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  1. Didn’t look like a single work boot was stolen .
  2. A little work getting my shop finished . I hate myself and my ocd . Could have had air already but noooo , powder coat and paint everything
  3. Can’t find my give a shit for so many things anymore .
  4. I log on average about 1500-2,000 miles a week at work in the inland empire areas between upland - banning and riverside to lake arrowhead everything in between , all across the 24hour clock . People are assholios and drive like shit thanks to social distractions . I’d take a drunk driver over lack of talent and socially distracted . All these f tards in their midlife crisis rides ( mainly dodge products) thinking their lives are a real life version of fast n furious are the worst . I see them at high speed a lot . I’d gladly take the hit from one of those in my vehicle for anyone. Lug nut rules apply A few months back I saw the results of such stupidity and rendered aid , held a dying woman in my arms keeping her from aspirating in her own blood .
  5. Stimulus check wtf is that .
  6. What’s Facebook?
  7. Electric cars are a novelty toy the way I see things . The noise the fumes , oil and all that goes along with an internal combustion engine is what makes it real for me . A points ignited , carbureted gas vehicle with a manual trans can take you anywhere with no laptop needed .
  8. davyjones


    Everything if fuct up . I’m so sick and effin tired of the everyone gets a trophy mindset . Now that it’s popular to label a drive thru fast food employee a hero is just devalues the meaning . It’s up to us to teach our young people what real and what’s fake .
  9. Happy birthday Wayne !
  10. HR bill 6666 wtf is wrong with Democrats ? seriously

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