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  1. Brothers Machine in Ontario is pretty solid
  2. Is it considered a "performance " if you it's just a music video?
  3. Have you posted to Facebook ? We will be able to share it.
  4. With Extreme tires there are 3 cuts available. #1 Sportman cut ( shorter scoop) #2 Competition cut (taller scoops) Combination cut ( alternating shorter and taller scoops) which results in less scoops overall.
  5. I've spent more on less and had a blast! I think everyone should start with a simple car (VW) and learn the ropes of maintenance and duning before stepping up.
  6. I know what you mean about the visibility through the windshield. I had to remove my seat slider all together and lower both front seats to "kinda" see. I still have very limited vision when rounding a smaller bowl in the dunes. I'll be changing the some things in that area next. I also removed that vertical tube behind the A pillar because at 6'3" I had to do yoga to get in and out.
  7. If I could add to your question.... Is it 30% at ride height figured by shock travel or usable travel after limit straps are added ?
  8. I'm nominating anyone who shows up to the hill or drags etc. who has their music blaring and parks right next to 6 other people with their music blaring. We get it, you have a bunch of speakers.
  9. The ceremony was awesome! Thank you to everyone who puts this together!
  10. I would think 3/4"-1" wide wooden wheels would create indensions in the floor.
  11. I went through a very similar ordeal with John. I started to get the feeling he was hoping I would just give up my deposit and go away. I made 2 visits a week for a year until I finally got my chassis. Then I had another shop fix quit a few things that looked like something I could have done. Talented guy, dogshit work ethic.
  12. Man, I want to be one of those guys this guy is complaining about.
  13. Hit up Juggernaut, he set me up with this and it sounds really good.

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