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  1. Believe all women, right Joe?
  2. Well wishes to the newlyweds
  3. I have a good one, I need a longer one is usually my response.
  4. The lively hood of your children sounds less in #1
  5. This is so damn stupid. I mean is there something their not telling us? Jesus, at least I think my line of work would be essential but I’m scared to see what’s next.
  6. The big 5 in cerritos. Even the anti gun folks are buying guns hahahahah
  7. I just left stater bro’s and the place has nothing left. I’m by no means a prepper and I’m not scared at all of this virus. I have to admit that the store having no product did stir some panic in my head.
  8. Game changer. My a$$hole is nice and shiny now haaahha
  9. Did he say “you can’t see anywhere it’s not raining” I don’t know why but I’m cracking up.

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