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  1. How much room do you have inside your trailer? Standard toyhauler or a garage model?
  2. It may not be something you or I need but it’s obvious it’s important to Fog.
  3. This would fit right under the SXS inside your trailer.
  4. Didn’t you know the unicorn sprinkles magic?
  5. My buddy has a car hauler. We loaded my sons xp1000 on the top, my Jeep Grand Cherokee next, and his sons RS1 on the back. Driving the RZR to the top and back down wasn’t that big of a deal. The crappy part is finding a place to stand when getting out and finding a place to stand when strapping it down. Those two things were a little sketchy.
  6. I too would like to see a Diablo. If I was to purchase one that would be the model.
  7. Lol! Technically it’s Y or WYE! Kind of like grey or gray. I prefer ABB and Danfoss VFD’s.
  8. Are we talking 240v single phase to 480v 3 phase? Or are we talking about 240v 3 phase to 480v 3 phase? You know, like Y- Delta starters?!
  9. Ok so I have a question. Can you tow the SXS like a Jeep if you put it in neutral? If so, than you could just make a tow hitch for the front of the SXS.
  10. Fair enough. It just seems like some of his predictions were based on time lines. Specific time lines that so far haven’t been far off. Sprinkled in with some bashing also!
  11. As much as you guys hate on Buff, is there anything he predicted in the past not true so far? I mean, I’m not gonna go back and look since I’m not calling him a liar. That’s something for you guys that are calling him out.
  12. So I’m always scared to talk about tires. Reason is I’m afraid I will jinx myself! Well it happened for sure this year! I recommended Hercules tires on another thread a while back. I never had a flat since I bought that brand until this season! I put 6 new tires on a year ago. This year I’ve had 3 flats! No recommendations here anymore!
  13. That doesn’t make much sense unless your talking about September 2023.
  14. Ok here’s the deal with the lazy Susan. I needed to pull the laminate off the turntable board to access the screws to the lazy Susan. Actually, there is matching tape on the laminate that covers the screws but hard to see after 17 years of desert dust! Once I removed the screws I could remove the lazy Susan. Next I took one of the matching boards from the tv enclosure and screwed it to the wall to mount the inverter on. The inverter and rca cables are on order so when they come in I will post more pics of the install. For now this is what I’ve got.

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