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  1. I have a TFBB cage and Kevin is great to work with. His standard cages are Mild Steel, but you can upgrade to DOM or Chromolly if you choose. I did mind in .095 1 3/4 DOM and have been very happy. Even had a slow 3/4 roll over and not a single issue with his cage or doors. I built two sister cars, both have Kevin’s cages, neither have any issues. And at the last Sand Show my friend was shopping for parts for his new XP4 turbo and after looking and speaking with all the cage guys, he ordered a TFBB cage. Kevin built it just as he asked and his was done with Mild Steel. I preferred DOM, but don’t let Mild Steel freak you out. Even .095 mild is 10X better then what came stock. Most cage guys build with Mild Steel anyways. And the week point is not necessarily the bolting connections. It’s just below them where you back to the thin wall chassis tubing. BTW I think the Ivan Stewart cages might be private label CageWerx cages that they just weld up. So if you like the look of their cage, check CageWerx as I believe it’s the same.
  2. Robby made it clear his relationship with Arctic Cat is over. Part of his settlement was being able to take his patents, & designs and build his own 72/77 inch, turbo powered in 2 & 4 seat configuration. I would not expect any parts to come from the Arctic Cat manufacture. Robby’s car will have its own chassis, engine, gearbox, clutching, front dif, etc.. even the body will look a bit different. Todd told me the hood area will be wider to fit the 72/77 width, larger grill opening for more cooling. If Robby decides to outsource to 3rd party vendors like Team Ind for drivetrain, clutching then you will have better support outside SpeedUTV .. When Robby made his announcement, He was confident at the time he would build his own Z1 engine. His own drivetrain etc.. SpeedUTV was even trying to hire a Powertrain engineer from another manufacture. He even said he was not sure if they would source King for the shocks or build their own. He’s built his own race shocks for years, so that’s not a stretch, but sure could be a parts problem for the consumer or for shock tuners. It all goes back to how much does Robby choose to build in-house with his contracted manufacturing facility, or outsource to reputable UTV part suppliers. If you look at the Arctic Cat XX, on paper it looks great as Arctic Cat designed and produced a rolling chassis, and outsourced the engine to Yamaha & drivetrain to Team Ind. Both proven companies . This would be the best thing Robby could do. Design the ultimate, chassis & suspension and let the other 3rd party vendors supply the engine & drivetrain. It would take allot off the shoulders of SpeedUTV and give more insurance to the consumer. Todd Romano did not even know if they built their own engine, if they could get it CARB compliant in the Oct 2020 timeframe they have. I’ve been told it can take years to get certified. And then add the “Hell Cat” key and it’s almost for sure it would not be CARB certified. You would have to Red Sticker register.
  3. Robby will build these. No doubt about it. But I also know there will be teething issues with the first release. He knows it and that’s why they are selling the first 500 units as cheap as they are. You are signing up to be the R&D dept. One of my bigger concerns and why have not put my money down is there is no dealer support, no parts supply chain in development. So when a part breaks, you will have to go back to Robby, and hope they can order one from the factory in China as they will not have parts stock. Then you might wait months as the factory might have two production lines going. One for vehicle assembly, which is first priority., And one for replacement parts stock. This is the same issues Tesla is dealing with. They are not making replacement parts, as they can’t afford the inventory and do not want to pull from the production line. So when you need a part, it’s ordered and added to the production line parts list. So that’s why it takes 13 weeks to get Tesla parts for a simple bumper or fender bender. Plus Robby has already bullied the aftermarket world with his patents on the XX. So I highly doubt he is going to support the aftermarket industry with the SpeedSXS. This also means lack of aftermarket replacement parts like a cv, cv boot, gaskets, bearings etc..
  4. I think people leave notes or knock on doors for different reasons. Many are flippers, low buck whores and some are just looking for a specific vehicle. If they see one that looks to be parked for along time, or if the see the owner they might ask about it. I have a few experiences. Back in the late 90’s a friend saw a VW type 3 sitting in a driveway covered up. He knocked on the door and found out it was their daughters, and she was away at collage. A week later they sold it too him. It was cool as after a year or so of fixing it all up he brought it back to show them. Several years ago I was looking for a used 5x8 or 6x10 landscape type trailer. I had seen one at a house and knew the guy has used it for his remodel & landscaping. His house was done and the trailer was parked on his side yard. I asked him if he was interested in selling it as I was doing the same landscape thing. He was not sure at the time if he wanted to sell it. I left my number if he decided to sell it. A few months later it was gone. By chance I saw him outside and I stopped to see if he had it or sold it. He said he sold it, but lost my number, so he put in on Craigslist and sold it after a few days. He thought I might have saw the ad and come back. Then this past year I have found myself interested in the 70’s-80’s full size Jeep Wagoneer. Saw one parked at the Los Coaches Walmart/Smart & Final parking lot. I was checking it out when the guy came out of the store. He was probably in his 70’s. Nice guy, we talked all about it. I eventually asked if he ever had interest in selling it? He said he had no plans to sell. If he would have showed any interest I would have offered my number.
  5. NIKAL

    RC Cars

    Pretty much anything Traxxas is going to be good, and parts are available at your local hobby shop. Robby Gordon has his own RC cars coming out before Christmas. It was said they were going to be 1/14 scale, all wheel drive, based off his Stadium Super Trucks. No idea of the price, maybe $199-$250? https://speedrccars.com/ Check Robby’s Instagram as he has pictures & video of the trucks.
  6. Any upholstery shop should be able to spray glue on some material. I’m in San Diego and a local shop got me got some silver carbon fiber vinyl that matched my seats and did the roof on my UTV. Cost around $85 bucks. If they can’t spray glue and lay down some vinyl they should not be in business. Resurrection Upholstery on Greenfield in El Cajon. I’ve used him for lots of random stuff besides upholstery, like making me a custom Y strap for my UTV spare tire.
  7. Is it me or are we seeing another round of desert thieves? Maybe it’s because of the affordable UTV, maybe because the desert is more available to the masses? Maybe it’s because the economy is good? Whatever it is I’m reading more & more about broke down cars getting stripped in the dunes, or camp thieves jacking you while you sleep. One of my friends was out the weekend before Camp RZR. Woke up to hearing noises in camp. Got up to check and found a guy rummaging through the groups camp. Coolers, tool boxes, buggy's etc. when he called him out the guy turned on the dazed & confused lost camper BS. Saying I thought this was his camp. He then took off into the dark. He then heard a pick up truck parked away from camp start and haul ass! Just saw on Instagram. 3 UTV’s stripped, I assume this was during Camp RZR?
  8. Saw him at the Sand Show. Do we know what happened? Was he sick?
  9. I would call a local reputable exhaust shop and let them see if there is an Aftermarket CARB compliant Cat for your model XC90 Volvo. I can’t imagine an 06 only option is Dealer? But maybe it is? Maybe they did not sell enough of that model for the aftermarket industry to want to build and get CARB cert. If you can’t get help where you are at, call Ed Hanson’s Muffler in Spring Valley. 619-698-7030. They are really knowledgeable and helpful. They might be able to get you information that you could then take to your local shop. Or maybe if they can help you, it might be worth the drive!
  10. A couple of years ago I was in the same situation with my Chevy Silverado. Everyone including the dealer was really expensive as the two cats are part of a Y pipe. It was around $1800 with a 1 year warranty. I then called Ed Hanson Muffler in Spring Valley as he had done some custom stuff for me in the past, and does tons of custom & hot rod stuff. He carries two brands of aftermarket/factory replacement cats. One was Magnaflow and I don’t remember the other brand, but they made many of the OEM cats. Hanson’s was able to get me two cats, cut & weld in place for around $500. Took less then an hour to install and comes with a 8 year warranty as Ed Hanson's is a CARB certified shop. They file the warranty and keep a copy on file as per CARB & manufacture requirements. If I bought the cats and installed myself, it was a 6 month warranty if I’m remembering correctly? Your Volvo is definitely worth keeping. I’m sure at times I’ve spent more money on my truck then it’s worth? But to me blue book is only a number. I look at replacement cost. I new transmission is only 3-4 months worth of new car payments. I replaced the Cats for less then 1 months payment on a new truck.
  11. NIKAL

    Patio Cover

    Look at Four Seasons brand patio covers. I did quite a bit of research a couple of years ago, Four Seasons used better thicker material standard, better primer & powder coat then the other brands, and gives a transferable lifetime warranty on their products. When I was putting a cover on one of my rentals, I got several quotes. One claimed to build their own kits (BS!) but they claimed and compared theirs to Four Seasons. Then another cover company sold both Alumawood and Four Seasons. Four Seasons was more money as they considered it the premium cover. Then I called Aluminum City. The owner Red came out, he talks a little rough, but is a no BS guy. He only uses Four Seasons as he’s been doing this for 30 years. He Started with Mobil home car ports. Most companies quotes are for white, colors are more. With Aluminum City he did not care what color I chose, it was the same price. Same with the beam ends. No price difference for beam ends. He laughed when I asked about color. He said it cost the same on his end from the suppliers. The other guys mark it up claiming colors cost them more. Also I wanted a two beam, 18 ft spread so you don’t have a beam right in the middle of your visual site. Again Four Seasons header was thick enough to handle the load and Red did not have an up charge for it. One other quote said I needed a third post, the other said he could do it, but the header was more money as he had to order a special thicker header. BTW I got chocolate brown and I have zero fade or chalking 2 years in. Im currently doing a complete backyard build on my house. We will have two patios. Ones a large wood open beam tied into the main house roof line. The other will be the Four Seasons pergola style . https://www.fourseasonssunrooms.com/patio_covers.html
  12. I’m convinced Polaris has become a marketing company that just happens to sell UTV’s.
  13. Totally aware Team builds the clutches. About 90 % of the Polaris parts are from 3rd party manufactures. Including Hisun in China. Like mentioned it does not matter who builds it, the fact is Polaris either design or assisted in the engineering of the part. And it’s their responsibility to oversee quality control. If it’s a bad batch of primary’s due to casting or design it falls on Polaris to fix with the supplier. The bigger issue is the fact that Polaris has not released a sport SXS since the RZR 800 that has not had multiple recalls. Some minor, many major. Allot are Stop Ride Recalls. Some only weeks after release. Where’s the testing & quality control? But in Polaris style, they will distract you with another Camp RZR, fireworks or freestyle show! BTW Polaris just last week released a Stop Sale & Stop Ride Recall on the 2018-2020 RZR Ranger model as the fuel line can be struck and damaged when a belt fails and pieces exit the exhaust belt duct. This can result in a fire.
  14. Got to love the new XP Pro clutches! So how long until a Stop Ride Recall is announced? Does Polaris actually test what they sell, or are they still following the theory of build it and let the consumer do the R&D? It’s said that they explode under high RPM. It’s believed there’s an issue in the castings as spider cracks start forming and then they come apart. These pictures are of two different XP Pro clutches. In one case it was said the engine case was damaged also.
  15. Give Alba & Evo a month or two and they will have a program that will remove the speed limiter, and adjust the stock tune to maybe gain 5-7 hp. I don’t know about Kawasaki, but it used to be that both Yamaha & Suzuki used to cork their exhaust & or intake. A few small mods or reed change and those bikes would scream. Maybe this cars the same thing. Maybe a reflash & muffler and this car gains 10-15 HP? I don’t know, but get a car in Nate @ Albas hands for a week or two and he will find out. He’s found extra power in every single stock UTV ECU program.

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