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  1. mikev

    Electric trailer dolly

    Anyone have a trailer dolly they want to get rid of? Let me know!!
  2. Damn!! Sold quad I had for sale a day late, story of my life lol
  3. Aaah, hope you enjoy it, I sure did. Built this years ago then sold it to my brother in law. Solid sxs
  4. What’s reasonable? And will you separate?
  5. Thanks Mike, I should be good for a couple years now!!
  6. What boots do you have left? If you would pm me a # so we can talk. Thanks
  7. Buy back is 12, but what did they pay out?
  8. mikev

    Golf Cart Roof

    Roof off of a 2006 Yamaha g22 golf cart. Has a small hole in left front corner ,had a light mounted there includes supports. $125 obo
  9. Bought a used 1 on eBay, go figure didn't work. Still looking
  10. Yeah , these lights were a breeze to install. Sliding brackets let me use factory holes. One Cat down one to go!! Thanks Jim!
  11. Still looking if anybody has one they want to get rid of
  12. Pics would really help put a value on it
  13. Nobody has a extra charger they want to get rid of?
  14. Anybody have a 36 volt charger they want to get rid of ? Let me know
  15. I am interested in your front end if you could pm me a contact # that would be great .

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