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  1. Same here . Fixing broken sheet with new sheet . Just to set it all up program and test it energize it only to find the new sheet is broken too . Come on g&w how-bout some quality control .
  2. Nobody break sheet like kevin break sheet at least 20 bucks in hardware can be salvaged 🤣
  3. Once again spending my Saturday fixing junk . Putting the kvar's back in action.
  4. I nominate derek ross 2DASAND for responding to a my cold call for a flatbed and offering his trailer to me on trust and knowing a few people that i know .
  5. Working on broken capacitor banks in the heart of san bernardino
  6. baby boomers had the best lifes . Ours is going down the shitter fast
  7. one city block of San Bernardino free phones on every corner
  8. Come on big brother.... you trying to influence bad behavior like that knowing the black cloud that follows me around .... major setup in the making 🤔
  9. Similarly you can relate this topic to every single thing in life . i have done some pretty dicy things to make another lap or pick up a couple thou at the stripe . Draining gear oil in a drag car was kinda risky for the result . An old timer once told me the less u know the better
  10. Thanks for all the help and replys guys . The gd family has brought a trailer and better than that getting to meet a board member /neighbor fellow dd owner .
  11. san bernardino is a f mess because of this .
  12. In need of a flatbed for a couple hours to move the dd this week from storage to the house . Rancho cucamonga area / upland . Rent borrow , bribe .... either i tow the toy hauler which i have been living in fir 5 months to go get it or drive it on the street 🤔 Those options arent as desirable with my luck
  13. Scotty # 1 .... Mac Served up a good ride last season .
  14. I have the 33 blaster and 10.75 up front both are 15" rim . My fdr is about 6.0 with a mild ls1 in a 5 seat desert dynamics . Im happy with the setup . I'll be watching to see what others say cuz i may upgrafe myself when the new spare car is ready fir shoes

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