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  1. I was told my dd was too heavy to get the small plate . The dmv people showed me a code that if it’s over 1800 # it had to be a vehicle plate . Assuming if it’s under it would be off road plate .
  2. davyjones


    Laying on the roof is not half mast . And i did checked the national flag status website prior to making judgement. But After spending no more than 9 seconds i found the morons who set the flag in the morning didnt bother to tie off the rope .
  3. davyjones


    Saw this today . Pulled over made polite contact with the offender and politely refused to leave until it was proper . F morons
  4. I dont have time fir that sheet . Wtf is instagram?
  5. Plz go locate and anchor down a certain 3.0 Honda U purchased on my behalf .... it’s in Tucson on a pallet ready for loading 🤣
  6. I’ll be there pad 5 with rich h on the 27th .
  7. Yesterday delivered my eagle scout off to day one of his college experience. Working some overtime today .Putting the kvars back online right now . later a boyscout court of honor rank Advancement for my middle son . If theres any daylight left after im gonna start getting the trailer ready for glamis this Thursday-friday
  8. Same here . Fixing broken sheet with new sheet . Just to set it all up program and test it energize it only to find the new sheet is broken too . Come on g&w how-bout some quality control .
  9. Nobody break sheet like kevin break sheet at least 20 bucks in hardware can be salvaged 🤣
  10. Once again spending my Saturday fixing junk . Putting the kvar's back in action.
  11. I nominate derek ross 2DASAND for responding to a my cold call for a flatbed and offering his trailer to me on trust and knowing a few people that i know .

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