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  1. davyjones

    Kevin's Build (built And Running!)

    Thanks it’s been a fun ride for sure
  2. davyjones

    Kevin's Build (built And Running!)

    I know what caused the failure . Same thing that threw the driveshaft up thru the floor of your blazer behind chief auto parts when you were16 ....😂your right foot ....
  3. davyjones

    A new eagle

    My son Ryan has Achieved so much for himself in his life . A lot of adventures and heartaches Along the way . One of my proudest moments to see him do this for himself and on his own .
  4. davyjones

    Do You Ever Regret Getting Into This Sport?

    I spent a lot of years in NHRA class drag racing . While a different animal all together than bracket racing the working hand had to constantly chase the guys who just wrote checks out of their business accounts for the newest and best of everything . Not only did the money they brought to the sport elevate the level of the competition it unfortunately made it an unaffordable addiction on the track and in the pits for the after tax guys like myself . As it all changed I finally realized it wasn't fun anymore , It really wasn't ever fun come to think of it . So coming to the sand I saw a lot of comparisons to the drags in there are guys that can work on their stuff , there are workers , there are racers , there are show offs , there are guys who hire cooks and tire changers , there are guys who don't know the difference between a flywheel and a wagon wheel.... But I have experienced ( aside from some complete a holes that exist everywhere in life ) there is general sense of community and love for the dunes within those differences that seems to bond us all in a way that didn't exist at the drag strip .
  5. davyjones

    Desert Dynamics Chassis buggy works tabed $2700 obo

    It will be a little while before I get started . Gotta get the white car put back together after a transaxle rebuild...then a 1957 house remodel getting in the way of everything
  6. davyjones

    Desert Dynamics Chassis buggy works tabed $2700 obo

    Chassis is sold thanks Jason & dale i just made made it home before the rain .
  7. davyjones

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    Every day driving our heavy I get to use the air horn at least once ....
  8. davyjones

    High school sports question

    Thanks for all the great advice and comments. My son has played select Ayso and club for 6 years or so now .and has pretty much learned and regularly practices thes techniques of being a team player over the years before highschool . My wife and I have never met his hs coach and neither of us know anything about soccer . So we’re definitely not coaching him in any way in regards to technical aspects . I definitely want him to be responsible for and bringing up his own concerns with his coach learning how to handle situations.....The only thing I have said to him is that he needs to work harder and hopefully get noticed by his efforts . It has worked in the past however this year just seemed different . No matter how great of a sport he has been , or how hard he practices he rides pine for the game . We all figured he would sit out a lot but to go the entire season with zero game time seems punitive . So I guess my question is Freshman on jv or varsity team is it just some coaches just won’t play them due to age .... then why select them for the team in the beginning?
  9. davyjones

    High school sports question

    First off I’m not one of those sports dads politicing to push my kids . I really don’t know anything about the workings , rules and unwritten rules . My son plays keeper and as a freshman was picked for jv soccer and rode the bench the whole season . Earlier in the season I tasked him with talking to his coach about it ans asking how he can earn play time . and the coach who also serves as the director of the club my son plays in told him a bunch a bs that made no sense .but My son never got upset and kept working hard to prove himself to be told multiple times he was gonna play next game which never happened . Other keepers on team were gonna fake injuries to get him play time .... but my son doesn’t want to be given anything he didn’t earn genuinely . There are other freshman on the team that got play time . Is this all normal hs sports bull sheet ? Or should dad go take the driveshaft out of the coaches truck one night ?
  10. davyjones

    Stu 33x17 #2 cups and Stu 10.5x17 tires

    2" cups ? Translates to #1 or #2 cut
  11. davyjones

    WTB 10.75 x 15 STU Sand Blaster fronts

    Prior to buying new 10.75 -15 I tried looking for used and came up with zero leads .
  12. do you know what the wheelbase measurement is ?
  13. davyjones

    It's Saturday 1/26/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Fixing more junk then going to take the family to see the new house
  14. davyjones

    Anyone looking for machinery?

    yes . the Bridgeport mill has a sumitt / dana bandit a very old control .. the miyano has a fanuc control and the citizen has a yasnac .

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