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  1. I've stayed here before it was actually really nice especially for Blythe Hampton Inn & Suites Blythe 2011 E Donlon St, Blythe, CA 92225 (760) 921-8000 https://maps.google.com/?cid=8129540085635238287&hl=en&gl=us
  2. Personally I would switch to #1. If it isn't enough paddle for you then comp cut them and they are a lighter #2. I think #2 will be too much paddle and you will burn up belts faster. Yes my reverse paddles are trimmed on the tributes. When I bought them they came that way. I doubt they would make e much of a difference anyways
  3. Love my Blackbird/Tribute set up. I haven't tried the Seats but I have been hearing more bad stuff about them from people in the dunes running them. They come up and ask how I like my set up and they aren't too crazy about their Seats. You will love the Blackbirds/Tributes. I ran 12psi all around this trip and it was perfect in my opinion, last season I ran 10-10.5, I was told to try 12psi and much better! I honestly think #2 will be way too much paddle. I am running #1 and have full exhaust, intake, tune, BOV, and gonna upgrade to 2018 fuel pump and tune. If the 2018 upgrade is too much power for #1 I can always get them comp cut however I don't think it will be too much for #1
  4. Last trip I ran 9.5 in the fronts 10.5 in the rears and it worked well
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, I will be looking at all of them. I couldn't figure out who owns all the wind Mills in Palm springs, any one know? I can pass a 6g stick pipe test, I really enjoy stick welding pipe. I never got into Tig as I started going for foreman and running the jobs instead of expanding on welding. Probably shouldn't have done it that way but oh well. I can pass a drug test no problem and they can run any background check they want. I've had them all to get all the clearances and training I have at the nuclear plant and get actual random drug tests. Oh and from my quick looking around it's looking like I'm gonna be stuck with a long ass commute either way...good I hate traffic there
  6. Yes I'm open to any industrial site. They are we're the pay is at and what I like
  7. So I may be moving to Cali, everything is up in the air right now but it's a very good possibility. So I wanted to ask here since there are a lot of locals on the board. I don't know Cali at all so I'm looking for good places to work and pluses and minuses of the commutes, companies, anything. I have worked at Palo Verde nuclear generating station as a welder for around 6yrs, and worked there 4 more years as a laborer or whatever they would pay me to do. The last 3-4yrs I have been more of the foreman and don't weld much. I have been wanting to get into the maintenance program and do more mechanical sides of things than just weld. So that's what I have been pursuing the last 4-5yrs. Things change and I may move to Cali for a few years. So my question is what all is out there, water companies, power plants, mines, anything industrial like that. I don't want an in town job hanging steel, I want to stay at an industrial plant. My girlfriend lives in Corona and works in chino so I would be commuting from there and we would stay in that general area but "close" to her work. I know the nuclear plant in Cali got shut down, so the first place I would apply is gone. Can anyone help me with good ideas of where to look and anything they can add of ups or downs with where to work. Kind of a general question I know, but I gotta start somewhere Thanks Steven
  8. I do have the reverse paddles shaved off the tributes. I bought them that way so I can't say if it makes a difference or not. And no I would not want to trim any paddles off. It does great with the full paddles now. With how little it bogged it down before I had a good feeling doing the power adders would cure it. I was gonna all the upgrades I did anyways so
  9. I would guess I'm in the 150rwhp range. Little less or more. Right now I have a 17 with 17 tune and running the #1 cut. I was told when I got my blackbirds that #1 cut is good up to 200hp if I remember right. IMO #2 paddles would be too much, but I'm just judging off what I have. I am really happy with the set up right now and I feel the added power of the 18 upgrade and tunes will not over power the paddles. If it does I can always have them comp cut if it spins them like crazy, but I don't think it will personally
  10. So one trip down with the added power and it made a huge difference. It doesn't bog down at all anymore. Now when in the bowls or turning tight it can spin them great. Blackbirds and 31" tributes is a great set up IMO. Again, I have exhaust, intake, tune, kwi clutching and it has made a great difference
  11. I have THIS light bar on my x3 and love it. Can always use more light but I have no complaints, it gets me around glamis just fine. I'd hold off on the partical separator if you're just doing glamis. I ran the stock Donaldson all last season and it never showed sign of sand passed the filter. The stock cages are fairly strong on these(for stock) but the still fold on either side of the upper gusset plates on the windshield area. I would get a cage, light bar, and harnesses. Toys for big boys can get you a great deal on a cage and if you buy the light bar and send it to him he will make tabs for that bar. I always do that so I know it will mount up correctly. Here's my cage from him. Enjoy and be safe! Forgot to say, I haven't seen his Max cage yet, but it will probably be similar to the 2 seat one
  12. The 28 Stu's were way under sized and paddled for it. They worked well, but they were spinning like crazy. Fun to slide around and stuff, but did not work the greatest. The blackbirds bog it slightly but still worked better than the 28's. I'm sure I will be way happier with them now that I have the added power
  13. Oh and the blackbirds are wide! 15" if I remember right. I'm sure that's what bogged it down some
  14. Yes with the tributes I recommend 4wd, I am a believer in that now. The blackbird/tribute set up still let's me slide and the fronts under power do get extra bite and pull hard also. Dave...Dave recommended I keep my 28" Stu's off my rzr and comp cut them and they would be perfect for my x3. I had them on for two trips and hated them. I will A. Never have Dave comp cut tires for me again, and B. Trust Dave as the paddle guy cause he was way off on that one. He told me save my money the blackbirds won't be much better. Now with the blackbirds/31" tributes on you Max...I would say no IF you are staying with stock power. I noticed it bogging mine down a little and you have more weight than me. If you plan on doing exhaust, intake, tune then yes I bet it would handle the blackbirds very well! That's just my opinion from driving with them on my x3

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