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  1. What’s reasonable? And will you separate?
  2. Buy back is 12, but what did they pay out?
  3. mikev

    Golf Cart Roof

    Roof off of a 2006 Yamaha g22 golf cart. Has a small hole in left front corner ,had a light mounted there includes supports. $125 obo
  4. Bought a used 1 on eBay, go figure didn't work. Still looking
  5. Still looking if anybody has one they want to get rid of
  6. Pics would really help put a value on it
  7. Nobody has a extra charger they want to get rid of?
  8. Anybody have a 36 volt charger they want to get rid of ? Let me know
  9. I am interested in your front end if you could pm me a contact # that would be great .
  10. Wonder what it would take to make it work on a G2?

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