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  1. Too much money! Pretty cool though, can’t believe it made it up the hill.
  2. Can’t wait we'll be there!
  3. Ya fresh everything is comedy, typically when you hear that it has a fresh coat of armour all. I’m pretty anal about my cars so I still go through everything either way but the “fresh everything” buzz word cracks me up when I read that. Ya right! I’ve bought a fresh everything car with a broken trans case and one with a blown engine.
  4. I probably would stay away. This subject really chaps my ass. The last three cars I’ve bought were an extreme platinum, a Tatum Prerunner and a Racer car which were all supposedly maintained with open check book everything fresh. All three needed trans rebuilds and one needed a new engine to go with the trans. I had to put 25k into the Tatum after I bought it to make through the season. In fact one car had “brand new” CVs, when I pulled the boots off metal shavings came out lol. Point being your pretty much going to have to go through most of the car either way no matter who put it together or how much it costs.
  5. I’m not sure anyone can forgive you until we see the forgive me chart with specs haha.
  6. I’ve torqued 1/2 in cv bolts to 100ft lbs for 19 years and never had one come loose ever. Sometimes I get worried about going to 100ft lbs let alone 125ft lbs. I also think every application is different and sometimes the max torque a bolt can handle isn’t always the ideal scenario.
  7. Did you read the ad? Most all specs and price is there. Thats a sweet ride!
  8. Ya it’s hard to beat FK heims.
  9. The giveaway cars debut the year before so they have more time to sell tickets
  10. Absolutely four tires driving are better than two even for a sandrail. It would just get really expensive.
  11. I’m sure it’s good. Just never seen it on a race car. I’ve worked on cup cars, xfinity cars, and Indy cars and never seen it used.
  12. I’ve never seen a push lock fitting on any kind of real race car. Just saying! They won’t be on my car.
  13. Ya the whole thermostat/oil cooler on an F-450 doesn’t really relate to what the original post was about. That oil cooler you bought will work just fine. Best part is, if you want the oil to cool down just turn the fans on, if not leave them off. At least you have the option either way!!
  14. Take your christmas lights down geez haha! Hope all is well and our great firefighters can get everything under control.. Keep us posted!
  15. Here’s a couple pics on how I did mine. I put it under the back seat and switched the fans to blow as well so they wouldn’t pull sand in. Only difference is I had a perforated floor in my car so you may want to raise the cooler up off the floor an inch or two of you have the room. I ran -10 lines on a twin turbo ls1 with no issues but theoretically -12 lines will be better especially if your going longer than 3 or 4 feet on your lines.

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