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  1. Always had great experiences at GearOne. Parker saved my butt two years ago Thanksgiving with brake pads after I tried another brand from a different shop. Just thankful a manufacturer like GearOne is still working to keep our stuff in the dunes.
  2. If I go with them I certainly will ask for him. Just got all my race-prepped CVs from them last week.
  3. Thanks! I looked at Tatum and their website doesn't say "sold in pairs" like Kartek so if not, they would be $1,250 versus $669 at Kartek for the pair. Maybe I should call Tatum to be sure.
  4. Looking to replace my axles before they break and wanted to know if anyone has experience with the Kartek 300M axles? While they're not cheap, the price doesn't break the bank compared to some others out there and yes, sometimes you get what you pay for. Just not sure if I'd need anything else. Being 300M REM finished seems as legit as any out there. What I"m looking at is 33.5" total length, 28 spline. Kartek 33.5 28 Spline 300M Axles Please share if you have any experience with them - thanks!
  5. I too remember a lot of that. Always loved the mimeograph papers the teachers would hand out - half the class (including me) would sniff them right away, lol. And "going steady", wow I had forgot that one. Also agree with Doc Savage's post about the space program. Yeah, there was a lot of racial tension and and budget concerns at the time, but it was a proud time for America and the human race in general when the space programs were achieving so much. I remember the pictures of people around the world looking in windows at a TV store or department stores just to watch the space events. Had a bit of that happen again with the early shuttle programs until the majority of those became routine - obviously excluding Challenger and Columbia. With the advent of CGI and the incredible amounts of technology available to everybody today, I'm starting to wonder what it takes to get a lot of people together anymore besides a major catastrophe. That part is kind of sad.
  6. Wish there was a way the system could handle these guys better. Unfortunately stealing has always been easier than working for something... Huge props to you not lowering yourself to be hateful on camera when it would have been so easy to go there - way to keep it classy 👍.
  7. Yes add them. I have the Firestones and pull a 42' Inferno (3905 model) fiver and can't imagine towing without them. 60 lbs gets my truck leveled when the rig is hitched up.
  8. Sounds like you're in there right now - best of luck and get well better.
  9. You're bringing back lots of memories. I wasn't in the valley until the mid 70's but most of that stuff was still there and in business.
  10. Lot's of good stuff here and happy Phoenix 7 is open to learning. The dunes can bite fast and hard regardless of speed, talent or vehicle you're in or on. As we've all seen, every year the dunes get some of the biggest and best drivers as well as the newest riders. Sometimes a split second decision is the only difference between two very different outcomes. We had a guy in our group last weekend that hit a kicker at the top of bowl as we were transitioning and it launched the left rear of his car way up and sideways - he thought he was going over and there was nothing he could do as his wheels were off the ground. He yelled to his wife to "hang on". He was at the mercy of how his car was going to land. And fortunately, he had a big Extreme 4 seater that came down hard on the passenger side and he was able to drive it out. He's raced his share of cars but had to stop for a good 30 minutes to gather himself together and it clearly affected him the rest of the day. Along with the incident he was most upset at the thought of hurting his wife. In this case, faster was not better because I hit the same damn kicker later in the day at a much slower speed and while it kicked the rear of my car up, much less of an impact than he had. The position of the sun and wind can play such a role in what you're able to see. Phoenix 7, keep learning - it never stops for any of us. And no matter how much experience you have things still happen, it's just minimizing the risk you put yourself in and making the correct reactions more of an automatic thing because sometimes there is no time to think.
  11. Too late, it's in my belly or I would have had some french toast, bacon and scrambled eggs to add to the thread. The smell of bacon frying on a Sunday morning is one of life's pleasures...
  12. BTW, I don't think the top pic is Christown, the top pic was across and down Central Ave from Park Central Mall. Used to cruise by that place every Friday and Saturday night. Was near Thomas Road and the furthest south we used to go was Palm Lane - good times with some great hot rods and lifted trucks. Met my wife at the McDonalds at Indian School and Central and we're still together now 39 years later. And talk about pumping gas, my first job was on the gas islands at JC Penny in the Park Central mall. To the girls, we were their knights in shining armor for taking care of their cars and yes, somehow they were always there longer than the guys. But the girls didn't care, they had as much fun as we did and the hot summers in Phoenix always brought out some eye candy opportunities. Still do Jack in the Box at times and do miss the old branding.

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