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  1. I didn’t receive any offer, you should have Troy, would have much rather done that!!!
  2. Traded a RZR plus some cash for it, and yes total value was over 40, well in my opinion anyway but as seen around here that doesn’t matter, hahahahaha
  3. Looks like you have the $$$ at least
  4. Quite a bit cleaner than your average car but make an offer, never know :)...and it’s not a ls1 either, it’s a 550hp redline built LS-2
  5. I’ll make someone a good deal this weekend if a sale happens, found something else to buy
  6. Yes it dunes amazing, can throw it around like a SXS but has the power to do whatever you want, almost like an automatic, put it in 3rd gear and dune all day, shocks and bypasses are setup very well, can hit almost any transition at any speed and doesnt bottom out
  7. Open to cash offers as well as trade offers, never know what I’ll take :)
  8. Thank you very much, beautiful car you have as well and yes you are correct I have duned a lot of different cars and the SCU is hands down the best car I’ve driven, absolutely love it just time to do something else
  9. May take a 4 seat RZR turbo S + cash as a trade
  10. Hahahahaha, you should see the other half
  11. 2006 SCU 550hp LS-2 built by redline, Mendeola 2D, 934 cv’s, 4 seat car, heated beard seats, in-car and car to car radio, power steering, King shocks and bypasses, 4 wheel disc brakes, 17in beadlocks front and rear, 10.5 STU Razors front, 33 STU Blaster 2 rear, HID lights, painted panels not wrapped, everything else is powdercoated or chromed, car is immaculate and almost new, my uncle got it new and only drove it once due to health issues and I ended up with it last year after he passed away, been used 5 times, pics don’t do it justice...$50k obo
  12. Knowing the owner and the way all his stuff is taken care of the pics aren’t gonna do it justice!!!...nice car Shawn

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