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  1. I don’t really think anyone working should have got it. I don’t like this scam at all. With that being said familyof4 got a new washer and dryer because I’m not donating mine.
  2. For single I think so. After 75 it gets less and I think caps out at 99k. 150 to 175for married.
  3. You can also say she made a stand for what she believed in in front of her kid. Hopefully this was about rights and protest rather than an attempt at a lawsuit.
  4. FAMILY OF 4

    #Stay Home

    I wonder if that was the salon owners policy or if that was a requirement for her to re open the buisness.
  5. I have a Malibu X factor kayak 14’ also has a lowrance x67 fish finder. The kayak says been on the back corner but I’m not sure what the blam was. Anyway I bought this used a few months ago and never used it. Now my kid says she wants to go with me and truth be told this thing is big and kind of a pain in the ass to lug around solo. So I want to trade for a quality brand tandem kayak thats about 12’ or so. Let me know what you have. Located in cerritos 91/605 area. I plan on keeping the wheels for the next one.
  6. I have a washer dryer set for sale. Whirlpool dryer model WGD5100VQ1 and kenmore elite washer model 16972500. Both work fine but for full disclosure the washer has overfilled twice while filling In about two years or so, glad I have them in the garage. I replaced the washer transmission for about $300 last year and the thermal couple on the dryer 2-3 years ago $300for both. Located in cerritos 91/605 fwy
  7. FAMILY OF 4


    My dads brother was in Korea and when he came back from the war he never talked about it with any of his 7 siblings, parents or his wife. He was one of the last groups of soldiers to get home and on the way back to the states he tossed all of his army gear off the ship. The local papers all wanted some interviews and he always said no. At his funeral his oldest son told a story that he was named after a guy his dad was in combat with and died, the story was pretty graphic and detailed. That’s pretty much the only war time story he told. RIP uncle.
  8. Never been there, but I hate to see buisness fail because of this shit.
  9. You won the Internet today. Well played.
  10. FAMILY OF 4

    #Stay Home

    Bing Liu and Jeffrey Epstein have something in common
  11. FAMILY OF 4

    #Stay Home

    This means there’s truth to it.
  12. FAMILY OF 4

    #Stay Home

    Every “frontline worker” I know says their hospital is quiet and a lot of them are being asked to take time off. Let’s open up and protect the health compromised people.
  13. I don’t know what your best bang for buck might be but maybe you could have it towed from glamis to somewhere in riverside right norco that has covered or indoor parking until the season hits
  14. Yes but they limit the content ti what you can research. If you want conservative views you got to channel XYZ and if your lean left you watch chanel abc. But all you get is their views. You tube and google should be a place where you can research and find many different opinions on many different subjects. I understand they’re a private company but they can cripple you and feed you only information they want you to know and then you remain uninformed because your forced to see the world from their perspective.
  15. I get what your saying but I also believe Facebook and you tube are in bed with the left
  16. Not when you tube and face book ban videos that “are not truthful”
  17. #metoo even without the cold water 😔
  18. Maybe they will settle out of court for the new speedcat.
  19. Another reason to justify concealed carry
  20. She’s trash, her only agenda the past four years was to find a “smoking gun” to trap the president. All she’s accomplished is helping crush our economy and maybe stimulate the icecream buisness.
  21. If it was not for this corona crap we would be bringing in 1000 plus contractors for our turnaround maintenance but it’s been pushed back till July as of now.

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