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  1. Give Alba & Evo a month or two and they will have a program that will remove the speed limiter, and adjust the stock tune to maybe gain 5-7 hp. I don’t know about Kawasaki, but it used to be that both Yamaha & Suzuki used to cork their exhaust & or intake. A few small mods or reed change and those bikes would scream. Maybe this cars the same thing. Maybe a reflash & muffler and this car gains 10-15 HP? I don’t know, but get a car in Nate @ Albas hands for a week or two and he will find out. He’s found extra power in every single stock UTV ECU program.
  2. NIKAL

    It’s a bit windy

    Flew out of San Diego early this morning to Texas. When we flew over the dunes, from 25,000 ft you could see the dust & sand blowing. The Libtards need to see that no matter how much you run the dunes, Mother Nature will make it disappear quicker then you can make the tracks.
  3. I would believe you, but your some kinda photo shop guy! There is no way a Rhino can dune! Nope can’t happen!I read GD and they say unless your golfcart has 20 inches of travel and is Turbo’ed. Your not suppose to duning with it. Just admit you spent hours making those pictures. Lol!
  4. Oh No! Another duner bought a non turbo 105 hp, 1750 lbs UTV! This can’t be right!! Damn it, you have not been listening to what’s been said on GD! If it’s not Turbo’ed and under 1500 lbs it’s nothing special and you can’t run the dunes! LOL! Congrats on your new Talon! I look forward to seeing what you do to it.
  5. The building I work in has a 18,000 ft warehouse. We have a set of double doors , 3 roll up door loading docks in a pit, a loading dock roll up door at ground level, and a side door that takes you out by the dumpster. Its also a only about 10ft from a 10ft wide ground lever dock door that it open during business hours. This is also all among the same wall of the building. We got written up by the fire marshal because we had a trash can and a couple a chairs the warehouse guys use to sit in at lunch time next to the side door. We were told in a fire or earthquake that could pose a hazard to getting out of the building. Um? I don’t think I’m running out a side door to the dumpster, when I have 4, 10ft wide roll up doors and a set of double doors open. Every couple of years the inspectors need to fine something to justify that they are doing their jobs.
  6. Not sure how much of the threat the Kawasaki will be to Polaris as they are still the King of the UTV & Marketing. But another manufacture in the sport market does chip away at Polaris market share. Regarding Polaris & reducing prices, I’ve been told, by two different people in the UTV industry that that new XP Pro is not selling well. Part of the issue is you can get the Turbo S for cheaper then a XP Pro, so why buy it? Plus it sounds like the market might just not be into a $28.5K 2 seat 64 inch machine. The XP Pro might be diluting the RZR segment with so many models.
  7. If Can Am was to build their chassis from .083 & .095 like the XX is built from & double sheared all the pivots. If the Can Am came with a bigger, thicker, tire & 15 inch wheel like both the KRX & XX. The Can Am would easily gain 250 lbs.
  8. The XP Pro is 1750 lbs & Turbo S is 1780 lbs. Yes they both have way more power, but it shows that even the Polaris’s are packing on the LBS as they try to make them stronger. And Polaris still has not refined their machines like Arctic Cat & now Kawasaki look to have with full doors, with inner door panels and duel latch’s etc.. Refinement ads weight. Id like to see the new KXR with the body off to see how the chassis is built? Tube chassis, or box lower frame?
  9. What underwhelming about it? Because no turbo? Seems to meet the current market and in some areas looks better. It will be interesting to see when more independent write-ups come out about it.
  10. MSRP $20.5K Specs don’t look to bad! 2 cylinder, 4 valve 1000 cc. They don’t give the HP, but the torque is 76 ft lbs. To compare, the XP1000 N/A is 71 ft lbs. so maybe the HP is in the 110-115 range? Pretty standard for a N/A, except for the XX at 130 hp. Wheel travel is 18 front, 21 rear (I don’t know how they measured? If like Polaris, then the #’s are skewed and are not real travel #’s. 2.5 Fox duel rate shocks & Springs on all 4 corners. Tires are 31 inch Maxxis. Wheelbase is 98.8 with 68.1 width, 14.5 inches of ground clearance.
  11. Can’t tell if the front is duel rate, but the rear is duel springs. Neither the new XP Pro, X3, Talon or YXZ have enclosed beds. 10/7 we will find out more!
  12. I’m currently in the process of a complete backyard redo too. Took it down to nothing. We are building a pool, new open beam patio covers, fire pit, concrete, plants, rock & turf. Because my turf will be artificial, all my irrigation is drip systems. Yes never bury your irrigation pipes where you can’t access them later. Plus if it’s not in grass, and just for planters, I don’t like to bury very deep as I might want to access to add a new drip valve or hose bib off the main waterline. Also add 1 1/2 pipe sleeves in areas under concrete where you might want or need to add a wire, sprinkler pipe etc. later on. I’m running water & electrical all the way around the property where it could be accessed later if needed.
  13. I use allot of river rock, and play in multiple sizes. 1/4 pebble right at the base or root of plants. This helps keep the weeds down, yet still let’s the plant have room to grow. Plus it gives a nice place for your drippers. Then 5-7 inches away starting adding the bigger sizes. 3/4-1 1/2, or added some 3 inch (potato size) As far as style of river rock, I use the Arizona River Rock as it has allot of color in it. The black Mexican Beach Cobble is cool, but very expensive for river rock. If you have other areas not right up to the pool you can play other rocks off each other. Lava works great on banks, as it’s light & jagged, so it does not slide down like a smooth rock will. You can also put two different color rocks together like making a small stream bed to give some definition. Look at Palm Springs Gold, which is a crushed multi color with gold metallic in it. Kind cool! Another rock I really like and have some plans to add to my yard is Barkwood Rock. It’s on the more expensive side, but looks like bark. Go on KRC Rock website as they have pretty good pictures of each rock, dry & wet to show the colors.
  14. What DTA said is basically true in a nut shell. Robby & Todd designed the XX for Arctic Cat, which later got bought by Textron. They designed a 2 & 4 seat model, a turbo platform, 72 inch & rock crawler edition. All of these were planned to be released by Arctic Cat & Textron. Robby’s contract was a multi year deal, with royalties. Back in December Textron informed Robby that they no longer had intentions to release a 4 seat or any other versions of the XX. And the private label agreement that Textron now had with Bass Pro eliminated any royalties on those machines built for Bass Pro, as they were not Arctic Cat models. That’s when Robby & his Speed company had to sue. Not sure if that is all settled. But due to Robby’s patent control, his legal team was able to negotiate that Robby can start his own UTV manufacture and produce his version of the XX using the design & patents he holds on the XX platform. Thus Speed UTV was born. There are still of a lot of unanswered questions or contradicting answers, but this is all still so new and was only formed months ago. They have been fast tracking the two prototype builds of the 4 seaters you saw, plus trying to line up manufacturing & assembly. This is all been done in less then 6-7 months. Was also told the Speed UTV while will look very similar to the XX , it will have some cosmetic changes to make it different. Expect the hood to be wider to be more proportioned to the 72 & 77 widths. And a bit larger grill to allow more cooling for the big hp engine. This sounds like where most of the cosmetic changes would be. The goal was to have enough established to be able to release the new Speed UTV brand at the Sand Show. The Sand Show dictated the time line to announce all this. And it worked they have deposits for more then 100 cars, which will not be released until October of 2020. The 250 cars released in October of 2020 will be 2021 models, and the only production units for that model year. All other production units will be 2022 and the plan is to build 4000 units . If the 2021 units show successes with limited issues, and if there’s more demand, who knows but maybe more then 4,000 will be made for 2022. Todd Romano who it sounds like will really be running and overseeing the day to day operation of Speed UTV has a realistic goal of building 10,000 units a year. While Robby shoots for the moon and back with goals of dominating the SXS market and Polaris & Can Am. As Todd said we are building & catering to the West Coast desert market. While guys on the East Coast are going to like and buy the Speed UTV, it’s size will not be ideal for most on the East Coast. Also note Polaris and others sell more Ranger style utility UTV’s then performance machines. With Speed UTV only selling a performance machine, the goal is to be a big player in that market, but ultimately know their position in the overall market. Its unfortunate that Textron management and their new UTV div management do not understand the market they bought into. They do not understand what the SXS market wants and is asking for. They made it very clear the market does not show that a 4 seat model was warranted. Same with a turbo model. The XX had been the best selling Arctic Cat product for 2 years. Not a single other Arctic Cat product even sold half the units that the XX sold. Yet Textron has chosen to eliminate several UTV & quad models, but also kept a bunch of underperforming units. Not sure if this is true, but many units that were branded under the Textron Off Road brand were from the Bad Boy Buggy brand that Textron bought several years ago. That was their weak attempt to get into the UTV market. And for some reason some of those models have continued on, while models like the original WildcatX trail got eliminated.
  15. In Robby’s case the pin was still there and the clip was removed or forgot to be put in. Then the hitch pin worked it’s way out. As far as safety chains, if this is the trailer I’m thinking it is. It had cables not chains. I don't see either in the pictures. Several years back at Cali Speedway infield. We were getting ready to hook up and pull the trailer home and my Brother in Law noticed his pin & clip were taken and a stick was shoved in the receiver. Did not notice until we were putting the load bars on. His truck sat in the back overnight parking lot for all 4 days we were there. Clearly someone took the pin and shoved a stick in its place. They were hoping to hear about an accident on the news. Luckily another guy we knew had a pin & clip in his RV that he could give us. So the idea that someone stole the hitch Clip from one of RG’s highly marked up Speed Energy Chase trucks is very possible. It’s also very possible someone accidentally forgot to put the clip in., and they made it all the way from Anaheim to Otay before it came out. But you not going that far without the whole pin. I use loop clip pins to lock the trailer ball latch and on my trailer gate, and have left them on the bumper or fender and drove off. So it’s conceivable that too could have happened.

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