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  1. Saw this one today . Looks great and love the chrome tube bumpers . The nice young lady driving it said it’s a1998 . Gear jammer also !
  2. I personally can’t wait for the next life enhancement .
  3. All that is left to believe in
  4. I give up on everything. Light me on fire please
  5. Sad but funny example of what our world is coming to. I would have simply dropped the phone and rode away .... na i would have punched the screen out and folded that phone in half
  6. Pontoon boat ? What r you gonna do with that retake Omaha beach 🤣
  7. Hope its kevin ..., i doubt it the way hes been tearing up the river lately sure he hasnt seen the board in days 🤔
  8. Third Saturday of giving the job a big fat fu 🖕. At balboa sitting in a chair looking at beach bunny’s 👀
  9. cops was pretty good for seeing that action
  10. There were 3 fatalities I know the mom is in critical condition clinging to life . Probably unaware of her sons death . I agree to all those things . I can’t tell u how many times I’ve been passed on the left by somebody only to have to get on the brakes hard to let them in to avoid a head on . Twice between dunes edge and gecko while towing the 5er .
  11. Just Learned that a friend of my sons was killed in a horrible accident Sunday night on the 395 near Olancha when some d bag drifted across into opposing traffic hit his moms truck head on . Extremely sad for a great 15 year old young man to lose his life . Rip Gianluca
  12. Next they will take food stamps and wic and whatever the f else . I already added disneyland a long time ago to my list of places i wont put myself thru anymore anyway.
  13. I had one and I hated it

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