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  1. UCLA34

    Help .. Need Wire Guy

    brian BDR (714) 269-2559
  2. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    I think you know what I'm going to say :nag: I would use Aeromotive i know.... i know......
  3. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Oh shit this was the response I was looking for!! Btw... What does BFH or RBFH mean? Did you have to relocate pump, filters, and regulator? If so where? Pics would be awesome! Btw can't wait to see the full video from presidents👍🏻 This season so 4 had week plus long trips, had Allan change it, mines in the same spot as yours. I had two of the POS Fuel labs in parallel. NEVER ran 100%, now its a raped ape. Put the pump in the same spot it was before, Allan did his fab magic as usual and laser cut a killer custom bracket to fit the old mounts on the frame. Looks like it has been there since day one. The location has zero to do with your problem. The best thing about the weldon pumps is they are not traditional in line where the fuel flows through the electrical and pump section. It as a motor mounted on top of the pump block that only a shaft goes in. You can change the motor and or rebuild the pump heads if needed. Had one on my last car and before that, no issues. Guy in our camp has on both his cars (ones a DTD) been in for YEARS, he is why i did it originally. I will snap a pic in the morning and post it I have the Weldon 2345 big daddy, i didn't want any question it would be enough, and kinsler agreed, the size was borderline to go with next one down, eff that for a hundred bucks to save. http://www.kinsler.com/index.php/pumps/electric-pumps Call them, they will size based on your needs. Great company to deal with. They will mate the filter (i did pre only i thinks 45 micron, they recommended) and they will size the regulator. Don't skimp, replumb the car with the same size as the pump (if larger on the pump than car). BFH Big effing hammer RBFH REALLY big... okay so I'm not the only one with this problem! should've asked you in the beginning so i didn't have to go through this shit ill call kinsler this week to give em' specs....you replaced the regulator as well? thanks for your help looking forward to seeing pics! looking forward for my car to run like a raped ape! :P thanks for the idea getting my BFSH (sledge) out to smash the POS fuel lab fuel fuel pump regulator filter
  4. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    700 pump gas but would like to turn it up in the near future
  5. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Was debating to switch over to aero motive however several guys recommended Weldon so I'm gonna check em' out If anyone out there has a Weldon set up ... How long have you had it have you had any problems with it
  6. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Since day one have had nothing but problems with fuel lab and they have terrible customer service!😡
  7. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    How long have you had this set up with the Weldon?
  8. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Yes pulled vent line not clogged...it happens on both cold and hot days...car completely dies and cannot restart because it does not build enough fuel pressure to stay running or start....yes tank does not create pressure We dune a lot we go through 30/40 gallons a day! So heat is a huge factor
  9. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Oh shit this was the response I was looking for!! Btw... What does BFH or RBFH mean? Did you have to relocate pump, filters, and regulator? If so where? Pics would be awesome! Btw can't wait to see the full video from presidents👍🏻
  10. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    I was just gonna ask that. A lot of times it's a fuel filter issue not being set up right and causing the pump to starve and fail. Wiring is another common issue I find when I prep sand cars. Too small gauge wire can cause the relay to burn up, or the fuel pump if it is wired directly. That's a check off the list cuz the wiring size is correct to manufacture specs and it's wired to a relay not directly
  11. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    From the pic it has at least a pre-filter. Based on the location of the pump mounted high it appears -8 inlet? but where does your pump sit in relation to the fuel tank output? I run a Bosch 044 and was told they dont 'suck' well and to make sure that the pump sat as low as possible to use gravity as a primer. EDIT: To answer the OP Question, my pump is mounted on the tubing along the trans/engine cage which has the skid plate. It goes 100micron -> Bosch 044 -> 10 micron -> rails -> FPR -> back to T in the inlet. My car does not have an FI tank with sump nor return fittings so it ties back into the block exiting the tank. This is not ideal, but has been ok for my LS1. Fuel tank is above the pump and filter.....the fuel line pulls off the bottom of the tank
  12. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Yes the pre is 100 and post is 10
  13. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Mine is behind the seats, mounted to a crossbeam, using rubber pads to hold it in place and cushion vibration. The pads are concave to mesh up against the crossbeam and pump providing a just right fit. I think yours is getting hot, and jolted around in that location. Looks like your puller fan on the rad is blowing hot air on it as well. Yes that's where the newer extreme cars have the mounts for the fuel pumps.,..if we relocate it under the seat not sure if it'll be below the gas tank for proper flow
  14. UCLA34

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Hey everyone.... Wondering where's everyone's fuel pump is located? My cars having fuel pump issues! This is the third fuel pump we've gone through... It's a fuel lab fuel pump rated for 1000 hp. Our motor is a LS 3 425 with a 4.0 whipple on pump gas. With the advice from fuel lab We've also gone as far to changing the mechanical regulator to a electronic regulator to reduce heat on idle. Ours is locAted on a bracket bolted to the tranny. What it's doing is vapor locking and cavitating. Where do you have your return vent? Mine is returned from the top of the gas tank. Any input would be much appreciated thanks in advance👊

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