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  1. BW Willy

    Paddle clearance

    It's hard to keep up with all the pages of educational material but last update I thought you were getting a 2d?
  2. BW Willy

    going under the knife

    Prayers for a speedy recovery! Back to work next week? Amazing what they can do these days and love the positivity. If your back at work and ever need anything, just give me a call. I'm close by - you made a house call to help with my buggy, I'm happy to repay the favor!
  3. BW Willy

    Anyone cover their trailers?

    www.versatube.com I haven't used them but giving up options in case you hadn't heard of them.
  4. BW Willy

    Game 7 Sharks vs Golden Knights

    I respectfully disagree on a point - there are bad calls and then there is a series changing mistake made by the refs calling a 5 minute major penalty. I think it would be a mistake to call it a penalty at all but if they just called a two minute penalty - no problem - that's an acceptable bad call. Giving them 5 minutes of power play time on a major penalty - no way. San Jose is a great team with great players - they got emotionally charged, stepped up and rose to the occasion - and made some incredible plays. It wasn't Vegas making bad mistakes and poor goaltending - those shots, deflections and the intensity San Jose showed was awesome. They should have scored the first goal and then the power play would be over. It would be 5 on 5 hockey and see what happens. I think the momentum would have died down and Vegas would have held the lead easily. We'll never know because the ref blew it. There should be consequences for mistakes like this. That crew should not be handling any games for the rest of the playoffs. The Vegas season is over because of it - so should the officiating crews season be over. Maybe the NHL does address it but I'm not sure. It's very similar to the Saints vs Rams game but I believe even worse. Last rant hopefully - if you watch the reply -none of the officials had their hands up to call a penalty - they had no intention of calling a penalty until after seeing the blood on the ice and the fans screaming. Then they felt they had to act. If this game was played in Vegas - no fans going crazy - no penalty would have been called - different outcome of the game. I'm a Kings fan - not a Vegas fan so I'm not biased. I just expect better and hope we get better for our game. And I hope Joe's ok, heals quickly and gets to play in the second round.
  5. BW Willy

    Anyone cover their trailers?

    What city are you in? I'm in the process of getting a quote to do another double wide - 40' deep and 24' wide in Buena Park. The company that did my last one did a great job. It wasn't cheap but I don't mind paying for quality. He won't even quote - he said the job is too small and he's too busy. Told me he's not interested in anything less than $30K - economy being so good is not always good news! I'll share the company I'm getting a quote from once they come out. I'd also be interested in any companies people have used in OC that they know are good.
  6. BW Willy

    Game 7 Sharks vs Golden Knights

    That cross check was nothing different than what is done on 50% of the faceoffs and never called. To have the refs call a 5 min major is a travesty and disgrace to the game. They saw a ton of blood and came to the conclusion that he was cross checked in the face. When you see the replay its crystal clear that he pushed him in the chest - nothing touched him in the face or head. He was injured because he and Stasny got tangled up and he fell and landed on his head. Terrible injury and I hope he's ok and will be able to play in the second round. Either way, it was a ridiculous call. I've got no dog in the fight - not a fan of San Jose or Vegas. I love hockey and wanted to a clean game between two teams playing their hearts out. The last thing I want to see if a game decided by the refs.
  7. BW Willy

    Game 7 Sharks vs Golden Knights

    Incredible game and series but ........Vegas got robbed. That 5 minute major penalty was a joke. 99% of the time there is no call on that play. Because he fell on his head after getting tangled up with Stasny and was bleeding badly - they felt they had to do something. The refs thought he got cross checked in the face - they were totally wrong. Seems very similar to the Saints game - even worse as they were up by 3 goals. There was no chance San Jose was coming back without the refs blowing a call like that. I don't think it was a deliberate attempt to help Sharks. It was all the blood and they made a massive mistake because the fans were going crazy, screaming and throwing beers onto the ice. Really sad to see the refs deciding the game and not the players.
  8. BW Willy

    Anyone cover their trailers?

    Anything I can't fit in the garage or warehouse I cover. I've tried a bunch of covers - Adco being the best combination of price and lasting. As others mentioned, nothing lasts long. If I got one year that was good. I got tired of buying covers and put in a carport. Cost more money but not buying covers every year - might be about even. Biggest benefit is no longer risking my life and PITA putting the covers on either RV or trailer.
  9. BW Willy

    Mojave Trail Run

    It's definitely not a speed run and not rock crawling but plenty of cool sites to see. Great views and cool parts to the trail. IMO it's worth doing at least once. Couple of pics of the "megaphone" - not sure what the real name of this is but cool to check out. Can't give coordinates - part of the fun is finding all the stuff yourself. It's on top of a hill off the trail.
  10. 28" Sand Stripper paddles and rims - 28x 15 x 14 Paddles and 28x 12 x 14 fronts - $500 Located in Orange County -
  11. BW Willy

    Car Upholstery Question

    One of my favorite quotes: Good work ain't cheap, Cheap work ain't good - Norman Collins
  12. BW Willy

    2019 Sandy Golf Tournament

    The hot sauce was spectacular! Thank you for an amazing time - you guys rock!
  13. BW Willy

    2019 Sandy Golf Tournament

    Great times - thanks to all that put this on. Breakfast burrito was excellent! Got to meet some wonderful people - we'll make sure to do this every year! Who got lowest score?
  14. BW Willy

    decided to keep

    I ain't scared...……...just can't steal enough money fast enough ………...the damn money truck keeps getting away.
  15. BW Willy

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    I was under the impression that you rarely ever used the brakes - one of the reasons nobody can keep up! I assume this is just for emergency purposes?

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