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  1. I heard that there was to be no win11 ever, just continued win10 updates. Maybe they dug Bill Gates up and he decided we need a new virus carrier?
  2. https://rumble.com/vio0xx-the-spike-protein-is-the-plague.html
  3. There's a special place in Gitmo for Pres. HousePlant , Commila, and all his Minnions..I saw yesterday that the Epa wants to ban everything with a motor that has been modified in any way.. Can't wait till Az Audit results are in..This needs to turn around..Now...
  4. What he said^^^...Works well on smaller hoses. Not so sure about 16 and above
  5. Been there done that at the dog park...
  6. Big Thumbs Up for these shifters..Get it mounted and route your cables so there is no binding and you will feel no resistance in the mechanism. It was a huge improvement over my old Hargett. Only difference is the throw is longer but you get used to that.
  7. Maybe Steve will chime in..Some of the newest batteries have built in thermal protection but the ones I got will die if you charge them when too cold. I used this heating pad and set the two batteries centered on it. Also got some closed cell foam wrap insulation from amazon and wrapped the batteries horizontally around both together. It got cold a few times this winter at my storage in Holtville and the setup worked fine.
  8. Steve and I put a setup on my new to me Warrior. Two big panels and two big lithium batteries that he had. Had to devise a heater system since the batteries will die if the temp drops too low and the system tries to charge them. Satisfied with the install. Doesn't have the juice that my old setup with 6-6v Costco batteries had but it's a smaller footprint and don't have to water the batteries all the time.
  9. Did you do Lithium Batteries?
  10. Vision X has new combo bars with amber and white light...They're pricey but I might take the Plunge.
  11. Man that sucks on so many levels..All yore stuff gone and now a battle with the ins co...Bummer
  12. Relays always confuse me even though they are simple..So is this a negative trigger scenario shown? German cars use negative trigger on everything..Maybe noise is the reason. Seems like you would switch the negative to ground it and energize..??

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