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  1. Hey Mike, yeah, on the way home from vets weekend we really planted the thought in our heads. didn't take long to pull trigger after that. hitting Ocotillo Saturday to finish break in.
  2. I'd like to see it if still available. Can you email me contact info at ian@coleyconstruction.com...thanks. I'm not on here much.
  3. Glad to see you got a new toy...lemme know when you head out....
  4. Ive got a transit 250 with utility bed on the back, best purchase ever. I'm blaming Bobby for that one too
  5. just remember that refinishing just makes the outside pretty, if the tub was installed without a bed of mortar underneath it, it will flex and it will fail. I've done hundreds of sterling brand tub/shower replacements, most of the time I can get you out the door for under $2k for new unit, drain, valve, drywall repaired and painted, done in 2-3 days
  6. I do interior remodeling and specialize in kitchens and baths so demo days include lots of broken tile, nails, etc. did a year with Georgia Boots and they were good, just bought a pair of red wings about 2 months ago and now that they are broken in they are awesome, granted at $250 a pair they should be...lol
  7. that's cool, can see me in the background of the bottom pic.
  8. we're in Wash 16, saw 2 cars hauling ass with lights/sirens down wash rd about 5:30 then saw lights in the dunes headed west. about an hour and a half later we saw car/van/car headed down wash rd. little bit later saw lights coming out of the dunes back into the wash, then van and cars headed back out via wash rd. RIP duner...so sad.
  9. I am currently looking for a remodel technician for kitchen and bath remodels over san diego county. I am a full service contractor that does the demo, framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, cabinetry, etc. Experienced or not. I can train if needed. Must have own transportation and tools. I can loan some for a while. Please send questions, info and/or resume to ian@coleyconstruction.com Thank you
  10. from what I have been reading, it seems that it is very easy to add 100hp and torque with a couple simple things.
  11. I know most are just bolt on type upgrades, but Ive been shopping around and there are a million different exhausts and programmers and intakes and I don't know which ones are better than others or if they are all the exact same. there are different places saying go with a 3" exhaust and others are all about a 2.5" then some eliminate the resonator and others don't...I just want to take it somewhere, give them my money and they make it all bitchen...ya know?
  12. Hey all, Im retiring my 2011 F150 with the 3.5L Ecoboost as a work truck and am going to set it up to tow my 23' toyhauler trailer and for personal driving. About the truck.... 2011 F150 3.5L Ecoboost motor 110,000 miles 2wd lifted the front 2" and am running about 33" tires (don't want to lift it any more) just put a snugtop shell on it for the dogs to ride in the back to the desert. Upgrades...pretty much in order Air bags with tank and fill station, remote inflate/deflate switch, psi guage guage pod on A pillar with psi for bags, and ??? (boost? tranny temp? what do I need) Air intake Exhaust Programmer LED light bar above windshield throttle body spacer. and whatever else I have $$$ for. Now the kicker, I can install the stuff myself BUT I want to get all the performance stuff installed that actually works together, then get it tuned and dialed in. I want to stay away from places like ORW, etc because they just bolt shit on and I can do that, I want to just drop it off and then pick it up a few days later all dialed in and ready to go. Any idea on where to take it? would prefer to stay in the San Diego area, but will travel for the right shop and price. Thanks
  13. Screamin Ian


    would love to do something like that to mine...

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