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  1. fullthrottleguy

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    Incredible work as usual John - glad it turned out as planned - little issues in the shake down are Normal and new parts fail too, thats life, but come on, we need pics 😉
  2. fullthrottleguy

    Adding a oil cooler to a LS 7

    I would say "some" auto makers use them for Diesels, but far more manufacturers gas vehicles use air cooled oil coolers, not saying they are better or worse, they are often more expensive and Rockwood's point is 100% on target, but they are a good option especially where you have a good cooling systems and limited airflow cross section area for anything else
  3. fullthrottleguy

    Losing volts to injectors???

    what is your redline - what did the tune set it to?
  4. fullthrottleguy

    Any pair of 10.75 x 15’s for sale???

    I am not sure, but I swapped them out for 10.50 x17 on my last car and they weighed about the same. In hindsight I should have stayed with the 10.75's
  5. fullthrottleguy

    Any pair of 10.75 x 15’s for sale???

    they are available - have not checked MARS on price but new they are $800 a pair OTD
  6. fullthrottleguy

    2019 Silverado 1500

    I like it - with just a bit of aftermarket work it could be awesome
  7. fullthrottleguy

    Gear One Back Up and Running Soon

    I have done Grey Area, they are Like Tatum and Jamar and the older FMS - 7" center plate with 15 bolts on the 934 . ProAMs are pretty expensive (although good). not sure what bolt pattern they use GearOne was cool because 930's and 934's used the same bolt pattern
  8. fullthrottleguy

    Any pair of 10.75 x 15’s for sale???

    I have been looking as well for a while
  9. fullthrottleguy

    Gear One Back Up and Running Soon

    thats great news - I know several people that removed and fire sale'd their Gear One Midboards for fear of being stuck with broken parts and no supplier. Of course it would have been better this news came out before that, but ...
  10. fullthrottleguy

    New 5 seat build. Ground up.

    IMO - you just became a "brand name" car Thats great - I agree 100% on visibility. Did you get a chance to measure usable 4 corner travel with the wheels and tires on?
  11. fullthrottleguy

    Pics from Buggy Roundup 2018

    Only because there is a good pic of your car - looking good
  12. fullthrottleguy

    Pics from Buggy Roundup 2018

    Nice turnout from the pics Dunefreak posted
  13. fullthrottleguy

    New 5 seat build. Ground up.

    you really outdid yourself on this one... the stance is absolutely perfect 👏 Hows the front visibility with the higher bulkhead?
  14. fullthrottleguy

    Adding a oil cooler to a LS 7

    I have used those on boats where oil temp cannot really make an impact on water temp (lakes are generally pretty cold). I would image if the Oil gets really hot and the heat exchanger is working well it will heat the Water, then the test is how good is your cooling system. If cooling system is good then all should be fine probably like Jet Jock's and LRS 's does I like keeping stuff separate personally, dependencies mean single points of failure and harder troubleshooting - Its just how I was taught. redundancy and safety.
  15. fullthrottleguy

    Adding a oil cooler to a LS 7

    This is very true, Oil over 250 degrees for long periods is toast - the breakdown and resulting loss in Lubricity is pretty incredible. I tell people with high oil temps to change oil every trip - which is crazy but way cheaper than a new $20K+ engine ... seeing 190 water temp is not indicative of oil temp, that should be a given. I have been doing more oil coolers on Sand Cars lately. Call it Global Warming LOL but I think Halloween is Hotter and April is scorching and with bigger pieces of Glamis open, people are doing way more Duners Diner runs and sand Drags and generally just way more Power Adder cars out there... Since most people are doing Digital Dashes now, many have oil temp sensors and they are just noticing super high Oil temps especially on long hard runs and especially full body and windshield cars. While they work with scoops and access to cool the Radiator, t Most people don't consider the lack of airflow in the engine compartment area - add to that all the cools 8 into 1 pipes and Turbo headers in enclosed cars, and all that prevents that nice Aluminum pan from cooling the oil. Closed up cars look great, but that look comes with lots of extra cost. Also anything hotter than 250 degrees for oil can cause lines to get brittle and crack over time much faster . Most guys doing Dry sump tanks are not able to fit 10-12 Qt tanks that are the recommended for that application, they barely have the 6 Qt a wet sump has. I mean lets face it the Corvette Dry sump is not mainly for "cornering" and high volume oil starvation, its because a 6 quart pan is too low to the ground in a highly aerodynamic car. A big Cu In LS should have 10-12 Quarts of oil in a dry sump for best practice. Cooler wise, Best practice is to cool the oil when its coming back into the pan after the filter, That would be out of pan (scavenge) into pump, out to tank scavenge, into filter, into cooler back to pan - LS7 is a bit easier since the Scavenge and pump steps are internal However before you use a cooler with a Thermostat, and go to G on those cold winter days... Remember. too cold oil is just as bad or worse than too hot. Cold oil causes condensation and higher pressure ( think blown Oil filter gaskets and worse exploded filters) Many Drysump race cars have oil heaters in the dry sump tank.... Corvettes do not, but they run 0w-20 oil.... Most sand cars have rebuilt engines and power adders, using larger bearing clearances that dictate thicker oil, many people run 20w -50 or even straight 50w, thats some thick stuff (relatively) on cold desert mornings....so I always install a Thermostat in line with any cooler. Improved Racing has the best one I ever seen, although others are good. On a non drysump LS, its easy, you replace the block off (sender pick up) - (where your dry sump lines go now on the Ls7) and block the thermostat there. On a Drysump, you need to plumb it a bit different given you are dealing with an inline cooler. I also always use a fan on the cooler with a secondary thermal switch in order to get fine control on temp., this can be a good way to regulate better on an LS7 with a using a bypass thermostat. The goal is always to Keep temp consistent and always warm the engine before a ride - this is the key to good engine life. especially on expensive engines where thermal expansion is different on forged parts, and clearances are not factory Street, track. 1/4 mile and Sand (play) are definitely not the same when it comes to best practice configurations IMO

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