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  1. fullthrottleguy

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    Best way IMO to calculate your perfect gear ratios is ask a reputable builder - he/she will ask good questions that relate to your power. tire size and driving habits... or you can try this https://weddleindustries.com/gear-calculator
  2. fullthrottleguy

    Ball Bearing Billet shifter for PBS and S4 S4D

    Thanks Sean - thats a great explanation.. It's also great you are willing to help out Jason make a great product for our industry. Everyone wins.
  3. fullthrottleguy

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    My experience is similar to recommendations above. Freshened up is fine from a good shop where you can see the receipt and talk to the builder from the shop. If not walk away unless its sold at "parts price" Being carefiul can save you money, new on a 2D can be 2-3K higher than used, and in the case of a 2D is going to have wear and go back to a shop after some time whether new or refreshed. I personally always send the trans out if I sell one and will usually have the person pick it up from the shop so they can see who built it...
  4. fullthrottleguy

    21 years today

    Congrats on 21 years - good luck for the next 21.... bummer on the window - but thats fixable
  5. fullthrottleguy

    MEFI 4b

    Jason I respect you, but you should do some homework - arguing is not productive to the Ops question I have built dozens of SC Sand cars and more Street and race cars, I have been through the Turbonetics cert courses, and worked withRoots and Twin screw blowers on many cars... you logic is sideways Bottomline MEFI is OK tuned right - to answer the Question
  6. fullthrottleguy

    MEFI 4b

    There are literally thousands of Supercharged LS and BBC engines running the MEFI 4B. Including ones GM and Mercruiser put in the market for years. very successfully. For an off road application the ECM is more than adequate. While it is older than the current crop of self-tuners like AEM, Holley,Fast, etc most of the Buzz the new ECMs have is about Vendors upgrading you to make more money - new things are ALWAYS better 🙂 ..... Their features it has for finer control that helps with emissions, and mostly reporting analytics - like great log files and dash outputs, this is really important when you run a race engine at the hairy edge or have street car that has run super clean. the newer ECMs have finer control and they can make the engine run crisper with enough spend on the Dyno... The MEFI cars will run fatter to be safer - lean is mean but also can be dangerous in the hands of bad tuners - this is true of ANY ECM However self tuners ie ECMs that use closed loop and O2 sensors can adjust out a bad tune to some extent and save a bad tune (lazy tuners) I have run over a dozen myself and never had a problem with the right person tuning and there are many that know the MEFI like Redline, turnkey and of course CBM. You don't need air temp gauges or special valves, thats just ignorance on the tuners part. You just need to use someone that understands the tune. Or you can spend 2-3K more and but something new and hope the tuner has enough time on that. Some people feel better doing that, and I get it...
  7. fullthrottleguy

    Mid engine Vette 7/18/19

    I did not like driving the Ford GT, not sure I will like driving the mid engine Vette. Yes it will likely handle better, yes it will well balanced.. but it certainly will not feel like a Vette... I have owned 19 of them and I just hate the change
  8. fullthrottleguy

    RIP Schwinn

    it was a long fight... Prayers to the family RIP fellow duner
  9. fullthrottleguy

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    1st world problems... Venezuela exotic meat is dog grilled over sewer grate... My neighbor did theirs in November- they were quoted by the linear foot at $1000 a ft. That included gas, water and drain if they were available on site. one BI storage cabinet was included and drop in ready for grill dual side burner and frig, small stainless sink but no sink fixture.
  10. fullthrottleguy

    whats your favorite expression?

    there are some great ones here for sure. My favs are mostly car related for some reason... If you eff like you drive I feel sorry for your wife when in doubt throttle out and I care why? thats what she said ... yeah right, maybe left... make it loud (push the gas and lets go) thats tighter than a fairy's twat when you see a fine looking gal ... "righty tighty" and when you see a working woman ... "lefty loosey"
  11. fullthrottleguy

    CNC Closed

    It sucks for the industry and all us consumers for sure. I get not wanting to sell the company and dealing with all the hassle Unfortunately I have played with the Chinese copies IMO they are junk. The Tilton stuff can be used and is very good and expensive. I personally would never use the Wilwood masters - they are just not up to the application. I use them on race cars, they are cheap and fine for drag cars with occasional use and not being bounced around. They are not stainless lined and are not machined well. Hopefully there is enough business for someone with quality in mind to make repair kits. After all, since the 90's CNC brakes have used Stainless liners, so they can be rebuilt almost indefinitely. I am still going to be buying as many rebuild kits as I can find
  12. fullthrottleguy

    Going under the knife.

    Off GD for a couple days and come back and see this - Romans glad you made it buddy - speedy recovery!
  13. I think California is next to pass legislation like this ... at least in my dreams....
  14. fullthrottleguy

    Element fire extinguisher - smaller, lighter, better?

    I saw this technology before. I thought it was interesting and like the idea of no residue, but two things bothered me. the first is that it would seem to work only where there is no wind or in an enclosed space, the second is that its based on Saltpeter (Potassium Nitrate), the stuff black powder is made from. So until its gets some certs behind it - I was not going to to be the first to try it.
  15. fullthrottleguy

    Ball Bearing Billet shifter for PBS and S4 S4D

    JAlper - So Glad you decided to step in and build these - its something really needed... I am with DWB in that the tall shifter provides greater leverage and is fun ... get the pricing and options sorted - I think its gonna be a hit - I think Black anodized tall would be the hot ticket

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