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  1. I get Amazon deliveries 5 days a week - incredible service, mistakes happen but I've yet to have them not work to resolve and result is fair. Service level is over 99% - can't complain about that. Service metrics are critical and we run our business off them. I don't want to like Amazon and as noted above - I love to try and support local mom / pop store. It's just so hard based on how great a service and cost solution Amazon has created. I don't like that Amazon has created an environment that almost makes local stores obsolete but I'm not really helping with my buying habits. As for buying American made / fakes / cheap crap from China - I have yet to have a issue. You can identify what you are buying and make the choice. Can you get cheap China stuff - of course but you pick what your purchasing.
  2. It's been a couple of years but I joined the FMCA - Family Motor Coach Association - I think the cost was $75 for a year. Then got the tire discount program they offer on Michelin tires and vendors - Got 6 Michelin tires balanced and installed about $250 cheaper than I could get any other good set of tires. You don't have to renew the membership after a year so it doesn't cost you anything later. They also have some other brands but they recommend Michelin. Other good benefits from the membership too. Tough to beat.
  3. https://www.mtntkperformance.com/blow-hole/16-polaris-rzr $159 and it solved all my problems - just saying.
  4. With all the belt changes, we've become like a pit crew and can have it done in under 10 minutes. Passenger barely have time to have a frosty beverage! It's just an unscheduled beverage break.
  5. RZR Turbo - in dirt, never had an issue and put plenty of miles on it. In the sand - taking it easy and driving reasonably - no issues. My normal driving which is on the pedal, almost all the time - I've broke three belts in one week. Added the Blow Hole (I just like the sound of that) and haven't had an issue since. That's driving hard and on the pedal for long periods of time. https://www.mtntkperformance.com/blow-hole/16-polaris-rzr
  6. It's hard to keep up with all the pages of educational material but last update I thought you were getting a 2d?
  7. The hot sauce was spectacular! Thank you for an amazing time - you guys rock!
  8. Great times - thanks to all that put this on. Breakfast burrito was excellent! Got to meet some wonderful people - we'll make sure to do this every year! Who got lowest score?
  9. I was under the impression that you rarely ever used the brakes - one of the reasons nobody can keep up! I assume this is just for emergency purposes?
  10. Funny theme going on here - took my starter with broken gear down to them - got to talking with them for 10 minutes on stuff. Asked how many days they needed to see if they could fix it, he told me it was done and already in my truck. Didn't ask for money for the work - classy guys. I said I wanted to pay for such great service and he said just pay whatever you think it was worth. They will always get my business.
  11. Many of the best trails we run are tight in a sxs - anything wider would be very difficult and hard on the car. Jeeps can make it but may get some pinstrips. Not to mention, most of these trails are easier to run in 4x4. Some friends can make it in 2x but many times have to take faster runs at some of the hills etc. and that can cause damage!
  12. I had PTI plates on last toy hauler and never had an issue. I thought it added value when selling!
  13. I think it's worth it - rides much better IMHO. If it helps - Look into getting a one year membership with FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) - cost was minimal but you then use their Michelin Tire program to purchase tires. It was the best price I could get on tires and I like the Michelin's.
  14. You need to sell rides in this! Heck, after following this thread and waiting for the outcome...….I'd pay to just watch you drive! Looks great John!

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