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  1. X3 - I've taken two starters to them over the years - fixed while I watched and owner told me just tip his worker. Great company.
  2. Salvation Mountain is worth seeing and getting a tour of the East Jesus Compound. Wild stuff.
  3. We go once a year for the last 15 years - never had issues. Always been clean and orderly. Food has always been great - burgers good and pancakes fantastic. Pool and hot springs are a great way to clean up after rides. Plenty of rides but nothing that compares to Glamis which is why we only go once per year. The ride to Salvation Mountain is a little boring but the sights at the mountain are cool. We always book spot #42 - 100' long, corner spot and overlooks the kitty track. The kids ride quads and bikes around track all day. Someone earlier mentioned kids not able to ride in the resort....never heard of that and in our group, they were riding the track none stop. That spot is also close to pools. We get a group discount because we've got a large party of people - $153 total Thursday thro Sunday and they always throw in Sunday night as a extra free day.
  4. Ridiculous - the mountain has been trashed and the true joy that comes from climbing isn't found in this mess. Sad to see this and what it has become.
  5. I've got a 2018 RZR Turbo - 30" Fullerton Sand sports - work great. I was told you need clutch work to go with the 32" but everyone has an opinion. I'd like to run 32"'s I did put in a blowhole - Burned a couple of belts before I put it in. Not a single belt since, I swear by it. https://www.mtntkperformance.com/blow-hole/16-polaris-rzr
  6. L.R.S. - What a transformation on your car! Greatly enjoyed your thread on the process and the finished product looks amazing. Thank you.
  7. Same guy doing the seats? I need to recover my seats but haven't looked to hard to find someone.
  8. Funny, just put this in my commuter car yesterday. Also have the same one in my truck. Works great, single wire I ran up to headliner and around windshield and under dash to keep wire out of site. Cheap - $50 on Amazon and does the job. links to phone and can pull up all footage. YI Smart Dash Cam, 2.7" Screen 1080P60 Full HD 165 Wide Angle Front Dashboard Camera Car DVR Vehicle Recorder with ADAS, G-Sensor, Phone APP, WDR, Loop Recording - Grey

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