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  1. I went through same situation that you are facing right now and after the third northstar i decided to make a major change. I too thought about the LS platform but the cost was not in my budget. Regardless what some will say good or bad this is the direction i went. I ordered a complete SBC 383 iron block aluminum heads with the Holley Sniper EFI system. After the adapter plate, clutch setup, chassis mods and engine mounts i was into a solid performing and reliable engine platform for less than 9K and the engine is producing right at 500HP on the dyno as the builder did a breakin dyno tune so it was ready to go on ce i hit the switch. the iron. block from my research only added roughly 75-100lbs over the northstar and had absolutely no ill handling affects to the Tatum Chassis i have. If you want more info just let me know and i would be more than happy to help. One thing i will say is the Northstar engine for me was nothing but a nightmare and i did the big head studs and all that stuff and for some reason after two fresh rebuilds i couldnt keep the rod bearings in it and to this day have no idea why so that is why i made the switch.
  2. What gear stack is in the trans? There is a million different scenarios to discuss this issue but with 14.00-15 extreme revo's at 15-20 psi my tatum slides nice and hooks hard in the straights. For my setup a perfect combination. If you have really tall gearing and have to feather the clutch alot to take off it may be a gearing issue more so than a paddle issue. My Tatum weights 2095 with a 75 rear, 25 front weight bias with no one in the car. Iron SBC and it handles like a dream for me. Slides when i want it to slide and hooks when i get it pointed straight. I NEVER launch it from a dead stop and with my gearing i top out at 80 and 6200RPM Limiter is set at 6500. As i stated depending on your gearing if you have to really feather the clutch to get it rolling i would put more emphasis on the gearing. Just my .02, which its not worth that, but you may be fighting something other than a paddle issue.
  3. What about the big plug in the top or is that just with the DECO cases?
  4. 16ft tip to tail and 95 wide at edge or tires.
  5. TTT new price 33,500.00. Willing to meet half way for delivery.
  6. 2007 Tatum Motorsports Spyder. Lots of new parts and fresh service. I maintain this car myself and it is constantly inspected and checked and serviced on a regular basis. Billet A-Arms, King shocks with 2 tube bypass in rear. 383 SBC with Holley Sniper EFI and Mendeola 2D with Deco case and 930 cv's. Engine new may of 2018 built and dyno tuned by Skip White Performance 500HP and 487 FT/LB Torque. I have the build records from builder, all forged internals scat rods, eagle crank aluminum heads, hot head headers, CBR 35X19 radiator, Rigid light bar, JEt Trim seats, rear seat recently upholstered. New Steering Rack, new tires all around, 35" Xtreme Revo and Sand Blaster 10.75-15 fronts on DWT beadlock wheels. Trans was just checked and serviced, all gears look great and installed updated bearing and thrust washers. Shifts amazing and car works perfect and handles like very well. Rugged Radios Car to Car with BT connectivity. ProAm shifter. Contact me with questions or more info. Asking 35,000.00. New parts within last year 383 SBC Engine Holley Sniper EFI Hot Head Ceramic coated headers Jet Trim Ostrich and Suede heated and lumbar front seats Re-uphostered Rear Seat PRP rear seat harness' Rigid 40" curved Light bar Quake LED 7" lights 4ea new 2ea Baja Design Pro front lights CBR 35X19 Radiator with nylon braided -20 AN lines and Dual 16" SPAL fans New Outer mid board CV's Tatum Front Hubs Black and brakes Tatum Front 2.0" hollow spindle snouts Fresh front shock service Twisted LED green whips Green underglow lighting 160A Alternator
  7. I never watched the videos but thats funny if its true. I like the idea of cheaper but i still have several bottles of the amerseal in the shop so i will use that up then may try the liquid starch.
  8. You wont be disappointed. I had a new paddle that was leaking recently, put in half a bottle drove it for the weekend and it hasnt leaked yet.
  9. http://www.amerseal.com/ Recommended by Fullerton Sand sports and works amazing. pump it in, drive around for 15 min and tires sealed end of story. Cleans up easily too when you have to dismount tires or replace tires.
  10. X2. If you have good mechanical skills it is way easier than you think.
  11. I will throw all i have at it then throw money at you when it goes boom! πŸ˜‚
  12. All of it! πŸ˜‚ Iron block SBC 383 500 HP 487 trq deco case 930's. been two seasons so far and plan to pull trans out this coming winter for refresh and health check but right now all now all is good. The trans was new when i bought the car with a stock northstar and after three of those boat anchors i installed the 383 last may. I had the trans checked, nothing wrong with it, just a service and fresh gaskets and gear oil and its been in the car ever since.
  13. loboboy

    CV issues

    🍿🍿🍿 very entertaining post! ACtually some good content too. learning alot of different opinions will help some with decisions on CV's for future.
  14. loboboy

    CV issues

    Not that i am discounting the fact that 934's are a better option when you are at a point where you can make the swap but i have a full year with a 2D deco cased 930cv's Tatum car with a 500HP 485 TQ SBC 383 and at this point no issues. I check and grease the CV's every other trip and inspect for play every ride we go on. Our season in Oklahoma is year round for us so i do put some time on the car. I never dump the clutch, side step the clutch to wheelie, make sure the shifts are complete prior to letting out the clutch, never speed shift and i hope that the trans and CV's last a while but i am fully prepared that something will give at some point. Plan is for this coming winter i will pull Trans for a refresh inspection and new CV's all around. For me to do the swap to 934's properly i would have new trailing arms (1700), new rear 934 Tatum hubs (3600) axles (8-900), cv's (500-1000) So for me it makes sense to just keep spare CV's around and drive spirited but with common sense to have fun. If i want the larger Trans and axles i will sell this car and buy a different one that already has the larger drivetrain. Only you can make the determination which direction to go and if you have found someone reputable that you trust then go with what they recommend. You will definitely get a gazillion different opinions and none of them are wrong, some may be better than others but none are wrong. So do your thing and enjoy what we ALL enjoy doing and that is playing in the sand. These cars take constant upkeep and maintenance and just understand that there will always be something that needs addressed whether it be CV's, axles, Transmissions, engines ( i went through three northstars before i pulled my head out), radiators, electrical issues.

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