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  1. Trap for Presi... I mean Trap for DOTM!!!
  2. Thank you FNG!!! It took a long time to go through all the pictures from the flag pole and decide what ones I wanted to post. I think I've developed a better system so future uploads should go easier. And uploading and putting pictures into a post seems to go best at 16 pictures per post I need to download the pictures from the camera of the Cake Ceremony and get them uploaded too
  3. and then......... there was FNG and IFLY And Daniel Lacoste (YFZ4KT's faithful assistant) and lastly YFZ4KT HozayKwAIRvo & IFLY (brothers by choice) and the honorable Veterans that stayed to the end and were able to join in for the final picture. One day ALL our Veterans in attendance will stay for the group picture the front of the custom designed coin for 2019 ❤️ thank you for your patience and time looking through. We had 202 Veterans step up to the mike this year ❤️ Lets give a hand to EVERYONE involved (those that are front and center, to those that hide in the shadows) in making this amazing event happen

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