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  1. Scataloni

    Camp Fire Permit - Happy New Year!

    Thanks for the reminder. 2019 Campfire permit now in hand will get it into our rig and be set Just in case
  2. Scataloni

    Veteran favor to ask...

    Ace in the past there have not been any coins leftover. In fact typically they run out of coins before all the Veterans have stepped up to the microphone. Sorry you've felt you were the recipient of such a negative response. Often people want a coin in honor of their friends cousins best friend and we don't have enough coins for those present. I hope you can understand this. I personally know that they usually run out because I'm standing there taking the pictures of our honored Veterans present at the flag pole.....
  3. Scataloni


    nope... While I dig Kid Rock I wouldn't miss Veterans Day in the Dunes as long as the flag ceremony and celebration of the Marines birthday continues
  4. Scataloni

    GD.com Vets day 2018 Ceremony

    Send me info and pictures so you can be added in to the presentation during the Marine Birthday Cake ceremony in Wash 22 Saturday night
  5. got it, just need a little more info please... PM replied to thanks
  6. Scataloni

    Nothing better than having Glamis to yourself

    My brother you DESERVE to be there!!! Tell Cheffster from me as well Looking forward to seein' y'all
  7. Scataloni


    MMMMM MMMM MMMMM That Ifly guy !!!!
  8. Silly Mac, I'm not deleting your slide... I am trying to get new people added in
  9. where are our Veterans at????
  10. Scataloni

    GD.com Vets day 2018 Ceremony

    Hey do you happen to know his Rank at his discharge???? And is he related to you??? Just asking for a friend
  11. Scataloni

    GD.com Vets day 2018 Ceremony

    Are you a Veteran? Are you currently serving in one of our Military's branches??? Then please see the pinned post in General Chat and EMAIL me info... The Marine's birthday cake and ceremony is just as emotional as being at the flag pole and continues our celebration and recognition of our Members and loved ones that are truly the most deserving people around.... So please look for the pinned post and get this info to me by 11-7-18 so I have time to save the info and get your slide created...
  12. Send me your information, we would LOVE to honor you, or a family member that has served our nation!!!! I need: Name, Ending rank, military branch, service years, interesting facts ie: places served, involved in military operations aka wars... Bonus points if you send me pictures of you to be included We all love the end of boot camp pictures or even pictures during service time. Double bonus if you send a current picture too you can email to me at scataloni@yahoo.com Please be sure to put that it's for GD.com Vets ceremony and include your Board Name cuz that's important too
  13. Scataloni

    GD.com Vets day 2018 Ceremony

    Hands down the most amazing trip of the year!!!! Yo' Slap I'm looking for more Veterans to send me info to add them to our PowerPoint Presentation during our Cake Cutting Ceremony back in camp.
  14. Scataloni

    2009 BMW 328i $5200 obo

    What kind of mileage do you get on this???

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