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  1. summer girl76

    Labor Day 2018 Glamis Making my last great summer video

    Poule!! You’re there!! Yay! Great pictures RISE AND SHINE!!! ETA.... morning ride!
  2. summer girl76

    Looking out for you OLDtimers

    Note taken! Cheers!
  3. summer girl76

    It's Saturday 8/11/18 What are you doing this weekend.

    Rippin some smooth sand ahhhhhh
  4. summer girl76

    Meanwhile....later That Night

    Throwing this back up.... it was such a great trip. They all are but this one was a bit ceremonial.
  5. summer girl76

    Original owners - How long have you had your buggy?

    ‘99 lol!!!
  6. summer girl76

    Special Needs Children Need To Cosplay Too

    Check out the design and skill of that one!! Hi JD!! Muah!
  7. Hugs!!!!  Braaaaaapp! Hopefully we'll be riding soon!

    1. Squatcher


      miss you too!  

  8. Hugs lovely lady! You're beautiful as ever! 

  9. Hugs lil Moni!! :wub: Have fun out there! Rip that sand!

    1. Lil'Moni77


      Thanks LOVE!! :wub::hug: I  know you saw ALL my Shenanigans!!  :lol:

  10. summer girl76

    Heroes and people you idolize

    + 1 for your wife! Hahahaha! That's so classic! A guy with personality would've just laughed. Many "rich" guys are so out of touch trying to prove something and don't even realize it.
  11. summer girl76

    What's Your All Time Favorite Beer?

    You are so right! That is one tasty brew! Now I'm craving a drive down to San diego.
  12. summer girl76

    2018 full moon rides

    Beaver moon should be in AUGUST! I am >>> IN <<< I didn't see a schedule up yet. Can't wait!! Best trips of the year!
  13. summer girl76

    What's Your All Time Favorite Beer?

    The deep dark beers are my favorite, those chocolate and coffee notes. Abv 7% + more bang for your buck We pair these with some Supercross...
  14. summer girl76

    Just wanted to stop by...

    Awesome! Isn't that hilarious to see all their complete different personalities. What cuties
  15. summer girl76

    Cool story


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