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  1. I'll stick with my GoldenDoodle. Wont tell you what NOT to get, but Im not interested in one.
  2. That guy was driving me crazy, yet I watched the whole thing.... I would drive one!
  3. Kind of what I figured. Thanks for the info and GLWTS to you sewl33
  4. Watching this. Can anyone confirm that it will pass emissions out here in AZ?
  5. Friggggg I will be watching this one
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Thought this was one of those "post a pic of a mystery hottie" to figure out who she was thread. Disappointed....
  8. Sometimes its best to go back the way you came, not the way you were going. We've pulled out more people backwards than we have forwards. I dunno though, its been a while!
  9. These are good wheels that I bought new less then 2 years ago. Had the brakes done five days prior to the mishap, and made sure the PSI was where it should be on all four tires, also less than two years old. Wild ride....
  10. Got it home. Couldn't let it sit for much more than a day or two and had to act fast with it. Friend of mine with a truck set u to haul a cab over was at the hospital with his wife having a kid WHILE I was sitting on the highway. He was the only guy I knew that could haul it legitimately. Ended up getting it on a flat bed, ripping off a jack in the process. Im not thrilled, but will be able to fix it before I sell the thing.... Thanks guys. Its turned into a pretty expensive camping trip!
  11. Hello all. Had a major tire/wheel failure on the I17 south of Flag. Lost my passenger rear and came to a stop on the drum. Wife and kids are all fine, a little shook but no one was hurt. My truck is on a flat bed and we had to leave the cab over behind. Can ANYONE help me get it home, please? Or at least off the side of the road. We live in Rio Verde. Not sure when the truck will be fixed. Am 100% willing to pay for help! Thank you. Chad 602-618-3158
  12. RideSand

    Parts Geek

    Went with a price matched unit from Oreilly. AC just went out in the truck, so I will be searching PG again it seems....

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