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  1. davyjones

    It's Saturday 5/18/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Fixing more junk all weekend
  2. davyjones

    It's Saturday 5/11/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Put in a beam and 2x6 for ceiling for the kitchen
  3. davyjones

    eF me running

    starting to look like a bathroom
  4. davyjones

    eF me running

    Its gonna be floated .
  5. davyjones

    eF me running

    More progress
  6. davyjones

    eF me running

    Well this particular plumber was licensed,insured and all that . He was not cheapest and I got several bids . A general contractor I know gave me the reference . The guy messed and didn’t pay attention to some details and owned up to it . I didn’t have time to wait on him to fix it as other trades are following. I can tell you from my experience having some license or pedegree doesn’t make you good at your craft .
  7. davyjones

    eF me running

    I forgot to mention that he also installed the tub spout so close to the valve the trim ring would overlap the flange on the spout .
  8. davyjones

    eF me running

    House remodel blues . So nice 😡to have to remove and completely replace a professional contractors work that you just paid to have done because they didnt measure , didnt think , didnt have a effin clue . Let me be your tourguide to the obvious i say to him , the shower niche that was framed in new , wasnt there for you to get some sawzall practice in . He says he removed it to make running the plumbing to the valve easier .
  9. davyjones

    It’s Saturday 4/27/19 what’s everyone doing?

    Another day of shoveling Sheet
  10. davyjones

    Got back in to RC cars today

    Happy for anyone who digs in to something to have fun . For myself tho I need back into rc cars like I need a hole in my head .
  11. davyjones

    Its Saturday 4/20/19 What are you doing this weekend?

    A couple projects for the remodel completed new 200 amp panel , with 1” emt line with #6 going out to where the new ac will go . Had to pour a pad for that Saturday morning.
  12. davyjones

    Stupidist thing ive ever done

    I recommend hiring it out im having new blown in installed . Not doing it myself ... im done
  13. davyjones

    Stupidist thing ive ever done

    Yes 1800 bucks . I spent 475 on rental expenses and prob 80 bucks on dump fees . After doing it , feelingthe way i do today i would have paid 2800
  14. davyjones

    Stupidist thing ive ever done

    Sheet i wish all i had was a half inch of dust . At least i didnt fall theu the ceiling like i did years ago in my first house chasing down an electrical gremlin .
  15. davyjones

    Stupidist thing ive ever done

    Not itchy at all i wore a pretty nice tivex suit with booties n hood. Duct taped all my stuff wore a good respirator . Crawling on my hand and knees dor two days . Feel like i took a walk off the bow of a moving boat ....

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