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  1. You can also get them from Parker Pumper. I like the helmets where the air comes in the side for more roof clearance, and the air hose also doesn't seem to "ratchet" on the seat backs nearly as much. You can also get them with earplug speakers. They are more hassle to put on but much quieter and easier to hear for people (like me) who have abused their hearing over the years. I have a hard time hearing the wired hand helds that some of my friends use, "real" radios with more power are much better.
  2. Yes very easy to drill them out on a drill press and press them in with a press, but if you don't have access to a press you can use a lug nut and an impact with a stack of flat washers and WD-40 to reduce the rolling torque. Used to do this a lot on Class 9 and 1-2 1600 cars. Cast iron threads in the drum are marginal at best with a stock VW skinny tire and wheel, NFG for anything bigger. Check the clearance to your brake shoes from the head of the stud, probably OK but if needed hit them with a sanding disc on a hand grinder,
  3. They like to be different in MI. I think they may have finally retired them, but until recently the state troopers had these signs on the hood where they could light the "STOP" up red when they pulled up next to you. I have only been to the UP (sledding and dirt biking), and it is a different world.
  4. Wow, cool! Thanks for sharing.
  5. I don't know about the Hondas, but years ago I saw this happen to a Ford FE 390 that a guy rebuilt. There is an expansion plug that you need to put in the block right behind the timing gear to close off an oil galley. He didn't know that and so didn't put it in, and had a similar problem (some oil pressure but not much). But I second the idea of temp installing a known good mechanical gauge, hopefully a bad gauge/sender is your whole problem (I've seen many more of those).
  6. 2008 boxed rear arms and lower fronts, tubular upper fronts. 1 3/4" TIG welded chromoly. List price for the frame was $7.5K according to the title. "Torsion housing" has major gusseting on the bottom. I had another similar one a couple years older that had upper and lower boxed front arms and a super tall roof.
  7. I put a "master" switch from the battery to the control line of the panel I put in my buggy, independent of ignition. But I am only running things unrelated to the engine (radio, pumper, chase light, etc.) off of it.
  8. ^^^^ Amen. Miller sells a light kit to fit their hoods and it ROCKS, especially when you are underneath a vehicle. I got mine at a local weld shop but I see that you can get them on Amazon too (of course). One light on each side and they made it angle so both beams come together right where you're looking when you put your hood down. Might work on other brands too, IDK. https://www.amazon.com/Miller-Helmet-Light-Accessory-282013/dp/B07FF9G253/ref=sr_1_1?gclid=Cj0KCQiAieWOBhCYARIsANcOw0w4WLSHH4EqCMbo6c-QfpOm8asTFgNIlFKLkpyWMI-Ydf5nk_ktVdkaAjZXEALw_wcB&hvadid=397086140875&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1013475&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=16558606152320423674&hvtargid=kwd-894526772087&hydadcr=7441_9611280&keywords=miller+welding+helmet+light+kit&qid=1641684054&sr=8-1
  9. Kind of related, they used to have this stuff in the warehouse when I worked at the mine years ago. While not high temp, it is pretty awesome stuff, super handy and sets really fast, very useful for all kinds of home, RV and automotive repair. There are two packets siamesed together and you just rip the end off and stir it up with the provided popsicle stick. I know from firsthand experience that the packets last over ten years. My only regret is that I ran out of my stash and now I have to buy it myself 😉 https://coatings.integralproducts.com/item/hardman-double-bubble-high-performance-epoxies/04001-extra-fast-setting-adhesive-epoxies/04001
  10. I used these guys, who have a big place in Phoenix (I got their name from the old site). Very professional job and solved my problem. So nice to be able to see clearly out of the windows! https://www.rvglassexperts.com/contact_us.html
  11. I bought four 16" Sailun 637 tires last February online from Simple Tire for my enclosed trailer. Then a couple of weeks ago I got an email from Simple Tire stating that some of them had a design defect and were subject to recall: Tire Information : Tire Brand 1 :Sailun Tire Line :Multiple Tire Size :ST235/80R16, ST235/85R16 Descriptive Information :Recall population was based on DOT date range. Defective tires are identified by the DOT date range. The total recall population is 84,351 which consists of various brands including Sailun, RoadX, Blacklion, Blackhawk and Ironhead.Production Dates : MAY 11, 2020 - OCT 11, 2020TIN (Tire Identification Number) Plant ID Size code Optional Code Begin M Code End M Code 1YJ 27 6PLY 2020 4120 1YJ 27 16LY 2020 4020 1YJ 27 16LY 2220 4120 1YJ 27 1DLY 2020 4120 1YJ 27 16LY 2920 4120 1YJ 21 16LY 2020 3820 1YJ 21 16LY 2220 4120 1YJ 21 1DLY 2020 4020 1YJ 21 6PLY 2020 4120 1YJ 21 16LY 2920 4120 Description of Defect : Description of the Defect : The defect is associated with a steel belt package design change that could contribute Here is the link to the full PDF: https://f.hubspotusercontent40.net/hubfs/2624449/Sailun_Tire_NHTSA_Recall.pdf?utm_campaign=Recall_12.17.21_Sailun&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=196757936&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-99A5uuwroQCMYTG5NlwvT3fEII6B2V_EbVjO0mlhVRmyRPp9L6PAo-kEu3aZQ9Qn9cHoxbwmK39uWhg78L0eHDk27PJw&utm_content=196757936&utm_source=hs_email It turns out that two of them were made in the last week of the "bad" group in the top line of the recall notice (the other two are three weeks newer so OK). I called the number it said to call and a guy told me that they would be replaced and also cover mounting and balancing. So far I have received the royal runaround when trying to get this done. There is a dealer in Tucson that thought he could help me but when he went to the National Tire warehouse (who supposedly have 150 new ones), after three days they finally told him to tell me to pound sand because I bought them online. I sent an email Friday to Simple Tire and told them to give the name and address of the dealer in Tucson who will replace them on Monday, so we'll see how that goes. I thought I would put this out there in case anyone else had these tires but didn't get the same email about the recall.
  12. Here's an expert. Car that size taking up two spaces. And one is even a handicapped space...
  13. I had heard that this was possibly coming but I just found out that it passed (it looks like in October): https://ohv.parks.ca.gov/pages/1234/files/OHV Information Bulletin State Reciprocity AB 232.pdf As much as I like to complain, I guess Arizona started it... Looks like $30 for the permit, but I'm sure the fine for not having one is a whole lot more. I guess the permit is not for a specific vehicle? https://ohv.parks.ca.gov/pages/1012/files/DPR346.pdf
  14. Yep, best to stay right there. Several people nearby also rent out moho parking (and tent camping) in their yards too, have had good luck with that. This pic was from FP1, look hard and you can see a Ferrari. Wondering what Miami will be like next year, but I think I can guess. COTA is great because you can see so much of the track from a given location. Viva Max! Hammy is phenomenal, but it was great to see someone take it to him this year and make it count.
  15. Merry Christmas from Arizona! About 10 feet tall and sits on a 4 foot pipe concreted in the ground. I also made a similar Xmas tree.

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