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  1. Still quiet in the tech forum. I thought maybe they would have some inside info on what went wrong with the cars this weekend. I know the oil line came loose on the UTT on day one. Did it smoke the motor? Or did they finish the day with the other car?
  2. That’s weak sauce bro! Every half decent manufacture knows you build things to have a weak spot. The trailing arm shouldn’t be the weak spot it should have been the trailing arm mounting tabs. Freaking Newbies….
  3. Nope they aren’t stock by any means. I feel like you know that though! Neither are the Polaris Pro R’s that were racing. What the race built Pro R’s had in common with the stock ones is the Clevis. You know, the biggest pile of crap idea ever invented and was obviously a last minute idea from Polaris to be able to make the front end work! Tell me again, how did the CanAms and the Pro R’s fair against the race built Speed UTT?
  4. Was scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday. Job was bid for 12 hours each guy Saturday and same for today. I chose my team and blew the job out in an 8 hour day yesterday! Gotta love working 8 hrs and getting paid for 24!
  5. I can’t agree more with everything you said. One thing I find amusing is the lack of replies from the main ticket holders here. We see you lurking but no replies?! Guess that’s what keeps this thread on track.
  6. Nobody has said that here. What I said was it was an over site by someone prepping the car for a race. Don’t forget this isn’t his first rodeo or his teams first rodeo. It’s evident that he is behind the gun on trying to reach deadlines that things are being over looked. He was under the gun on presenting the first demo car for SSSS 2021 and we saw the “ bolt heard round the world”. He was under the gun to produce some cars for SSSS 2022 and the broken trailing arm tab was missed. Now because he had so much going on for the SSSS that race prep was overlooked on his first race car showing. Yes accidents happen but these are huge mistakes when trying to prove that your product is superior to the others. Sprinkle in the bad talk he has made about the sub par products Polaris and CanAm are putting out and yet those very cars finished hours before his car. Not just the modified class but the stock UTV class as well. You don’t see anything wrong here? To top it off, he has been racing for many moons. He and his team know how to prep for a race. This oversight made for a bad showing when he needed to crush it. People that don’t know any better may start questioning how well the QC really will be on the new builds. A lot is riding on his showings and so far they are lacking. Sad because the car is built so much better than the bad press he gets.
  7. This is the third big blunder as a result of bad inspections. Aren’t fuel lines, brake lines, and oil lines a major part of race prep inspections?
  8. https://www.norra.com/n500_cars_scoring.php?stage=byclass
  9. Oh boy, anybody see the NORRA results? I wasn’t following and I think I heard something about a broke down vehicle blocking the road stopping the racers for a while. Not sure who all this effected? All I saw was final times. Max/Robby in the UTT - 8 hours 3 min Fastest RZR PRO R - 4 hours 37 min Way too much to list. Go to the site and check out the stats.
  10. That’s awesome! Very proud moment for sure. I too would like to thank her for her service.
  11. Out here that 7.3 is worth a mint if in good condition. Good luck with the job search and tell her thank you for her service.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CirGBfdAOup/ So question for LOTD, DTA, and NIKAL. Does watching this video not make your BS meter go WFO?
  13. Yes it is pretty calming when you can point out issues and not have someone come back and tell you that your RZR or CanAm is a bigger pile of crap! We all know there will be issues along the way. We can all admit and accept the issues our SXS’s have. It would be great if RG and his followers could do the same. Problem is, if they did, this thread would have died long ago!

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