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  1. 1955 Willys Jeep. Extended 20'' wheel base for a better ride and more room. 350 Chevy engine, 4 spd transmission and 231 transfercase from a 95 CJ. Dana 44 front and rear both with Detroit Lockers. Front RCV axles. Power steering, Currie tie rod system. New leaf packs and shocks. Corbeau seats, CB radio. New 37'' Toyo tires and new Wheels. 8000 lb winch, rock sliders and body armor. Drives great and climbs even better. Looking to get 12,000.00
  2. Looks like the old King shock sand car. Very nice
  3. Another option is the illegal smog market, programmers are coming out with a way to get it done with out being completely legal. When you geet close to registration date pay the fee to DMV so it won't be late and by the first of the year the side ways smogs will be in play. This was the way it was done last year until the BAR reset the program. Pm if you want to go that route.


    1. Cookie


      Thanks for the heads up, If I go that direction, I will let you know

  4. Cataclean Exhaust & Fuel System Cleaner has worked for me in the past. Follow directions on the bottle. You may have to use two treatments. It works for the Cats and the O2 sensors. Be careful of someone saying it is only the cats, bad o2 sensors will give false readings. btw 06 and later vehicles are very tough to get special smogs.
  5. MRBTT

    WTB Radio

    Thanks for all he help
  6. MRBTT

    WTB Radio

    Looking for a radio to add to my pci intercom, I already have headsets just looking for an inexpensive radio to go with it. Also wondering where I can find the box that goes between the back seats on a Funco Gen 3 Thanks
  7. I've been looking for something like this for a while. Let me see if I can work some magic. Thanks for your time
  8. What's the overall length of the coach? I couldn't find specs for this unit on the Forest River site. Towing capacity? What area are you in? Beautiful coach
  9. MRBTT


    Asking 4300.00
  10. MRBTT


    Can't go that low, thanks for the offer
  11. MRBTT


    King Shocks, Upgraded seats and lights. Everything works great
  12. interested in tow bar, can you call me when you have a chance 714-397-5404


  13. I have a 4 Link Pro Elite Intercom with bluetooth and dsp for sale. 400.00. intercom only

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    2. MRBTT


      shop in bellflowerIMG_20190829_080105513.thumb.jpg.526d412dfb9cecb53b6e710f8273ac94.jpg

    3. bherm800


      You can text me at 8584722658 for easier communication. What is difference between this one and the one you just sold for 300? Still interested was just wondering. 

    4. MRBTT


      sent you a text

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