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  1. My offer was to keep it in the group and you still get to drive it. I just wanted it in the garage. Congratulations man!!
  2. I’ve ridden in this car it is the smoothest riding car that I have ever felt.
  3. Let me have tony look 👀 he’s a friend that knows long travel cars better than I do. I have had three but all were mid-engine VW
  4. I loved your car. Just received my commission statement and wanted it. I love your dads car but I want bypass on the rear like yours was BFD should have sold 👍🏻
  5. Are you here in Phoenix? I would like to see the car.
  6. Did you buy the two-seat V-8 in your photo? I was looking at that car it’s pretty solid
  7. I’m so glad my girlfriends father bought this. Now I don’t have to buy one 👍🏻
  8. is this car still for sale., and are you here in AZ? Assuming the area code has you in Tucson...

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