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  1. Grate looking car. I put rear window defrost and power door locks in my RZR and it was a great investment.
  2. It’s not socialism socialism i hate when I’m sailing something and someone replies will you take $xxxx CASH. Well wtf was I gonna take a check or cc of some craigslister? Maybe trade for tattoos in your buddies garage?
  3. That’s a whole lotta hate buddy. Life’s to short to put that much energy into hating 75% of the people. Not sure how you function day to day.
  4. I’m still hungover. Called in sick today. Who thought tequila and squirt was a good idea?
  5. That was great. Knocked his ass out. Of course he is a racist for doing it and will be expelled for helping a friend who was going to get his ass kicked. I’m still laughing he was out before he hit the floor.
  6. This is my DD for work. The paint is shot but it runs great. Front and rear ac is cold. Currently 165,000 miles there has been a service brake system light on for a couple years, the brakes work fine I guess it’s some sensor. Just passed smog last night. Not sure what it’s worth so I’ll say $2k

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