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  1. Price on 35.5x17 sand masters #2 shipped to Zip 49240? Thanks.
  2. Lots of good info in this post; I’m learning a lot here!
  3. PM me a price on 6 tubes shipped to 49240 please. Thanks!
  4. In for the weight comparisons....?
  5. I load my car in backwards, so the engine weight isn’t rear of the trailer axles. Made a big improvement in ride quality. Just my $0.02.
  6. Cool vid. That’s got to be a tough job to do everyday with all that heat.... thanks for the link.
  7. I’m curious what they use to cut the paddles off. Anyone have the link to to the tool that STU uses? Got to be some kind of huge hot knife right? That’s a lot of rubber to cut on every tire. I’d like to experiment on my old ones before I buy the next ones....
  8. B&L Motorsports in Michigan has a Whipple supercharged Coyote Tatum. It was featured in one of the magazines but I can’t seem to find a web link at the moment... @bnlprojectcoyote is the IG page for the car.
  9. Do the Hemi! I have wanted to do one in a sand car for years (kind of a Mopar guy), as I've never seen one. I just haven't had the opportunity yet, both my LT cars I've had were LS powered and ran great. I was in the middle of a 6.1L swap into a 70s Ramcharger when I heard a weird noise in my S4.... Now the truck engine swap is hold while I have the trans rebuilt. Gotta keep the sand car running. Go hemi and take lots of pictures! -Dave
  10. When I talked to Peterson they also suggested checking oil while running and hot. Im thinking of an oil cooler as an upgrade here shortly too. I was going to do a liquid to liquid in my coolant hardline since it is more efficient and easier to package, but a buddy pointed out that if it fails I end up with water in oil.... Not confident that I would notice it before it was too late. Heading for a air to liquid now, and will likely run an oil temp gauge as well.
  11. Anyone else having problems with the search function? I searched common things like "S4" or Mendeola in the buggy parts for sale section when I clearly see things in there that meet the search, but it comes up with 0 items found. Not a huge deal, just something I noticed. I like looking through the pages anyway lol. -Dave
  12. What's the procedure for checking the oil in this setup? I have a buddy with a Z06, and the factory procedure is something like: warm it up, shut it down, wait at least 5min but no more than 15min, then use the dipstick in the OE tank. Does your tank have a dipstick?
  13. I didn't realize he had fallen out of favor either. I always liked the looks of his cars, and have looked at a couple of his builds as potential next cars for me. What's the scoop?
  14. I was talking to Chris on the Tatum as well here in the last week or so (also posted in the classifieds here on GD). His first correspondence with me he disclosed the title/VIN issue, so he is letting folks know upfront now. He said he is trying to get a new set of paperwork for it, but doesn't have an ETA... Not really in a rush to buy a car, but that one looked to be a decent deal. Thanks for the heads up; that's why I love this site! -Dave

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