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  1. FAMILY OF 4


  2. FAMILY OF 4

    Guy gifts a car to a stranger

    There’s hope
  3. FAMILY OF 4

    Theft prevention ideas. Buggies, Tow Rig, etc.

    Simple and cheap way to deter a would be tailgate thief. I put a hose clamp around the slotted end of the tailgate. I rotate the screw head to make it more difficult. Cheap and effective.
  4. FAMILY OF 4

    2013 Ram 1500

    Good looking truck
  5. FAMILY OF 4

    Super Bowl criticism here....

    I was busy drinking and trying to do the math on my pool spots
  6. FAMILY OF 4

    Jeep Pics

    Looks awesome. Why you selling?
  7. FAMILY OF 4

    CBD oil

    I’m super intrested in this as well. Unfortunately I get drug tested at work and although I hear you won’t test dirty from CBD I can’t risk it. Good luck
  8. FAMILY OF 4

    2015 Silverado 2500 HD 4WD

    How bad was the front end damaged in the acccient?
  9. FAMILY OF 4

    Bicycles in toyhauler

    Crappy pics but I did something like this. I only had 2x4s laying around the garage but when I get home I will buy 2x6s or 2x8s to slip the tires into. I also used one tie down and wrapped it around the goose neck of each bike and compressed the tires to the rear door. I’ll pull the rack out once we get to the campground and use it for the bikes. Thanks for the ideas
  10. FAMILY OF 4

    JEEP CJ7

    Cool ride
  11. FAMILY OF 4

    Ok, So things have changed.

    Welcome aboard. Search the for sale section and I’m sure you can find something in several different budgets.
  12. FAMILY OF 4

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    Prayers sent
  13. Dorco and dollar shave club are great for the head and face. Clippers are better for the nuts.
  14. FAMILY OF 4

    Bicycles in toyhauler

    Was also thinking of using one of these and ractchet strapping all four corners to the tie down points to secure it. Then maybe secure the bikes down with lashing straps
  15. FAMILY OF 4

    Bicycles in toyhauler

    This looks like a good idea

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