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  1. I have gotten a few text pics from my buddies that do roofinig they are still working and driving the freeway, I could not see the department on the car, but one was on the 405 and one was on the 91. They said they probably will not be working too much longer as you can't pul new permits right now. From LA The "safer at home" order is a legally enforceable order, according the city's website. "Failure to heed the order is a misdemeanor that can result in fines or jail time," it explained.
  2. Here in LA county they are pulling over rigs and asking where you are going - they say they can "fine" up to $2500 has anyone gotten a fine?
  3. Who wants to live through the Apocalypse ... The dystopian world afterward might not be fun unless it's Mad Max.... or maybe a lot of Zombies to take down
  4. There are literally Millions of cars on the road their engines on the road with freeze plugs since 50's they don't fall out if you use the right size - none have locktite -
  5. you just press it in
  6. Last time I priced the redline it was way more expensive than a $1.39 freeze plug
  7. The only reason to run the hole in the freeze plug is that it makes it easier to "burp" the system. You can get away without it if you use a vacuum cooling system filler (recommended for LS engines but not required even though people will tell you it is). If you don't use a Vacuum filler the hole is just a good idea. make sure the overflow bottle is 3/4 full, then you start the car and bring car to temp with the radiator cap off and run a couple minutes longer, tighten the cap shut the car off, let it cool down and repeat that a couple times - that will usually burp it out. Otherwise you run the risk of hot spots in the cooling system or strange over heat problems. My buddies in the dealership say they see that all the time on LS cars especially with "lazy" thermostats - someone refills the system and car overheats occasionally. They burp it with a vacuum filler and it's fixed.
  8. Search is your friend - many threads on the this subject - Bottomline don't run a T-stat, run a freeze plug in the divider with a 1/4" hole in it
  9. But this is also a problem, WE can make a $300 drill press in the US , maybe not a $98 one. The Good, Better, Best still applies ... But we Choose not to. Believe it or not the Margins (profit) is higher on a 98 China product than a 300 US product because of the Inventory/manufacturing carrying cost. This is the only place tariffs work. If you apply a "VAT" style tax the importer, you would see more $300 US "good" drill presses being made. While some of you would argue you want a HONDA rather than a FORD, thats the same thing - FORD makes cars cheaper than HONDA and some foe the same price and you still buy HONDAs... If we had a $300 US made product you would still buy the 98 and unlike the HONDA it would never be as good
  10. I bought the wife lessons at the local range - this way we did not argue ( and i did not got shot when she yelled at me. I can't teach her anything...) and she uses an sure Strike to practice - not ideal but better than nothing, getting used to where the safety is, knowing the mag change and how to arm is muscle memory for sure
  11. As much as I hate to say it- Chinese R&D stands for Ripoff and Duplicate
  12. Take up archery 😃 Its quiet - otherwise firearms at the range IMO Its still shooting, mostly legal, and gives you a certain level of satisfaction and a certain level of protection while their is nothing more fun than a fast Compound bow that has amazing kill power I find this crossbow is really fun shooting at home https://www.amazon.com/EK-Archery-Automatic-Repeating-Crossbow/dp/B07ZQNWBDV they are a little hard to get sometimes, but a repeating crossbow (5 shots in 30 seconds) is fun and way easier than firearms at home
  13. I actually thought about doing a post, but it's kinda depressing even thinking about it. You and I know that alot of Chinese stuff is made in the same factory with many different names - good example is Speedmaster and Procomp the same company one says its US one says its Australia, both are China, with no quality control, and they rebrand to a dozen companies they sell on ebay and Amazon
  14. Jason, Keep on doing the right thing I built my last two cars 100% Chinesium free - they were 100% reliable, I have changed over a many people's cars in the last couple years removing Chinese parts especially AN fittings, bolts, heims, switches, connectors, relays etc. On your thoughts agreed and its worse than most people think on the Chinese invasion I was stupid a couple years ago a worked with a Chinese company (not to make knock offs!) - It ended badly and the CEO of that company (about $250m in sales) opened my eyes.. the CEO said to me " You Americans do not understand our culture - their is no win-win, their is only a win for us if you lose" that was the only thing he did not lie to me about.... Here is a short list of knock offs.... and it goes on and on - could list hundreds of counterfeits beyond just Knock offs like the SPEEDMASTER Exact copy (externally) of the Aeromotive A1000 these are real counterfeits I remember it started with Bosch 044 fuel pumps failing all over the place then we found out they were all fake... https://www.driven2automotive.com/blog/how-to-spot-fake-bosch-044-fuel-pumps/ https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/articles/fake-out-spotting-counterfeit-speed-parts/ https://www.thecounterfeitreport.com/product/484/Auto-Meter-Sport-Comp-II-Tachometers.html https://www.hotrod.com/articles/counterfeit-automotive-products/ https://www.acdelco.com/counterfeit-auto-parts https://www.safercar.gov/Vehicle+Shoppers/Air+Bags/Counterfeit+Air+Bags+General+Information/ https://www.worldtrademarkreview.com/anti-counterfeiting/counterfeit-automotive-parts-increasingly-putting-consumer-safety-risk
  15. I took a walk around my neighborhood yesterday - every car had one or more drivers and passengers with masks - stupid

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