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  1. Nice , I will be seeing a lot of you out there !
  2. Hopefully if all goes well I will be heading to Glamis January 31 for the weekend , I have not been to Glamis camping since Nov 23, 2011 since a bad accident down Oldsmobile , been there for a couple day rides on my way to Parker Az , Anyone else will be out there instead of watching the super bowl , If so where are you camping ?, I use to camp 12.5 don't know where to go , Thanx for input. . Clay
  3. Haven't been on i a while , and looking through forum's and haven't seen one , but wonder what the Razors are going for in your part of town and the five year warranty's are going for , thanx in advance
  4. What works for my traeger is to turn it on and set it to smoke setting and leave the lid up for about 7-10 minutes and then close it and set it to desired temp and it will hold temp very close to setting.
  5. Hand held DeWalt you are welcome to use.
  6. Only use him now straight up guy and gets you in and out quick. Dose a lot of other repairs on vehicles.
  7. Clean area where sensor is located .
  8. Hope to have this for ever , not fast but rides nice in the afternoon.
  9. Haven't been on in a while have some reading to do.
  10. Be sure to pull your power from the same side of the panel or you will end up with 220 volts and cook everything, be sure to remind the electrician the motorhome is 110 volt and not 220volt.
  11. Cheap to shoot, many options for them, all ages can shoot them all day with no pain.

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