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  1. Its a pretty basic system you need leverage andsthrow length - so its pretty doable A smaller MC will reduce pedal pressure but also reduce throw (less fluid). On a Single disk clutch (9") you "should be able to run a 3/16 line (-3) and a 5/8" Master Cylinder and be fine. A dual disc requires more throw - so going to a 5/8 you will need to extend threarm on the trans - that means pulling it off and welding an extension and has to be stout. We used to do this alot with VW's where they were mechanical (cable) As I recall the 5/8 MC is about 30% less force required than the 3/4 Alternately if you pedal are swing, you can extend the pedal down or raise the MC pivot point and/or extend the pedal - same affect longer moment arm of force - but moving the pivot point may wear the MC bore due to the crooked push and eventually make the piston stick remember as the clutch wears you may have to adjust the SC and it will be a bit touchier with a 5/8 I found Either way you go, you should always check and use a pedal stop to avoid over centering the clutch - you should just go till it releases (.020 between plate and flywheel) That is hard to measure on most sand cars due to the bellhousing - bellhousings without a hole on the bottom and hole in the flywheel for a feeler gauge that is - but thats the right way to do it..
  2. Nice Job Jason - better, safer, cleaner 👍 Car is gonna be great Andy!
  3. I personally think the whole HP thing is a joke - but if the person is honest and and has the dyno sheet or the builders info I feels its s good relative judgement of the cars/engines overall performance. BUT - Dyno HP is horrible measure of how a car performs. Dyno HP is usually the MAX power - you have to ask where was that made (what RPM) what does the rest of the HP and TQ curve look like. I have been building cars for 25 years and built many for drag and many for sand and have been fortunate to have learned by the side of some great builders (and some really Sh&tty ones too). The combo is everything - I learned long ago that Power under the curve is key. I laugh when I see most dyno graphs that start at 4500 RPM an run through 7500 and the curve start at like 250HP at 4500 and goes to 600HP at 7500 and people smile ear to ear . well that car is gonna run like crap in the dunes where the power curve is often 2500-5000 RPM (unless you beat the p&ss out of your car every day) and the most important measure is where the TQ curve lands. the Racers saying "Torque moves the mass, HP keeps it rolling" that is so true in the dunes, thats why SC cars are growing so much in popularity and Turbos' rule the drags, its common sense - its more fun to drive, feeling the HP /TQ from off idle up near redline is more fun than climbing that NA power curve and then screaming at redline - RPM kills engines - fact... That said.. . Not everyone needs a SC or turbo to have a fun ....When Turnkey, or CBM, or Redline build "on the pricelist" 410HP, 450HP, 500HP engines, they perform pretty well across the powerband and usually do close to that advertised numbers and the powerband is often smooth - Todays cam profiles and ramps are amazing and the head design of the LS is incredible, not to mention the benefits of EFI -Building a new engine with a rumpity cam is pretty much insane today unless you like maintenance and of course that sound... But really how a car feels has as much to do with gearing, tire combo and overall weight, as does HP - ask yourself why the New Trucks with 400HP can tow over 30,000Lbs - yup its that computer controlled 10 speed transmission behind it - it keeps the engine in the optimum powerband where the TQ is maximized - finally car companies got smart about that But I have to add for JAlper... My favorite engine HP adds people convince themselves to add to base HP of the stock LS1 or whatever...of all time include: E3 spark plugs add 15HP, Nology spark plug wires add 35HP, custom headers 75HP, and Brand K air cleaners add "up to 50HP" Put all that on your 365HP LS1 an now you can advertise it as....540HP. You see, MATH like Climate Change Scientists never lie.... About 10 years ago I was looking to buy a "pro street" camaro - the ad for the car was the best ever "Don't even ask the HP, Engine built so big it sticks 2 foot out of the hood"
  4. It's M20 x1.50- I just pulled mine and checked it, at least it is on my f-body (camaro) pan
  5. Congrats - and thank you for: My first goal is to vote out the America hating Muslim sympathizer Rashida Tlaib I think achieving the retirement goal is a big thing - a real goal At one time I thought it was a the "normal" thing and I would retire someday, but stuff happens, I now plan on retiring when they put me in the ground As much as I bitch about CA, I have lived other places and this place is not running me out, no matter how hard they are trying...
  6. Nice Work - I hope you had someone "Hold your Beer" 👏 I have pounded many a pipe on to those those type lug nuts to remove them - I have set here with the tool - Free if you want them...
  7. On everyone I had or did, I never put anything in but Swepco. The cost to rebuild a Hydraulic ram far exceeds the $10 you will save with cheap oil, not to mention the cost of a ruined trip if you blow a seal - just sayin.. Swepco also does not seem to foam, which is also a benefit
  8. Linux - the other white meat of OS's
  9. USA Made Mattresses (made in arizona) good company and good prices https://www.dreamfoambedding.com/cat/rv-mattresses/ Sister company of Brooklyn Bedding, a really good mattress I bought this model USA made dream foam from Amazon for my last MoHo- very nice and under $200 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079YY8JG4/?coliid=I2QCEE96B373C1&colid=3SVJ8XJHXC8EX&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  10. Does Weddle still sell parts for the HD?
  11. Jeff - Looking good - where is the PC shop you are using? I am looking for a new place - thumbs up on them?
  12. I know the Fiberglass Toy Haulers are considerably heavier because they require more support, thats why many of the smaller/Lighter TH's are "Stick and Tin" they are usually 1000-1500Lbs lighter or thats what the dealers tell me FWIW

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