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  1. How about: Radius the roof, pre runner the rear cage, and make it a 2 seater at 115" WB Keep it light and fun Let see that build!!
  2. You are right, most forums are dead - It seems only the Motorsports forums survive and its mainly because of "tech articles and discussions" you can get You tube videos on non Sand related tech, other than high performance cars and boats - yeah pretty much they are gone.... I don't think the new look hurt anything, its never been great on mobile IMO This was always a tight community- even before I joined I snooped for years, back then it was like this was a personal forum for some Glamis crew... Its more spare, but it is surviving even if its starting to get too politically correct while I miss the builds a lot - but I guess no one builds anymore - they either write a check or buy used... You aren't going to get tech or real discussion on Face less book, and Instagram is neat for small pic I can only see on my phone so I still enjoy coming here and discussing and viewing and yeah I have friends on here and its good to see what they are doing and stay up on the trends, but yeah a lot of "personalities" have moved on and lets face it there are so many SxS sites, if thats your thing you are probably spending lots of time there What do you mean less people in the dunes? less GD people? sure not less people - its crazy out there... The Glamis scene has changed at least 3x since I started going in the late 80's ... 2000 was the peak of nuts .. not just that the spring break crowd found glamis but the partying was nuts... it calmed down then in 2005 the LS buggy craze was ON... then by 2009 that slowed down due to economy, then the SxS revolution, and I have seen similar changes to the site, and the censorship and PC attitude that is just a symptom of our failing society... at least IMO I still enjoy it - the connection to Mother G is here I cannot go a day without stopping by...
  3. That was great old thread.. time to watch this
  4. Thats a great way to explain it, but with one caveat... Without a VPN the Biggest Snoopers on the internet (this includes phones and tablets) is your ISP (AT&T or whoever) They track everything more than Google (Because you can use DuckDuckgo) they know everywhere you go, map it and sell it... With a VPN they only see that you connected to the VPN they cannot see further - that is somewhat of a plus. AT&T is the worst because they sell your browsing, watching, and calling habits. I managed a group in a former company that built some big data systems they use for this. Think of this scenario ... You are watching TV and see a Ford F250 commercial.. you grab you tablet and surf over to Ford... now the 2 out of 3 flag is set.. your ford dealer starts emailing you, calling you and sending snail mail... and in some cases you will see MORE Ford commercials (Micro Ad insertion), and as you know already you are getting retargeted with Google Ads for Ford following you everywhere - you have just been put on what is called a "sales Nurture path" that happens every day. What is worse is that NOW ISPs are selling you to Ford and to Dodge and GM, so you might get all three coming after you... We even tied Costco and others in on this (as you have a membership and they sell cars) the big ones to buy this directly from ISPs are the Cyber-aware dealers True Car and others - they buy this data and target really well. Sometime this gets you discounts (good) and sometimes it just gets annoying. A VPN cannot eliminate this, but it does make it far harder. But not all VPNs are created equally, the ones that rotate you through 1000's of servers are the safest.Mine for instance never connects with the same IP they have 200,000 VM's running at any one time... but its another $5 a month I pay for a service and that sucks... I use a VPN mostly for traveling as I do sometimes use airport internet and sometimes buy on Amazon or bank, and that is where the VPN is very valuable, near impossible to track the destination to password (encrypted). Even with DuckDuckgo you lose so many "nice" features Google offers that most people just say F it... They (and me) like the convenience of "single sign in" having a "connected" life requires you either giving people access to your Google or facebook accounts. Right now I am not connected to VPN because GD.com does not work with it - gives me a "BANNED" message - its annoying Fun times we live in.
  5. Unfortunately thats not the future... "big data" makes all that possible today All those free Google services, are anything but Freedom...
  6. I forgot about that thread. No going back through it just some great mods... I used to look at the site for years before joining, I got so many ideas So much good info on here - 👍
  7. I would have liked inheriting money but that did not happen. There is a certain satisfaction in doing it yourself. I had parents that taught me and demonstrated the value of working hard, I really respect others that have made it and are not that fortunate - "Self made" is not under rated in my opinion.
  8. Looks like the trailing arms and spindles are for a Desert Dynamics - is that correct? Are the Spindles and Arms from Kartek? - thanks
  9. Thanks for your answers - sorry for being a person that has not seen your car "This whole thread would only pertain to people that have seen my cars and like what they see." But I guess then you are selling to people you know... I have seen your 40mm Wastegate - its a nice piece....
  10. I am with JAlper on his thinking, but taking it a bit farther... Untested designs are far harder to sell - as JApler said you go away and something breaks... getting parts made is always more expensive and time consuming. No idea of handling or usable travel... and starting from scratch on shock tuning You have to be clear on what is not included and where you source parts - what spindles does it use? what rear Hub what shock and Bypass (Kings and Fox are different lengths in the same stroke size) - set up for what rack, what pedals (if swing) You threw "panels" in there - so is that just side panels Dzus'd? Then the basic stuff, what travel F&R, what track width, what material is arms (chromo I would hope) Then the Have you built one? does everything fit, So many of these cars were never built and chassis's were pumped out and you can't fit Sequentials or real fuel cells, issues like that I know last Chassis I bought was $15K in 1.5" Chromo tabbed, no panels but with 2" hollows and all Heims, bolts and bushings - and that was a brand Name car...
  11. Holy Resurrection Batman - have not thought about this thread since I floated this one '
  12. I am pretty hard on cordless tools and stubborn, so I have Makita, Dewalt, Craftsman, and I nurse them all along... most are too heavy and battery life vs power is OK but not state of the art Dewalts seem to have more gear problems than the others All my buddies moved to Milwaukee M18 fuel and M12 and they are amazing, light, great feel in the hand, and really powerful. Features like shorty and auto tighten just to snug, saves so much time when you need to Torque something (and I torque everything).I wish I moved to them sooner
  13. steve Morris built engine - Like a V16 LS - that guy can build HP

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