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  1. I have started this post 2 or 3 times over the past couple of days and have come to the conclusion that there are no words to describe the compassion and generosity of the people of Glamis Dunes. Never in our lives have we experienced such a outpouring of support and kindness. From the numerous PMs , to the people that stopped by and talked awhile there is just no way to show our gratitude. It just seems too simple to say thank you, but , thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts. The Gilmore's and Fortin's
  2. Congratulations ! Be sure and come by and see a fellow Okie when you get here.
  3. Can Am is setting up at Glamis now for test rides starting Friday.
  4. Just did my 91 Wrangler. Turn the key on for abouit 5 seconds, then off. Do this about 3 times and it should prime itself.
  5. X2...what's it been 10 years? The last aproved ramp was 1988, and this one is not aproved yet, just releasing it . I would bet this one will not be aproved either. I am afraid history will repeat itself again.
  6. Do you live on Sunnylane ? I am heading to Norman tomorrow, I am glad Glamis seasons over for me, I need a break.
  7. There are a few vendors left here, Gilmore off-road and steves atv rental . We are by the Glamis store
  8. you have to google Sackette v EPA. sorry, I dont know how to link it.
  9. removed IE9 reinstalled IE8 and all is good, thanks for the help !
  10. Using I.E . it just said it was critical updates, they were all Microsoft
  11. So my computer updates automatically the other day and now about half the links I click on opens a new tab but its blank. Ive tried to restore it to a earlier date but it doesn't work. Keeps telling me something maybe running in the background and not letting it restore. any ideas ? By the way, windows 7 on a hp pavilion .
  12. mike g

    Wtb 250 Ex

    WTB 250 EX for a freinds little girl, he has 1500 to spend , anything out there ?

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