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  1. Have you talked to Scott at Dune Land? Also what is the back spacing on your wheels? Try minimum off set with a spacer. I would not use a 7 inch rim
  2. Dune Land in Michigan is who is doing the most paddle cutting around
  3. I would use a dual. I know your on a budget so call Chad at Appletree. Ask him about the set I bought for a spare.
  4. What are your thoughts about the 3 piece front main shaft bearing that RC Trans uses?
  5. Mine has BandJ axels in it but RPB are good to. Also if I were you do 300m axles
  6. Call Dan Baudoux for ratios you will need.
  7. That does not look like a Mendi 2d case. What kind of case is that?
  8. That's a type 1 gear carrier be VERY careful even with your Subi
  9. Looks like a VW gear stack housing! Not good for a planned LS
  10. For that much money I would be thinking Funco.

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