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  1. My wife and kids want a golden doodle. Damn expensive.
  2. Wife and kids are going to the movies with the cousins. I will engage in heavy drinking and light yard work.
  3. Bloomberg winning and suddenly getting suicided shortly after is her only chance of being president. Keep America Great
  4. Full face helmet if helmets are required, I like it better for dusty conditions
  5. Yea no kidding. Probably some lib journalist hoping he was walking into a sweatshop.
  6. I think jim at VIP once told me they could raise the bed 6” higher for about $600
  7. I used to just want to retire and move out of Ca now I want to retire and move to Mars. BBB wants to move to Uranus
  8. I buy some chinese lithium ions for the yard tools and they are better than the originals and less than half the cost. But I’d be pissed if I thought I was buying brand name and got a bootleg.
  9. Hahahah for real if the republicans did that all white shit cnn and washington post would have ran that story.
  10. Welcome aboard. Here shortly I’ll be reworking the shocks on the RZR great to have another option to choose from.
  11. One negative person in the workplace or the home is like a cancer. It’s so easy to get poisoned by them than to correct them.
  12. She’s just pissed since he dissed her on the handshake

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