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  1. 2009 weekend warrior slc 3705. Only owner. Distressed grey interior, led lighting throughout. Dexter ez flex, shackles and leaf springs. Flagstone vinyl flooring. Load F tires with tpms on all 6. No wall issues, no rot issues. Trailer was resealed every year. Kept in San Diego. Well kept, owned by retired navy chief. 35k. Don’t waste your time with rediculous offers, or trades. Owner wants to pay off the loan. Call/ text George, 858-449-4172
  2. Update....shop pulled the genny, pulled the starter and the flywheel disintegrated, taking out a bunch of other stuff with it. Good news is the cylinders, main case and oil pan are fine, just need a bunch of new parts. This is on an Onan 5500 marquis, with 354 hours on it, oil/ filter service was done at 300 hrs. The bottom line? I would have seen parts and pieces, and it still would have gone to the shop.
  3. Mine is on the drivers side, about 1/3 the way down the side. I have a hard enough time just getting the cover off. It’s shoved in there tight. I spent an hour looking at everything that had to come off, and I was over it. I will update when I get it back from the shop.
  4. Starter went out on my Onan Marquis 5500. Genny looks like it’s buried in the side of my WW le3305. Is this a royal PITa? This might just be a shop job if so.
  5. I have a xantrex prowattsw 2000, and I’m pretty happy with it. Same setup as you, 4 6volts from Costco. It’s a pure sine wave, and is pretty efficient. Check eBay, I found a display model I bought for under $300.
  6. Here’s the thing. It’s got a Banks bundle on it already. I like it how it is. I just need the EGR codes gone.
  7. I need to delete the EGR stuff on my 03 LB7. Anyone have EFI live for this truck? Gonna throw a block off plate so it will still pass smog. It’s a CA truck, otherwise all that crap would already be off. Thanks!
  8. I would love to do it that way, but the battery charge controller is on one of the outlet circuits. It has to be turned off when the inverter is on. For right now, it's easy, and no big deal. Everything I need to plug/ unplug is all in one compartment. I will work on wiring a second A/c panel for what I want to control.
  9. So here's what I ended up doing. Ran power from the inverter to a 20amp plug. I have a warrior, so the charge controller is in the same place. Unplug the charger, plug in the inverter. Yes, I have to physically so something, but this is the best way I found, not having to go crazy with wiring. It powers everything I need to. Since the picture was taken I added a second plug to the inverter, so one powers the outlet on the box, the other is dedicated to the 110 panel plug in. I built the shelf over my 4 6volts, with a piano hinge to service the batteries when needed.
  10. Costco interstate 6 volts are $85 ea. After you put them in boxes it will be tight.
  11. Got my inverter and hooked up to the batteries. Running 4 6volts in series, (2 12 volts). What's the best way to wire it to the 110 panel in the coach? Add a breaker and energize the whole panel, then run another line from shore power to the transfer switch? I'm running a xantrex prowattsw inverter, with the xantrex prowattsw transfer switch.
  12. I was just wanting to hook up the inverter to the tv and outlet circuits, not the whole A/C panel. The whole point of the on/off switch is to make sure it's off when I need to run the genny. I've wired a/c circuits, and ran a bunch of 12v stuff for the trailer, so I'm thinking this can't be that hard, but don't want to fry a new inverter learning the hard way. Anybody near Yucaipa want to help/ do the install?
  13. Just got a xantrex prowattsw 2000. I also bought the remote switch, to power it on/off as necessary from inside the camper. Can I wire it straight to the A/c fuse panel to the circuits I wish to power with the inverter? This is going in a warrior le3305, with the original charger in place. I bought the inverter mainly for tv/ microwave. Am I safe with the remote switch turning it off when the genny is on? Or do I need the transfer switch as well? Thanks for the info!
  14. I keep getting white streaking down the sides from the rain/ dew in the mornings. What is the good stuff to re seal the roof membrane with? I'm doing my roof maintenance now, so if needs to be done, I'm going to do it now. Thanks!

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