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  1. I have the original MSO from Funco with VIN and it’s never been titled. With the MSO it’s no issues in AZ to register it.had to get my other cars done in AZ. Walk in the park.
  2. I’m taking it to Glamis for Presidents Day. Will that be close enough for ya?
  3. I don't have the intake anymore. The only engine I have is an LS2. It needs to be freshened up. I have a bunch of new stuff for the engine like oil pump, head gaskets, water pump, chrome balancer, head bolts, valve covers, MSD to fire coils, Holley 4150 intake, etc... I probably have $4000 in it. I'll sale the whole package for 2k. I have an MEFI 4 with harness, adapter plate, headers for more of a package for 4k
  4. TTT... Don’t miss out on this deal. You’ll brag about it years to come.
  5. Been traveling all day
  6. Thanks for the offer but I’ll pass.
  7. Price drop to 20k. You won’t be disappointed!
  8. Price dropped to 22k. Car is ready to go!
  9. Car will be in Glamis Feb 12 thru 15. Gen 3 Built by Funco. Motec computer, rear bypass, new battery, new fuel lines, new K&N with outerware. 400 hp 2.5 Subi and Mendeola 2d with Funco nosecone. Mix 93 and 110 fuel for a fun ride. Older car to car system (Tekk MT 800) with four behind the head headsets.
  10. I need to wait till car sells. But $3,000 seems like a good price
  11. There are 2 coolers there and both are -8. I’ll take $50 for the used one and $200 for the new aluminum/chrome one.
  12. Stage 3 and 4. Single and dual

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