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  1. Just signed today. I hope everyone gets out and does this!
  2. Lil Fuzz

    Outdoor Mx

    Also stoked for forkner! That kid is eventually going to own that class! Probably by next year!
  3. I wish!!! My wife always tells me to bad you should of grown up in the 50s
  4. Lil Fuzz

    Top Bunk

    Never thought about putting them that way. Great idea thanks.
  5. That happen to me in my Chevy years ago. Driveshaft looked like a candy cane!
  6. Lil Fuzz

    Us Open

    I'm Happy DJ finally pulled one out. He has been knocking at the door For long time.
  7. Lil Fuzz

    Top Bunk

    Lol! That's what I'm affraid of. All though in your case I'm sure alcohol was involved.
  8. Lil Fuzz

    Top Bunk

    Thanks. I will have yo get something like that. I have a 3,5 and 7 year old. They are all restless sleepers
  9. Lil Fuzz

    Top Bunk

    How old was your kid when they started sleeping on the top bunk of hoy hauler? Did you put some sort of barrier? Any input would be appreciated.
  10. Got two! Thanks for heads up!
  11. I agree about Tomac but only if he gets a decent start. Roczen is riding way to fast . If Roczen gets out front early I think he will run away with it.

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