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  1. Looking at building a RV garage on my limited space and wanted to build it to fit possible future trailer upgrades. So I'm wondering what the tip to tip length of the WW LE3305 and the LE3505 is? Not the advertised length but the actual length required to fit it inside. Also wanted to know what the height clearances are for these units, 12', 13', 14'? I believe most of the trailers are 8.5'wide? Thanks
  2. Slide is hill #3, and it has a custom painted metal box with a flag pole dedicated to the 13 hot shotters that died in AZ 4-5 years ago. If you go out through the washes it's a couple valleys back in there. If your lost, follow the tracks, a lot of times they'll go to a destination/hill. You can also go to the top of olds and head east and a little South in the medium dune ridges south of olds. You'll cross 1 or 2 valley's before you drop in to a big face, that's hill #3. If you go to far you'll hot hill #4 (lizzard hill). Again follow the tracks and you'll hot a hill. Or ride with someone who knows where there going and learn from them.
  3. Any updates to this thread? I'm looking to replace my E rated LT tires and these peaked my interest but I'd like to get some feedback after a couple years. My current E rated LT are Chinese and date coded 2008, so they've held up extremely well but always looking for an upgrade the the same $$. Thanks
  4. You had the chance but nobody backed the bill or called Congress to bring it for a vote. Jason Chafetz think it was HR 622
  5. Like usual someone asks a direct question that requires thinking & effort on the part of the responder and it falls on def ears and recieves mindless ridicule & myths in response. I do agree that dumping grey water should be prohibited as all that bacteria and decomp goes in to the sand we walk on, lay on, kids play in, and then it dries and gets kicked up into dust and we breathe in to our lungs. As a side note; Brawley & the imperial valley has an extemely high rate of lung & breathing related diseaes & illneses all due to farming pesticides drying in the soil and being kicked up during plowing & high winds (you can look it up), same thing is happening at the dunes when you dump your tanks especily in the washes. Back to the OP's question: For a long time the El Centro office of the BLM had a ISDRA website and posted all of the rules that all visitors are responsible to know on the site since each area has it's own special rules set by the local BLM office. Sometime in 2015/2016 they took the site down posted the ISDRA rules on Facebook which i think is total F-in B.S. since the BLM places the burden of knowing all the rules on the visitor and they've made it nearly impossible for any visitor to even find the rules. I can only assume they did this in an underhanded effort to make it even harder for visitors to know and understand the rules so they can make more "contacts" & write more tickets. So last time I checked this was the ONLY place you could find the actual BLM rules: https://www.facebook.com/notes/imperial-sand-dunes-recreation-area/rules-and-regulations/1316426011730656 If you actually read the rules some are pretty simple but others refer to either a United States code (U.S.C.) or a Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) and here is where they get you. They simply refer to the code which then you have to look up and interpret for yourself. Of course the codes are comprised of total politician double speak that says everything is illegal, gives every out in the book for them, and never actually defines anything thus leaving the law up to interpretation by law enforcer and the person whose responsibility to know and it is being forced upon…and this is where the BLM lives in the gray area. They make it dam near impossible to find the rules, then dam near impossible to find the legal statues they refer to, then all of the statutes are completely undefined, unclear, with multiple outs for them, and left for interpretation by field enforcement AND THIS IS JUST HOW THE BLM WANTS IT!!! So you can’t defend yourself and it is impossible to pin them down to anything!!! This way they can make contacts like crazy, write all kinds of bull $hit tickets, and harass people under the guise of making it safer for everyone enforcing undefined laws. So under “Dumping” all they say is: Dumping of sewage is prohibited under (43 CFR 8365.1-1(b)). Well here is what 43 C.F.R, section 8365.1-1 says: 43 CFR 8365.1-1 - Sanitation. § 8365.1-1 Sanitation. (a) Whenever practicable, visitors shall pack their trash for disposal at home. (b) On all public lands, no person shall, unless otherwise authorized: (1) Dispose of any cans, bottles and other nonflammable trash and garbage except in designated places or receptacles; (2) Dispose of flammable trash or garbage except by burning in authorized fires, or disposal in designated places or receptacles; (3) Drain sewage or petroleum products or dump refuse or waste other than wash water from any trailer or other vehicle except in places or receptacles provided for that purpose; (4) Dispose of any household, commercial or industrial refuse or waste brought as such from private or municipal property; (5) Pollute or contaminate water supplies or water used for human consumption; or (6) Use a refuse container or disposal facility for any purpose other than for which it is supplied. As you can see there are plenty of outs for “authorized” breaches of the law. In this case the OP is concerned with section B subsection (3), so the section references a few key words: 1) “sewage” 2) “dump”, 3) “refuse”, 4) “waste”, 5) “wash water”, which they give an exemption for 6) “trailer” 7) “vehicle” So the big question is how are these terms defined by the enforcing agency and this is crux of the issue here. I asked the BLM to define a few of these terms and what was thier position on dumping clean fresh water for months on end having to make repeated requests with various personal as they are ambiguous and obviously are making it difficult for users to abide by the laws. After months of repeated requests I finally received a response from their office stating that: “The definition of sewage, as it applies to federal lands is set by the EPA, and can be found in section 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations and the Environmental Protection Act of 1991.” “As to the remainder of your questions about what state or local laws apply within the ISDRA, all California and ImperialCounty laws regulating waste apply. These laws are numerous, and I would referred you to counsel at the California Attorney General’s Office, or the Imperial County District Attorney as places to direct any questions you would have about laws at those respective levels.” So now there is ANOTHER 2 levels of Federal B.S. you have to wade through and “ALL of California” and “ALL of Imperial County” “laws regulating waste apply” to wade through also. Which you’ll notice it never states in the BLM’s ISRA rules & regulations anything about state or local laws imposed upon visitors to the ISDRA though it is federal land and it’s enforcement agents are only deputized by the county not the state unless there given authority by the state to enforce state laws too somehow? Well here’s title 40: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?tpl=/ecfrbrowse/Title40/40tab_02.tpl As you can see the BLM never referenced any sections or subsections all in an effort to subvert the question and keep them in the grey. Most of title 40 is setting the precedence for the existence of the EPA and basis for it to enact & enforce law (which it has none since it is not an elected body such as congress). To the OP if you have the financial ability, the stomach for it, and are serious about actually doing something please contact me privately. To anyone else who holds a law degree and would care to take this up from this point that’d be great. To everybody else who wants to wine & biotch let me know when you actually do something to help resolve the problem. Some help & unity in the duner community might actually get something’s changed or you can just keep fighting amongst yourselves like the idiot republicans in congress who get nothing done.
  6. Pop the caps on the ghost rigs and crack the fresh tank, give it a slow leak so our friendly Leo's will see it and ticket it or scrape their pass. Could also take white shoe polish ( like at a car dealer) and writing how many days the rigs have been there on the windows. Something like, "same spot for 12 days now", or how about "BLM sucks", or "F the BLM", that'd get their attention. At least it would draw attention to it and hopefully the Leo's would actually enforce the rules equally. This year has been the worst in the last 8 years. Pulled in 8 am Friday the weekend between vets and the weekend before T-day and not one spot on all of gecko was not taped, vehicled off, cok blocked, etc. Most every camp had 1 person sitting around with 4-8 rigs locked up tight. I just needed a spot for my crew for 3 days and we're out but no way that was happening, F-in douche bags had to save the spots for T-day, the following weekend.
  7. What's his badge number? There is also a managing office in Moreno valley, should be able to go there and file a complaint in person to his superiors???
  8. Put a inline fuel filter on your pump too, you can get a wix car fuel filter with 3/8ths inlets from O'Riley's for around $7
  9. $700 for 291sqft??? If so that $2.50/sq
  10. X2 I'd like to see how it turned out, have thought about doing this to mine..' I've got a little more to work with so I don't need a full 8 inch extension, more like 3" - 4"
  11. Picked up a X3 XRS turbo (172 horse) 2 seater, think it's top of the line, from chaparral for a buddy, the week after the parking lot sale for $27,958 OTD including tax, prep, etc. Talk to Adrine, cell 909-754-7005, tell him Larry sent you.
  12. Based on the comments, I can definitely say this is why we loose the vote grab and the libs/Deb's win. They get organized and get people on board, instead of infighting. They've already got the now EX house rep Jason chafetz to withdraw HR621 (which I agree with) and are now working on being 622 withdrawn. Here is the perfect example of them trying to get uneducated people to raise concern against hr622: https://www.calwild.org/action-alert-stop-the-proposal-to-terminate-law-enforcement-on-your-public-lands/ With software designed to capture many eyes and submit many legitimate contacts/requests to congressional representatives created by these guys https://www.ngpvan.com/about So if you/we don't pull our head out of our azz and use their own taticts against them, these people will be controlling who gets elected and makes/enforces the laws. So yes quit complaint and do something to help spread the word and educate people that it's time to work together (not fight and argue) to get your beliefs represented by those in government...... Otherwise if you don't like it now, it's only going to get worse if you do nothing now.
  13. I see a lot of people complaining about BLM enforcement, but how many of you that are complaining have contacted your Congress person to bring HR622 for a vote??? Let me guess NONE! If you're not going to do something about it, quit complaining!!!
  14. Where did you get the coin floor and how'd you put it on?

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