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  1. Every time I see a V8 with a 2D I think of this:
  2. Are they the 5.5" wide front wheels? I am definitely interested. Those look like the 2" backspacing rears, which I have on my car. They are excellent for clearing shocks, brakes, arms, etc.
  3. Last time I saw ZZTop they played with Jeff Beck. La Grange lasted 25 minutes and was probably the best song I have ever seen in a show in my life. And not to brag, but that's sayin' something... RIP Dusty!
  4. That is good info and I think that you have done the math correctly...
  5. You might want to talk to Mueller out of El Paso. They can set you up with an engineered steel building of whatever size you want. I am finally almost done with a 30x50 RV garage with a 14x14 rollup door, 15 foot walls and 18 feet at the ridge. The insulation wasn't that much extra and I think you will kick yourself later if you don't do it. It comes in rolls and gets screwed down together with the tin I have another 30x40 steel building that has the same type of insulation and it helps tremendously. It stays pretty nice in southern AZ with a big swamp cooler. This new building including insulation was $19K from Mueller, delivered, but I ordered it at the end of last year and I'm sure that prices have gone up since then.
  6. How much weight does it take to counterbalance a Gila Monster (look close)? 919022629_GilaMonsterVideo.mp4
  7. Maybe these are really expensive: "...2 lighted Gorilla wipes..."
  8. I don't need one, but I thought I would let people know that my buddy just put one of these on his new Forest River trailer and he says his Yamaha 2000W inverter generator now starts the 15K BTU AC unit no problem: https://www.microair.net/pages/easystart-installation-faqs
  9. I am looking for a pair of DWT 155-41 15x5.5 billet center competition beadlock wheels, see them here: http://dwtracing.com/product/billet-center-competition-beadlock-buggy-sand-sandbuggy-sandrail-dunes-aluminum-lightweight-dwt-douglas-wheel-rim/ I have the matching rears and also new front tires, and I would buy new front wheels but everyone has been out of stock since last year so I am hoping that maybe someone has some (new or used).
  10. And where located?
  11. I finally figured out that it is a good idea to tack-weld the heads of the bolts to the shackles to keep them from spinning in the shackles and force the rotation to take place between the bolt and the bushing like it is supposed to do. The little splines that are supposed to dig into the metal and keep them from turning don't last too long on rough roads (mine always looked like your old ones). If you do that, together with your new greaseable bolts I bet they will last a really long time. I need to put a new deck on my trailer and will have to try the bedliner, sounds very good.
  12. !972 0r 1973 Yamaha RT1 360

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