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  1. My wife says this is what I did to her when I let her drive the buggy! She would only drive if I wasn’t in the car.
  2. Mac, is your car torn apart or is it that there isn’t anyone to do the work that’s got you pissed?
  3. I’ve been thinking about getting a train horn for my truck. I was wondering if any of you guys have one, what brand, and what model? They seem to range quite a bit in price. Thanks
  4. Repairing a chiller for the surgery center at Scripps La Jolla. Hoping to be out of here in the next couple hours.
  5. Yes bro Kirks is good. We used to use them all of the time when I worked for Marlins.
  6. Yet again another waisted day off trying to figure out how to dismantle this damn toyhauler to replace the floor!!! This trailer is getting closer and closer to becoming a flat bed!
  7. I stil don’t understand the reasoning behind not using water! Unless you have bare metal, why not?
  8. I used to wash all of my sand cars after every trip. Pressure washed the trans and motor to remove cv grease or dirt. Since when did washing your sand cars become taboo?
  9. Mini splits have come a long way over the years. The house I just purchased has a 5 zone mini split system. I would never go back to central air! Like you said, I run the one in the living room while we are in there. An hour before we go to bed, I turn our bedroom unit on. Then shut the living room off when we go to bed. Super efficient and quiet. Some homes are built in such a way that you can’t run a multi zone unit because the line set can only be so long. Newer central air units have come along way also so sometimes you just have to settle.
  10. Same thing happened when a bunch of us ordered some Baja Designs lights for cheap. Tons of people bagging on us for thinking it wasn’t a scam when we actually figured it was a scam but didn’t care. It was payed through PayPal so if they showed up, score, but if they didn’t than I would be refunded. One day one of us will score on something like this!
  11. Just to try and help anyone else on here with a similar issue, there are no HVAC stores in San Diego that will sell to general public that I know of. If you know someone in the industry, the parts houses are closed on the weekends until the heat wave hits, and even then they are only open on Saturdays til usually noon. Being in the industry we can have a parts house open up after hours but costs $100-$150 to have them open. So for cheap repairs like a start cap or condenser fan motor, it’s better to just put a box fan on top of the unit with the air blowing upwards, to draw the hot air out of the unit. This should get you by til normal working hours. The only place that I think may have electronics that will sell to the public is Willy’s Electronics. Hope this helps!
  12. Or you could have just called me jack ass! Now that I’ve called you out on here, I will just call you myself.
  13. RIP. I never met him but did own a few cars with his shocks on them.
  14. My dads a tv repair man and he’s got a killer set of tools! Plus I stayed at a holiday inn so I should be good! Seriously, I’ve been a mechanic my whole life. I’ve got all the tools I need and a welder if need be. I will read up on what points need to be strengthened and make it happen. Honestly, building it is the fun part for me. Seems like most things are bolt ons these days. I’m a BIG fan of “ BOLT ONS “!!!
  15. Well I’ve been looking and can’t seem to find any in my price range or not completely beat up. I’ve wanted one since high school so what’s another couple more years right?!!!

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