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  1. Meeting somebody for a ride from roadrunner . Thursday morning thru Thursday evening . Anyone gonna be there ?
  2. At the end of the day socialized less than unity pretty much anything any manager at the large electric utility I work for says .
  3. Looks like it was welded misaligned .
  4. davyjones

    Sxs carnage

    These things remond me of the early rc car days . Hit one thing you snap off a-arms .
  5. davyjones

    WTB Funco

    Do it !!! looks like a forklift or some sort of shop vehicle to me !
  6. This is manditory for survival of our country and constitution .
  7. No work today . I have a few things to take care of at the house that i religiously neglect because of working so much . Kevin is picking up my middle son taking him to the drag races , nice bonding day for them . Way to go kevin!
  8. As buford would say what in hell is the world coming too vote these pos out in nov . #walkaway is a movement for young millenial liberal democrats to walk away from this vile disgusting hate filled party . It takes people like us to never be afraid to edjucate our youth . one simple wAy as parents to accomish this ... make your teenagers get a job . If kids are given everything they learn nothing
  9. Wayne , what you need to do is put the trans from your skid plate car in the funco . Problem solved . Good to see you yesterday buddy . Funny to think all these years of dodging and weaving bs in the electrical world, that we’d find each other in the sand !

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