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  1. I have the Life Racing version from Danzio in my Racer car, Its such an awesome setup. Super easy to remove the entire wire harness and every single wire is labeled.
  2. My tip would be to have somebody do some proper wiring. My Tatum prerunner looked like it was wired by my 3 year old son. The car I had was built 5 or 6 years ago. It’s probably better now.
  3. I saw some on amazon for $30 per tire cheaper than that while i was looking for 35/1250/17 Toyos for my truck.
  4. Look in the sandrail stuff section about half way down the page, it will save a lot of time for everyone. There’s already long post about S&S. I’ve prepped a couple for customers that were all happy with them.
  5. I had that exact issue once and it was bad odessey batteries believe it or not.
  6. 2011 KLX 110 first $500 bucks gets it. It’s been sitting for a year and I can’t get it to run. I don’t have time to mess with it and my son isn’t into it. Text me if interested. 980-253-2621. I’m in Poway, Ca
  7. Come on dude! Amazon of course haha.
  8. Too much money! Pretty cool though, can’t believe it made it up the hill.
  9. Can’t wait we'll be there!
  10. Ya fresh everything is comedy, typically when you hear that it has a fresh coat of armour all. I’m pretty anal about my cars so I still go through everything either way but the “fresh everything” buzz word cracks me up when I read that. Ya right! I’ve bought a fresh everything car with a broken trans case and one with a blown engine.
  11. I probably would stay away. This subject really chaps my ass. The last three cars I’ve bought were an extreme platinum, a Tatum Prerunner and a Racer car which were all supposedly maintained with open check book everything fresh. All three needed trans rebuilds and one needed a new engine to go with the trans. I had to put 25k into the Tatum after I bought it to make through the season. In fact one car had “brand new” CVs, when I pulled the boots off metal shavings came out lol. Point being your pretty much going to have to go through most of the car either way no matter who put it together or how much it costs.
  12. I’m not sure anyone can forgive you until we see the forgive me chart with specs haha.
  13. I’ve torqued 1/2 in cv bolts to 100ft lbs for 19 years and never had one come loose ever. Sometimes I get worried about going to 100ft lbs let alone 125ft lbs. I also think every application is different and sometimes the max torque a bolt can handle isn’t always the ideal scenario.

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