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  1. Call Dan Baudoux for ratios you will need.
  2. That does not look like a Mendi 2d case. What kind of case is that?
  3. That's a type 1 gear carrier be VERY careful even with your Subi
  4. Looks like a VW gear stack housing! Not good for a planned LS
  5. For that much money I would be thinking Funco.
  6. That arm was made by Dan Baudoux call him 989 642 2333 or 989 529 1640 he is in Hemlock Michigan.
  7. Try eshocks.com here in Michigan. Got parts for them when I used them.
  8. Dave put it on Silver Lake sand dunes classified. Good luck.
  9. Thanks everybody got them from Kennedy last week.
  10. CBM are out of them also.
  11. Have not tried Foddrills will tomorrow. The other ones mentioned I did try and no luck.

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