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  1. Funny, just put this in my commuter car yesterday. Also have the same one in my truck. Works great, single wire I ran up to headliner and around windshield and under dash to keep wire out of site. Cheap - $50 on Amazon and does the job. links to phone and can pull up all footage. YI Smart Dash Cam, 2.7" Screen 1080P60 Full HD 165 Wide Angle Front Dashboard Camera Car DVR Vehicle Recorder with ADAS, G-Sensor, Phone APP, WDR, Loop Recording - Grey
  2. Never busted a belt in dirt but shredded many in the dunes. I will only use OEM or Hunterworks - he's got a wealth of knowledge and I've never had a problem with his belts. Added a Blow Hole too - no more problems in the dunes.
  3. Bingo - I'm far from an expert but from everything I read, Nuclear power is the best current solution. And it is safe. There is a general stigma and irrational fear of nuclear power by the public but it's not fact based. How much of that fear is based on movies showing mutant creatures created in a shut down power plant in Russia - fairy tails.
  4. Those are rears - fronts are single spine - I'm using those.
  5. Two Method 406 rims - 15" with Desert Trak Paddles for RZR 1000, 1000 turbo - excellent condition / very little use. - $500. Rims alone are worth $260 a each. Located in North OC.
  6. I need to see what I'm missing - send the PM!
  7. Damn! on the bay???? Good news, Gavin's doing his best to control the rise in value.
  8. Bought in 2002 - $214 per sq. ft. Current Zillow / Refin estimate $444 per sq. ft. Fullerton, OC
  9. Nailed it - this is exactly what I've experienced and what the folks in our group have.
  10. In my back yard!
  11. I'll have to check this place out - no crappy tax and within walking distance from the house. I've been to most of the locations in the area and haven't been here! Thanks!

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