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  1. Good cuz I need my new vf-2 moved pronto .... salsa is waiting
  2. Speaking of artistry in craftsmanship years ago I had a meeting with a drag racing customer of mine , he was talking about getting into the off road / recreational sand market . He was building a lot of parts and selling a lot to the pro mod crowd in the uae and had a lot of interest in the sand car thing thru exposure to it on those visits . He was a pioneer and one of the leaders in pro stock car /chassis construction. Had he survived cancer and followed thru we would have seen a very different level of construction and design . He would have probably had people on a four to five year waiting list with people buying a place holder spot then reselling their spot for a profit just like what happened with race cars . His business management skills would have made all the dd stories look like baby shit . But damn he was a craftsman. Don ness
  3. Yea it’s long overdue . For sure
  4. Every where I go in my daily work area in the last 2 weeks , from banning to arrowhead to Rancho and all in between I see people out mainly adults walking , riding bikes , working in the yard . Doing stuff . I’m sure there’s a lot of kids glued to video games , social media bullshit . Unplug the shit get there ass out in the yard Life is too fing busy for these kids these days with excessive state test driven homework bs and then if they have sports or other things like scouts . I definitely am switching gears with a few things at home . My wife has wanted a food garden and chickens for years . So a borrowed Kobota tractor and Komatsu mini ex is arriving next week . Gonna give her about 1000sq’ of the backyard . Dj
  5. Need these gone . Decent tires held air last time mounted . 100 obo dave
  6. Came off my 2006 duramax 16”x6.5 set of 4 with caps 300 obo dave
  7. 15x15 pretty decent shape one small nick 150 obo
  8. Douglas spindle mounts with bearings Stu tires 300 obo they were on the vw car until I put hubs on it . Dave
  9. davyjones

    Bridgeport mill

    It’s solid piece and it will work great as a cnc if you wanna run some simple programs . I hate to sell it but my shop is too small to accommodate it with some other machines I am getting .

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