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  1. here's a link https://str8uptoytrader.com/
  2. The Verdict https://gab.com/PepeLivesMatter17/posts/107306071388384734
  3. judge kicks msnbc out of courtroom for duration of trial.. https://www.bitchute.com/video/a6wpNz9fCLC1/
  4. I'm pretty sure Steve Dose in El Cajon built the bmw v12. I remember seeing that buggy at his shop back in the day. As I recall he was quite proud of it. I think bmw's are a bit too finicky for off road.
  5. Skip ahead to 7:15 mark..May be BS But you never know https://rumble.com/vox5aj-dark-outpost-11-08-2021-gavin-newsom-pfizer-ceo-arrested.html
  6. I recall About 8 yrs ago we had pad 5 with about a dozen rigs I was the last guy out on Monday. This old timer with a nice MoHo, a stacker and AZ plates rolled in.. Nice guy..came over and asked if I was leaving since he had some rigs coming later...Told him ya in awhile...So then the firewood truck showed up...Three big stacks down the center of pad 5..Not long after about ten or twelve big rigs pulled in ..all high dollar...most with enclosed trailers or stackers..Then the Ford F450 party bus showed up and all the guys who drove in all the rigs got on the bus and left leaving just the original old guy..I asked him what was up...Said he had some friends who were going to come and go for the next several weeks...That was the end of pad 5 for that season....
  7. Wouldn't it be nice if there were some good guys monitoring the Recall as a Giant Sting Operation.. They certainly new what to look for after the 2020 fraud..Now that the Crime has been Committed, wouldn't it be nice if the indictments were unsealed and the arrests took place all the way from the city/county level right up to Newscum..Wouldn't it be nice to see that P>O>S in orange at Gitmo...Wouldn't it be nice for Justice to be served on these bholes..Just a Thought.

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