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  1. I like that song a little less after that video. He looks like he is trying a little too hard.
  2. Average person doesn't know how"on his ass" the chase cam has to be to get such a good shot. Not the safest situation.
  3. Prices? I asked a random, guy I seen on the street with a custom cabinet shirt on , what $5K could get me and the only response I got was "Ha-Ha".
  4. This is so funny! " I believe" It's so easy to pick this whole statement apart. You are going to have to bring better than this for me to jump on board. "Were you sleeping during world history class? " What he actually is saying is that I'm "stupid", very common attack. I would have to jump to conclusions to get from my world history class what you got when you were in high school. You have thought this way since high school and still haven't fixed the problem?
  5. "Taking away our guns gives control to government." I've heard this many many times before. I just don't think our government is that smart. How long would this process take, generations? I know, I'm just another "sheep". To me these conspiracy theories are like god, "prove it".
  6. I wonder what CA's ratio to ugly chicks is compared to other states? This isn't sarcasm, this is a factor in some peoples worlds. San Diego has a bad guy to girl ratio. But if you factor in the ugly ones, it gets better vs. other states. I wonder if the crazy ladies mess up the numbers a lot?
  7. I don't think you understand it yet. I don't think you are allowed to use "hole" or "cover" or "maintenance"?
  8. No sitting in your motorhome all weekend.
  9. Are you a good leader when you're already at the hill and no one else has gotten out of the small dunes yet?
  10. I love when I'm in the leader's car heading into a rough section or a G-out and say "This is going to hurt....... that was smooth". That is a sign of a good leader, Vs I'm never riding with that guy again.
  11. Did he say this is stamped concrete? How much does this add to just regular concrete?
  12. Do you have livestock?
  13. I always wonder if I should let them get away with it or fight the losing battle? I have a similar problem, but I'm losing no matter which way I choose.

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