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  1. LoosNut


  2. LoosNut

    Truck Pictures

    Nite rides are FUN
  3. LoosNut

    Truck Pictures

    A few Club members
  4. LoosNut

    Well Here It ....newbi First Buggy

    How does it handle???? I like it
  5. LoosNut

    Action Program

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Association: Action: Award: Feb-06 United Four Wheel Drive Assoc. Bluewater vs. National Parks Lawsuit $40,000.00 (not paid yet) Nov-05 Idaho State Snowmobile Assoc. Caribu Lawsuit $10,000.00 Jun-05 Montana Snowmobile Assoc. Central Montana Wildlands Lawsuit $20,000.00 Mar-05 California Off Road Vehicle Assoc. Coyote Canyon Lawsuit $10,000.00 Jan-05 Blue Ribbon Coalition Clear Creek Lawsuit $20,000.00 Jan-05 San Diego Off Road Coalition NECO Land Management Comments $10,000.00 Nov-04 Friends of San Gabriel Canyon Sucker Fish Habitat Lawsuit $5,000.00 Sep-04 American Sand Association Safe Duning Brochure $4,500.00 Jun-04 Blue Ribbon Coalition Southwest Utah Alliance Lawsuit $10,000.00 Jun-04 Outer Banks Preservation East Coast Snowy Plover Lawsuit $10,000.00 Apr-04 AMA District 37 et al Desert Tortoise Lawsuit $10,000.00 Nov-03 Idahoans for Responsible Recreation Public Service Announcement $2,000.00 Jul-03 Blue Ribbon Coalition Utah Shared Alliance vs BLM Lawsuit $5,000.00 Apr-03 California Off Road Vehicle Assoc. Anza Borrego Desert Plan Comments $6,655.09 Jan-03 Blue Ribbon Coalition Black Sands Beach Lawsuit $1,400.00 Apr-02 Friends of Oceano Dunes Pismo Beach Snowy Plover Lawsuit $10,000.00 Jun-02 California Off Road Vehicle Assoc. BLM CA Desert District Plan Comments $2,248.14 Dec-02 California Off Road Vehicle Assoc. Center for Biodiversity vs BLM Appeal $45,396.84 Oct-02 California Off Road Vehicle Assoc. Center for Biodiversity vs BLM Lawsuit $88,012.88 Total Granted to Date: $310,212.95 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Home | Board of Directors | About Us | Action Grants | Grant Application | Contact Information | Newsletter Copyright The Action Program For problems or questions regarding this Web site contact The Web Mistress. Last updated: 05/23/06.
  6. LoosNut

    Latest Ohv "morons" Doing Crazy Stunts.

    That was a PLANNED Stunt.....Saw it on TV monyhs ago
  7. LoosNut

    Baja 500 2006

    Damn...I got goose bumps
  8. LoosNut

    Almost Got A .99 Rail

    Stupid effer was tryin to skirt the system....Insteed Effeing himself..Hammer Em
  9. LoosNut

    I Cant Decide

  10. LoosNut

    Worth The Wait Or Not?

    Damn....1 SICK ride.....I'd Love to have it....I dont care how long I wait
  11. LoosNut

    New Paint For "dune Tripper"

    Sweet...you can paint my Hot Rod
  12. LoosNut

    Off Season Rail Storage

    I put mine on jacks, or I take the paddles off and put street tiers on
  13. LoosNut

    Interesting Dodge

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