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  1. forumfsq

    Ls1 and 2d

    Let me know if you would like to sell it I’m interested....
  2. forumfsq

    Ls1 and 2d

    Where did you get dual intake tube from?
  3. forumfsq

    2011 custom build rolling chassis.

    Good looking car! Glws
  4. forumfsq

    school me on the new Rams/Cummins

    So far loving my 2018 mega cab just went thru first tank. Rides super quite and nice. Went with the Laramie model fully loaded with a/c seats/ heated seats ,Navi, rear power sliding window
  5. forumfsq

    Who is ready?

    Wrapping things up this week, will be out October 5th for a shake down on the Alper stroker motor!!!!! Can’t wait
  6. forumfsq

    Before I can go to the dunes I need to...

    Have Alper install motor this weekend, tune car next week and ready to hit the Sand!
  7. Also hard to beat 5150 whips. Andy has great customer service and warranty’s everything. Super cool dude.
  8. forumfsq

    CA DMV Help

    It was the Needles DMV. That has no wait time
  9. forumfsq

    LS Headers Exhaust

  10. forumfsq

    Tires Tires Tires!

    Thanks Justin recived the tires today easy pain free!! And great price! I’ll be back for the fronts soon
  11. forumfsq

    Set of off Road tires for sandrail

    Yes still have them, yes they are 5 wide vw rims. Do you want them shipped or do you want to pick them up?
  12. forumfsq

    LS Headers Exhaust

  13. forumfsq

    Set of off Road tires for sandrail

    If you would like me to ship them probably 80 to 100 bucks. Or would you like to pick them up?
  14. forumfsq

    Set of off Road tires for sandrail

    Las Vegas but in Cali and Phoenix a lot

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