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  1. That wind was howling, I wonder if it's daily?
  2. Has anyone called it the "Covid-19 experiment of 2020"? How much further can we herd the sheep, new techniques and tactic? I just wanted the conspiracy people to chime in to keep the craziness going. I like when they compare it to the flu numbers to keep it all in perspective. We don't buy toilet paper and all the other craziness when they talk about the flu.
  3. Did anyone mention no bathrooms. Its all hard pack except a ridge line of a dune through the desert. Don't bring paddles. I've seen people with paddles but only at the dune. My son in some of the dune sections.
  4. affected? Not sure of the meaning of this . No sarcasm.
  5. I thought the bottom line was that crazy people, do crazy things?
  6. I would go , but avoid as many stops as possible to avoid all the zombies.
  7. That's not a pilot, is it ?
  8. Rucker


    Was that a John Deere commercial?
  9. "The state doesn’t determine those, so they can be anything that the landlord wants that’s legal: a minimum credit score or income, or requirements around rental history or even things like “applicant removed shoes while visiting unit.” Then, the first person who fulfills all those requirements and turns in an application has to be offered the unit." Couldn't you just require a 800 credit score to get rid of practically everyone? I wonder how much it cost a city,to push things like this in the courts?
  10. I love people with a camp light and when coming back to camp there are fifty others with the same color.
  11. I like the way that Camry looks.
  12. I debadged my old truck and when I sold it , buyer wanted to know if it was in a accident because of the lack of badges. I explained it to him, but he didn't get it.
  13. It takes a higher skilled rider to ride a 3 wheeler. I can ride my quad and 3 wheeler fast, but I have to pay a little more attention and put in more effort , on the 3 wheeler.
  14. If it is so safe, why not drive something flashy?

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