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  1. sandmotion

    Dash A/C in DP MH Seized - Where to go in OC

    I’ve had my service done at fleet services in Anaheim off Mira Loma Ave/Tustin. Usually treat me right and get the job done in a timely manner.
  2. sandmotion

    Border collie lab mix to good home

    Sorry to hear... that’s sad.
  3. sandmotion

    Let’s discuss Quick Release whip mounts

    Check this if you don’t want the disco stick. They have the smaller ones for quads too..... http://clickwhip.com/products/Quickwhip/index.htm http://clickwhip.com/clickwhip/index.htm
  4. sandmotion

    Border collie lab mix to good home

    Whats availability if we decide to come down from OC?
  5. sandmotion

    Border collie lab mix to good home

    You are in Pine Valley correct? Where did the wife get him? Is he fixed?
  6. sandmotion

    Shout out to Pro Seal Systems

    Wow! that looks awesome.
  7. Honda TRX450 pro armor skid plate (missing hardware). Free for fellow GD member.
  8. sandmotion

    Diesel Pusher for Sale

    Sent you a PM
  9. sandmotion

    Tried to do good and got ripped off

    Send Adam Carolla...
  10. sandmotion

    Welcome my new duning partner

    I may be interested if price was right...
  11. sandmotion

    Oregon Dunes Video

    cool video.. was up there in August. Love it up there!
  12. sandmotion

    Audition For Santa

  13. sandmotion

    2007 Suzuki LTR 450 Quad, $2800

    Sent you an email... interested.

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