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  1. racedezert

    Battery Charger recommendation

    Have a Ctek here as well and has been a damn good charger. No issues and does all types of batteries.
  2. racedezert

    2012 Ram 3500

    dream truck right there!! Very nice and good luck with the sell. Should go fast.
  3. racedezert

    2" Hollows

    Car is a Weurth, guessing weight is around 2200lbs, not a very heavy car. Ive only had it for 2 years so don't know previous driving style or conditions. I do sand only with a family and kids in the back. No jumping or pounding woops. It broke right outside of camp shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear. Was just a matter of time I guess and that's when it let go. Glad it let go when and where it happened. 3 wheeled back to camp and took to Joe fab and he welded a new king kong on the spindle and after the trip tore it down and sent to Alper for 2" upgrade. Much better piece of mind now.
  4. racedezert

    2" Hollows

    Yep happened to me over thanksgiving on my King Kong spindles. Welds were fine but the actual spindle sheared. This was on a 10.75 tire.
  5. That looks incredibly fast just sitting still. Nice SU!!!
  6. racedezert


    My awning is made out of marine grade boat fabric and is at least 10 years old and no major signs of aging. If this ever wears out I will 100% go this route again.
  7. racedezert

    More 2'' hollow kits done

    Jason got mine done before my New Years trip and they performed flawlessly. Major props to him and so much piece of mind knowing my front end is a lot stronger now.
  8. racedezert

    WTB Aceco 2-seater sand buggy

    Do you mean the black one with a 3.0 turbo Nissan?
  9. racedezert

    RV Sewer Solutions

    I use a home built macerator out of a garbage disposal and regular hose. Works pretty good and will even travel uphill a little.
  10. racedezert

    2 Beard Seats need reupholstered.

    Clearing the garage. Will take $25 for each seat. Someone come get them
  11. racedezert

    2 Beard Seats need reupholstered.

    Bumping up for lowered price
  12. racedezert

    2 Beard Seats need reupholstered.

    2 beard seats. They are used and will need reupholstery. See pics for details. Asking $100 for both seats and I live in Gilbert AZ. Greg 602 370 7591
  13. racedezert

    Molybdenum Disulfide added to cv grease

    I was just thinking another alternative is cutting out the belray and putting moly in your favorite grease to add more anti friction properties. Sounds like most are already mixing two kinds of grease already. I might give it a go and see what trial and error returns. Someone had to do the same when mixing bel ray and swepco together.
  14. So I've been scouring the countless posts about cv's and grease and since I couldn't find any posts about adding moly directly to a good quality grease, who here does this and why wouldn't this be a good idea. I mean it's pretty cheap to buy and goes a long way. Much cheaper than bel ray and can raise the moly % to any grease. My old neighbor used to mix his own cv grease with moly and had great results. I just don't see this being discussed. Pros / cons?
  15. racedezert

    Seats Reupholstered

    Just talked to the new beard seats who they are now in Minnesota. $250 per bucket seat for them to strip them down and do any repairs and or new foam and any color and fabric choice. Price depends on type of fabric obviously. They don't really want to sell seat covers anymore and shipping would probably cost a lot. Think I'll be staying local. They said a bench would be about $375 FYI.

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