Friday. Heathly and thank god they look like mom. I'll post some pics later...hope all is well Kennie
  6. For some reason I felt I needed to check the board today. I got a pm to check out a thread.....I know I have distanced myself from the board but....friends in the heart stay in the heart. I called Lara over to read this thread and we both were in shock. I know from my past what a pain this is. but keep your head up high and look around you have an angel watching over your family with great powers and love now. I am proud to have known Stacie and she will be greatly missed but never forgotten. Love Kennie & Lara
  7. I'll be postin up some pixs soon... It was a blast and the attendance was 75K..next year the 25th will be going off. gotta jam going to go do the Stanley Cup Finals........
  8. Well we found out the twins are gonna be GIRLS!!!!!! Now to name them. Future Hot Babe Glamis Dunners. Now Stephanie has some riding buddies in a few years. Oh Yeah Hi everyone! Later Kennie
  9. Thanks everyone, we find out in two weeks what they are. Boys or girls or one of each. Oh by the way you river rats that like Havasu mark on your calendar OCT 7-8 I am throwing the first concert in Havasu Sat Headliner are the Doobie Brothers and Sunday still waiting but might be Social D Update later Thanks Again Kennie
  10. It's been awhile since I been on the board. But just wanted to drop in and see whats up. But Lara and I just found out that we are having twins. We won't know the sex for about 6 more weeks. See ya in the dunes Kennie
  11. I thought this topic was for the design of the thing? So I'll have a few designs drawn up for ya Kennie
  12. Slappy, I say we match your helmet and put some extras on it , like adopt a wash, the cooling spot, gatherings etc... what do you think, Want me to start designing? Kennie
  13. Geesh, what about the rules??? I know I was a no show but I thought there where rules to this thing...big mouths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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