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  1. They are man enough to pose in a selfie that close.
  2. Rucker

    The wall

    Some of these comments don't make sense to me. Almost like they are arguments for no wall. The picture above seems like a easy crossing point but I don't see one illegal crossing. I'm sure the traffic there is a lot less than the traffic through a heavier guarded San Diego. Why go to the water if we don't even have a wall yet? There are bigger problems to fix in the whole immigration system, then a wall, why not start there?
  3. Rucker

    The wall

    That looks like a lot of money for 1/2 mile. This is just stupid IMO. This makes no sense to me, overkill.
  4. The one to the far left, looks like Edward Scissorhands.
  5. Me and my 50 cats didn't think your joke was funny.
  6. And over and over and over........ and over and over.................
  7. Every time I see a new post, I'm expecting a new picture.😜
  8. Rucker

    Patio Cover

    Unless I'm doing my math wrong, that sounds super expensive to me. I passed on a $1200 install fee, thinking it was too much.
  9. I love sitting on the top of Patton, looking down and seeing no one because it's Sunday afternoon and everyone is heading home or packing up to head home.
  10. Rucker

    Patio Cover

    Are you talking Alumawood, or wood or ??? That is a very big size. In San Diego, the Craigslist's guys have good prices. Old thread with samples
  11. I thought he was asking about Buttercup?

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