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  1. I bought two different sets of 934 axles and neither of them were straight for whatever reason. They look pretty though. I’ll stick to pro am axles for now.
  2. I don’t think it’s thats big of a deal. I bought a Tatum prerunner that was in Michigan and I called tatum and they issued a vin and gave me an MSO. I then had to call a mobile vin verification person to look at it and fill out paperwork. Went to DMV with paperwork and bill of sale and boom got my sticker and registration.
  3. Hope your going before the 11th.
  4. Blue-Jay

    CV Grease

    Just messing. I’m not too worried about it.
  5. Blue-Jay

    CV Grease

    That star has got to be 10-15 years old by now. You’ve been using that picture for like eight or ten years now. Haha.
  6. Blue-Jay

    CV Grease

    It doesn’t matter what brand cv grease I use. It all flings out of the cv, gets all over the garage and it beats me to the door handle going back into the house. For what it’s worth the $12 Mantek grease was as good as the $70 per tube Neo for me.
  7. I put old fuel in an aluminum tub on my flatbed trailer on the side of my house and it’s gone in a couple days (evaporated). Some of the old fuel I’ve had in the past I wouldn’t even want to give away for free it’s so bad.
  8. I’ve got a raptor 700 I’ll sell really cheap. Text me if interested. I’m close to you in Poway. 980 253 2621
  9. You forgot to put valve stems in the wheels.
  10. Ya basically getting the tires for free.
  11. **Method wheels and Goodyear tires. $1500 37/1250/17 used one time! 5 on 205 buggy bolt pattern. 17x8 inch wide with 2.5 backspacing. **Light bar with acro Hid lights? $200 **limit straps $40 per pair I have 17”18”19” Sold **NRG suede steering wheel with mil-spec wired plug for horn and push to talk buttons $50 I don’t really want to ship. Don’t send me a zip code because I’m not going down to ups and ask for a price for every item. ** 4 35/1250/17 BFG Race tires $1800
  12. Yes he doesn’t have a real PBS like he mentioned. It’s still 2D gears. Those tires will shred 2D gears. Just post a pic of the damn wheels so this thing doesn't go 30 pages. Wheels won’t work.
  13. I think those shims should work just fine for a while until the rubber starts cracking and they come apart. I wouldn't solely rely on them being the fact that they are rubber but they'll work. When I talked to Brett King at Sand Show he told me to always run limit straps. I had a Tatum prerunner at the time and asked him about letting the shocks top out like your saying, He told me if it were mine I'd have limit straps on it, the internals will eventually get beat up. I went home and put some on and never had to worry about it again.
  14. I have 4 Brand NEW BFG KDR2 race tires for sale. $2000 firm and not a penny less. Will not separate. I figured I would try here first to see if any glamis peeps needed some real race tires before I put them on RD.

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