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  1. NIKAL

    Honda Talon

    Just to clarify some facts. Regarding weight and the Honda at 1459 lbs being called heavy. The Yamaha is 1565 lbs wet, with an estimated 115 hp. The Polaris XP1000 N/A is 1369 lbs dry with 110 hp, The WildcatXX is 1816 lbs with 130 hp. Just for reference the base model X3 is 1486 lbs with 120 hp. The RZR is by far the lightest, but it also has the most light duty parts that get switched out for heavier stronger parts. Cages, bumpers, full doors or inserts, radius rods etc.. And regarding running the Baja 500 or 1000 on the same belt? I do not know of a team that has done that. I do know many who have not broke a belt at the 500 or 1000. But that’s because all the teams I know changed the belt at least once, typically at driver change pits. They can do it in the time it takes to fuel, change drivers and change out rear tires. One of the top teams at the last 1000 changed 3 belts, each at a planned fueling pit.
  2. NIKAL

    RV repair shops in San Diego

    Final update; I went to pick up my RV and Barney went over what they did. Everything looked great! I can’t say enough about Barney, his wife Tori and there is a young kid Barney took under his wing to teach the trade . Very respectful kid. One item he did not fix that he found during the initial walk around, was my entry door hinge. He said he got the new hinge, but after looking at the door, the two hinges I had replaced a couple of years ago we’re already doing the same thing. So he called the manufacture and complained. Well they admitted the hinge flaws and said they designed a brand new hinge that integrates all four hinges into one bar, keeping them square. Plus they now use a stainless pin and brass bushing. Barney persuaded them to send a new kit free of charge, and Barney offered to install for free. He said I don’t think it’s fair you should have to pay for this twice. But I told him he did not replace the first set of hinges. He said that’s OK, it should not take more then an hour, plus I’ll be his Ginny Pig, as he suspects more will be wanting this new door hinge. So they will call me when the part comes in. I cant say enough about how honest they have been, and how Barney has gone out of his way to take care of me, and I’m a first time customer. Not some long time loyal customer (I am now!) If your in the East County and need RV repair, I highly suggest Discount RV Center.
  3. Well the Bass Pro Tracker line seems to already be showing benefits! The XX is called the XTR1000. WildcatXX MSRP 21,900 Tracker XTR1000 MSRP 17,999 http://www.trackeroffroad.com/side-by-side/tracker-xtr1000.html?fbclid=IwAR3Yz6YuWSR7KkO7TjlhnAMlbJ4E4fGiBkyRvivBwY6fFdhH-EX1EIXwmyU Just noticed the Tracker version gives you a 18 month warranty vs Arctic Cat gives you 6 months for the XX. That’s 3 times the warranty. Reminds me of how Costco doubles the manufacture warranty on electronics.
  4. Arctic Cat has already been sold in Bass Pro shops for years. What’s different is branding under the Tracker name. And partnering with Bass Pro under the Tracker name in the Bass Pro shops is s good thing for Arctic Cat in my mind. Polaris is huge, and probably would not make a deal like that to brand their vehicles under someone else’s name brand. But Arctic Cat is smaller in the UTV market. Doing this opens up a huge dealer network for Arctic Cat customers. It also helps keep the Arctic Cats production line open, as now they have signed contracts to build more units. There will still be Arctic Cat branded UTV’s. But now you will also have the option to buy a Arctic Cat branded Tracker through Bass Pro or Cabela’s.
  5. Here is a list of 2018’s Arctic Cats Mars is trying to sell. Like he said he has to blow out the models he can’t sell. Also visit our new Mars Powersports Website for Performance Off Road UTV’s/Side by Sides, Utility/Recreational Vehicles & More! THE CAT IS BACK SUPER SALE! ’18 Wildcat Trail XT: MSRP: $12,497 — NOW!: $9,974 ’18 Wildcat 4X LTD: MSRP: $18,999 — NOW!: $14,466 ’18 Havoc X: MSRP: $17,299 — NOW!: $13,940 ’18 Wildcat Sport LTD: MSRP: $15,999 — NOW!: $12,914 ’18 Stampede 4: MSRP: $15,199 — NOW!: $11,435
  6. I was told by a Huntington Beach Textron dealer who I met at the Sand Show. He said one of the biggest problems he has as a deaker is the Textron/ Arctic Cat policies to be a dealer. No matter what region your in, you must carry one of each model in stock. On the West Coast the only two models that he sells are the XX & new Havoc. Once in awhile he might sell a original Wildcat X 4 seat. But he has to have trail and utility models on hand. Then come year end he has to sell that year’s models at a costs just to dump them. And then order the next years model. The other issue he said he’s had is he could sell more XX’s during desert season, but Textron had them backordered, due dealers on the East Coast getting them first. But they are not selling on the East Coast in the winter. He said from a consumer side you will not see the sales or negotiating deals like you would on a Polaris, because the dealer network is so small and inventory is low, so sticker price or a few hundred off is probably the best you will find. This too will make some buy another brand if they see they can get a RZR for $2K off making it $2-3K cheaper then a XX.
  7. NIKAL

    RV repair shops in San Diego

    So today I took my Motorhome to Discount RV Center. Barney the owner came out and we went over everything I needed and wanted to fix. I was impressed, as he spent a good 30-40 min going over and looking everything over. He even talked me out of a few “Upgrades” I was considering, telling me it would cost more then it’s worth. One of the day/night shade cords was messed up from the recliner hitting it and I wanted to replace it. He said let me have my wife get you the manufacture name & info. He said it would be cheaper for me to order it and just replace it, vs paying him to do it. So far I’m very impressed with this family run RV shop. Barney seemed very knowledgeable about my Fleetwood Southwind. A couple of issues I’d had in the past, he asked me if I’d had them and even offered advice on a few issues that could come up. So the plan is to reseal the whole roof, including pulling the AC’s and putting new gaskets in, new fridge vent cover, replacing all the clearance lights (upgrade to LED) and he showed me one of my door hinges was messed up, I’d already replaced 2 of the 4. He said I’m pretty sure I have them in stock, so I’ll fix that too. As far as the stain of the headliner, he said again he could replace it, but it would never match the rest of the coach. He said before spending money going that route, try peroxide to lighten it. He said it should get 80% of the stain out. If that does not work well enough, then we will talk about replacement. I should have it done and back by Wednesday evening. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  8. NIKAL


  9. NIKAL


    Sale Pending for both seats.
  10. NIKAL


  11. NIKAL

    Whole house fan.

    This weekend is the Home & Garden show at thr Del Mar Fair Grounds. The last show we went to there was 5 or 6 whole house fan companies there. This is one of the bigger shows, so I’d expect as many if not more there. They had had some pretty good deals last time. Plus it’s a good chance to compare the different brands in one place.
  12. I have used Philip Thearles in Santee. They deal with all insurance companies. They do top notch work, and have all the latest equipment. They started out as being the shop all the high end manufactures used. They have been Aluminum body certified with BMW since early 2000’s. I believe their one of the few shops that are authorized to repair Tesla’s. Check out the pictures of their shop on the website. It’s not like your typical body shop. https://www.ptautowerks.com
  13. I found out over the weekend that the show was a live online dealer show, and not in Vegas, as the schedule said it would be. It also was only for the Snow Sled dealers. I guess they did release a bunch of new sleds, and a new 168 hp twin cylinder 2 stoke engine?? So I called Textron Specialty Vehicles today and they confirmed that dealer show this weekend was only scheduled to be for Sleds. But there is another show on March 8-9th that looks to be a bigger dealer show, whatever that means?? The only other machines Arctic Cat sells are ATV’s & UTV’s. So maybe that show will be it? The XX4 does exist, as this picture was taken at the Arctic Cat test facility in MN a few weeks back. Plus a guy on the Wildcat forums said he saw it in Glamis last season and the engineers were not hiding it.
  14. NIKAL

    RV repair shops in San Diego

    Update. I called RV Trailer Supply to see if they expanded their service side. They told me they are still only doing minor service. After telling them what I’m looking to get done, they referred me to Discount RV Center in Lakeside. I called and after telling them what I wanted to get done, they said no problem. One of the items I wanted them to look at he said “Let me save you some money and tell you how to fix it.” I thought that was pretty cool! I have a March 4th appt, I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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