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  1. The term cartwheeled makes me think it would not touch the cage. It would flip and hit one tire at a time
  2. I really like the trash cans. Let me talk to my wife about them.
  3. Glad you caught it early. I always avoid annual visits to the dr based on “ I feel fine” this is a great reminder and I pray all works out for you.
  4. FAMILY OF 4


    Seems like a fair price.
  5. If my 10 year olds not jumping the canal in the rzr I have her carry my HK 40 in her back pack
  6. 16 acres, I’m jealous.
  7. I have one on a truck I bought used. Since it’s powder coated it’s hard to keep a shine on it. I hit the side rails with bar keepers friend last week and went over with carnival and brought the shine back but it would be a pain to do on the cover. Mines never jammed since I bought the truck, I just wish it was water tight.
  8. My Weber has been solid for over 10 years. I think it was called the baby Q when I bought it so not sure if it was replaced by the q100 or q200. Either way I love it and I would like to add that black stone grill

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