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  1. I have zero experience with Coyne, but I feel the same way about Motoworld as you do about Coyne. “F” those guys. I’d spend a few hundred more somewhere else then to give MW my business. As far as my backyard. Your right, it will be long done before Arctic Cat releases a XX4. And your probably right that the new Pro 4 will probably be the best available option when I’m ready for something new. I’ll give them a model year to work the recalls out!
  2. On the way back from the river yesterday. We stopped at the Habit in El Centro next door to Coyne Motorsports. After eating I walked around Coyne and in the back they had a sea of Turbo S’s. The sales guy was telling us that Coyne bought a crap load of Turbo S Velocity 4 seaters and are blowing them out. Guessing the inventory is also for the SSSS. They were knocking $4500 of the price, and Polaris is offering a $3000 rebate, so $7500 off. It put it at the same price as the XP Turbo 4! It was tempting to talk some more, but my wife reminded me of the huge backyard build we are getting ready to start. So I climbed up into the motorhome and rode off into the sun thinking about it! Also while there I kept sitting in the WildcatXX. I really like that car. If Arctic Cat decides to release the XX4, I might put up more of a fight to buy one! The Talon was also a comfortable machine to sit in.
  3. So this is strange! Today heading to the river, eastbound on I8 by Gordon’s. We see on the North side of the hwy & canal a RZR high centered on a small dune. Then we could just see the roof of another RZR on the back side of the dune, which was either trying to help or maybe stuck in a witches eye himself, thus why the other guy stopped & high centered? Either way it was a 105 degrees at 11:30am and the one guy we could see was dressed in all black. WTF? What the heck are you doing in the desert in Aug, in 105 degree temps, wearing all black and stuck on a dune? BTW the river is great!
  4. FBT, if your disabled and have major back issues, I would highly suggest you find a new hobby. It’s not worth the rest of your life in pain for a few hours or days of fun. Ive watched my step father go from running two miles a day, riding his dirt bikes & Indian motorcycles, working on his Vetts & T-birds to having a harder time walking and struggle with standing still & balancing without holding on to something. He still rides the Indians once a week, and plays more music now. So he has his hobby’s, just some others had to be retired. Good luck on your decision and take care of the only body you have!
  5. Trying to keep this positive, as we hear so much about what we don’t like. So what items or designs do you like about each performance UTV model? New Polaris XP Pro Extended WB to 96 inches. Wider, more ergonomic passenger compartment. Telescoping steering wheel. (Very cool) Water cooled head & turbo. New Rebuildable CVT clutches Bed will fit a 30 inch tire. 12 gal fuel tank. (Nice!) Led lighting & plug & play ports. Polaris Xp1000 4 Best 4 seat platform currently available. Best 4 seat WB (117) Can Am X3 First UTV with a full tube chassis. First to have a real ergonomic driver’s compartment with gauges in front of the driver. 102 in Wb, (Perfect 2 seat WB IMO) Reliable Rotax power. Lots of power out of 900 cc engine. Could easily get 200+ hp if bumped to 1000 cc’s. Also, very quiet. LED lighting Yamaha YXZ Sequential 5 speed shiftable transmission. Radiator in the back. Full doors. Suspension design dominates in short course racing. Honda Talon 6 speed Duel Clutch transmission Intelligent 4 wheel drive system Arctic Cat Wildcat XX Front steering with Aluminum spindle mount. Front shock mounted on lower unequal a-arms & hiem joints not ball joints. Rear boxed trailing arm design with hiem pivot Same sized brakes, hubs & bearings on all 4 corners. All suspension points are double shear mounted Best suspension geometry available for a UTV. Strongest factory cage of all UTV’s on the market. Same size 30 inch tire & KMC wheels standard on all 4 corners. Removable bed for engine/trans access. Full doors finished with inner door panels and exterior door handles that open automotive style. Fits a 32 inch tire in the bed, with built in tire mount. Engine mounted from top, not bottom of chassis. Real Alternator system on top of stator Quick clip CVT cover Clean simple dash layout with tons of room for accessories. Also offers pre-wired plug & play terminals for Accessories.
  6. Ok so here’s the big question! How soon do we see the first Recall, or Stop/Ride Recall? And for what?
  7. I don’t know anyone talking crap that it only has 16/18 inches of travel, but I agree too many people get all caught up in travel #’s. And that’s why Polaris feels they need to make up some bulls#it way to measure wheel travel that gives them bigger #’s. Their measurements would give a Trophy Truck 50+ inches and my 1600 car 24 inches! I’d rather have good geometry & a tuned 18 inches of travel then 22 inches that does not work and beats you up.
  8. The main reason I’ve kept hopes alive for the WildcatXX is the fact I was told that Textron cleaned house with upper management, brought in a new Pres & VP to get things back on track. Part of that process was to hold off on releasing any more models, drop models that are not selling or are duplicates of what they already have. Remember Textron bought Arctic Cat, Bad Boy EZ GO & Cushman. Then rolled them into Textron Specialty Vehicles. Then I was told they were having to fix the dealer network as most dealers were stuck with old units they could not give away and losing money. And while the Bass Pro deal was strong for Textron, it did not help the independent dealers. Then Todd Romano told me he was still hopeful as Textrons new management wants to be in the recreational market, and sees the XX as a strong vehicle, and with the XX4 and other versions of the XX already designed & developed. But they need to get the organization restructured first. Then right next door to Arctic Cat is Digi Key, whom is a electronic component distributor. They carry a few product lines that the company I work for makes. Two of our engineer & sales guys were visiting Digi Key and had a quick meet & great with some engineers at Arctic Cat. (We developed and sell a part to BRP & Polaris for the Electric start system on the snow sleds.) Now Arctic Cat is interested in designing their version of the same system. So it sounds like the green light to start new product development and production is in the future. My guys did not get the impression that Arctic Cat was on the ropes or in process of liquidating. They even showed them the XX, as neither guys had seen one before. Trust me I told them about how Textron does not know how to run Arctic Cat and has an awesome machine, but does not know how to sell it. I could see Textron trying to split with RG as I believe his deal hurts Arctic Cat & the XX with his strangle hold. But his contract has to be coming to and end? Did you notice his name is no longer on the new XX models? Also a guy I met last year is a specialist on the Weber engine, which Textron owns. He helped with getting the Weber engine in the Arctic Cat Havoc. In a round about way he commented on the fact that’s its perfect replacement engine for the XX once the Yamaha contract is up. And it makes sense that Textron would want to put their own brand engine in their flagship cars. The Havoc engine is very detuned and could be a good engine. He said there is another engine that was in development, that could be reduced to 1000cc, add a turbo and it would be an awesome engine for a UTV. Lots of power & torque. It was developed for marine use, so it was designed for hash environments. So these are reasons I’m hopeful they will get back on track and release new models. But who knows I could be waiting for a Ghost machine!!
  9. I agree the brakes are good on the XP, but when the S came out, they noted the better improved braking for the bigger tires & wheels. So I was expecting to read that they upgraded the brakes. Plus I was hoping to see them try to fix some of the geometry issues the RZR has. Yes the rebuildable clutches and to be able to shim them for alignment was cool. Overall id give the improvements a B grade. I’m sure the look of it will grow on me. I’m still disappointed that Arctic Cat has chosen to not release (for the time being) the XX4. That was something I was looking forward to seeing and could have been my next purchase. Still have the new Kawi in October, so more options are coming!
  10. From what I have watched & read, they improved many areas, I mean took ideas from Can Am & Arctic Cat and put them on the RZR. Like Longer wheel base, full tubbed chassis, removable bed liner to full access the engine. Better clutch cover, Better cockpit ergonomics, Better seat adjustment. A few take aways, nothing seems to be improved with the actual suspension or geometry. Standard XP brakes, same front dif/trans. Nothing specially noted about cooling system, except for a coolant line from the new head to overflow tank. New retractable seatbelts look like a waste of time and still need to be trashed. New Seats? Im betting most still replace them. Cool idea is the telescoping steering wheel. Big props for that! 12 gal fuel tank is a huge plus! It’s about time! I’d love to see 15 gal though. But that’s just me. New role cage is now 2 inch but same thin wall thickness. No diagonal or triangulation at all. With the rake of the A pillar I suspect it will fold back & collapses in a good roll over. Surprised they hyped up the room for a 30 inch spare tire on the bed rail, when everyone is going bigger to 32 & 33 inches. And my biggest issue with Polaris is the constant manipulation of the facts & specs. In my opinion it’s almost fraud. They claim wheel travel #’s as “Usable Travel” which is not real wheel travel. It’s a made up # to make it sound better then the competition. If you read the fine print they will tell you the real wheel travel to keep them from being fraudulent. Example is the XP1000 they claim 20/20 inches of Usable Travel, but in the specs they will say 16/18 of Wheel travel. That’s not close to 20! The new Pro they claim 22 inches. How Polaris measures wheel travel is the car at full droop, bottom of skid plate to the ground. Pretty much a lie!
  11. We finished up a week of the Soap Box Derby Championship at Derby Downs in Akron Ohio. Unfortunately in the Championship race yesterday we got knocked out early. In a single run eliminations my daughter lost by .068 of a second. Her car was fast, we had a good lane, but just a small mistake top track cost her the win in the heat. But she’s had fun with a week full of fun & racing. Now we pack up and head home.
  12. I check the basics before each trip on the RV & trailer. Oil, water, trans, tires. After I’m pulled out of the drive and all hooked up, I turn on the lights and walk around, also making sure the trailer brake lights work. Then every time we leave camp to come home I check all the tires. Did not happen to me, but another in our group had a class C, he checked his tires and found his inner duel had picked up a screw or nail and only had 20-25 lbs in it. I’m sure that would have blown if he tried to drive home on it. Easier to change it at camp with friends vs on the highway by himself.
  13. This is one “Barn” as they call it. It’s a warehouse were are cars are stored & impounded after a full Sunday of prep & inspection. They have two buildings just to store the cars in. Hard to tell but there are 4 rows of cars. Retired World Champ Cars are hung on the walls.
  14. Flew out from San Diego to Akron Ohio. We’re are here for the Soap Box Derby Championships. It’s a 8 day event. The Indy 500 / Super Bowl of Soap Box Derby. Akron is the birthplace and were this event is held each year. This is our first year and my daughter is here as the Local Champion from Alpine Ca. Ive raced Score & BITD and this place is intense! The family’s that race in the Rally div and travel all over are 100% dedicated. We have met so many 4th generation family’s it’s crazy. More crazy is the family that comes from Japan. Who knew! We had no idea what we got into! Lol! Don’t even ask what it cost just to crate & ship the car here weeks ago!! Lol! Only Local or Rally Champions get invited to this event. There are a total of 383 entry’s here this year.
  15. NIKAL

    3d Lambo

    The welds on the chassis and metal parts is a bit scary. But it’s pretty cool to see them building a 3D plastic body.

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