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  1. Should that of been a question mark?
  2. That isn't very long and how long after would it be done?
  3. I phrased it wrong, should of said "the average person", not "Joe racer". Sorry.
  4. Anyone that thinks they can drive these cars, without traction control on, is an idiot
  5. If I could go an inch deep and it last for ever, I would be really happy! Is this overkill? This is the biggest number I have ever seen.
  6. Shot is super bad azz, but I hate flat landings.
  7. 5 year old, reliable, low mileage, no frills, low end model. Why get a nice car that your going to kill in 3 years with miles.
  8. I'm going to drive around like an idiot, but "do as I say, not as I do"? Coming from you , it made me smile. So your saying if your going to drive recklessly, wear protective gear. Not being negative just thought it was funny. I always tell people to not ride faster than their skill level, out of control.
  9. Trailer princess= trailered to and from the show. Favorite shot with the mountains in the background.
  10. I lowered my friends 73 for him. He is not skilled and not got the money for that kinda build. But he does drive it.
  11. Rucker

    A new eagle

    Love the picture, you guys look like twinsies 😉
  12. I paid off my house and now I take the standard deduction . Its not about getting a check at tax time, its about what you owe the government. The only way I see to minimize this is to have a lot of write offs. I think business owners are best at this. I have no write offs so they will be getting a lot of my income.

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