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  1. I’m wondering why peoples tensions are so high? I don’t think anyone is saying Speed showed up, kicked ass, and took names. They did show up however and completed the races. That is a testament to how well the cars were built to hold up against the terrain. Yes a good driver knows how hard to push a vehicle and maybe that’s why Robby didn’t push so hard. Maybe he felt some shortcomings in the car so he backed off a little. As stated earlier, it was better for him to finish than to break and DNF. No need for more neggative chatter. Being a new car, I did expect to see more break downs. Not because I’m a “ Hater “ but because that’s just what happens. I know I poked a lot of fun at things but I did always say it will be bad ass when completed. I give credit where credit is due. They had a great showing regardless of placement and it is only gonna get better as they grow.
  2. I would think that would be the appropriate thing to do. If they were told they could take it and several others used it, they all should be penalized the same way. Whether it be a DQ or time penalty, everyone should get the same treatment.
  3. Is the bar open now? The wife and I wanted to try that one out.
  4. I completely agree with what your saying. Still damn good lap times for a kid vs the pro’s. Back to the Speed, they showed up, they finished, regardless of the outcome for them, it was a good showing for the car. I’m sure next year will be the real deal.
  5. Yes! My favorite is Campland by the Bay. Then there is Silver Strands which is down by Coronado. There is also Mission bay Park and another down in National city but I don’t know the name of it.
  6. The corse was pretty tough on the cars that’s for sure!
  7. So in comparison of Best lap time- Desert pro: Phil Blurton - 45:02 Max Gordon - 45:50 Robby Gordon - 47:08 UTV Rally and Sportsman Pro: Mikey Kelley - 45:09 ( 14 or 15 year old kid ) Before you say anything, no he did not finish this year. He lost the throttle position sensor and DNF’d. Why I am excited and proud for him is his lap time. In a n/a car turning better lap times than turbo Pro’s! I realize you have to finish to win a race but still very proud!
  8. Lol! I just wanted to be the first to talk crap! All joking aside, everything you said is correct. I too was surprised to see how well they did with a new car. I expected them to have more issues. I do hope they weren’t corse cutting. It would have been nice to see how they finished straight up. As for the rest of my post, it was a shameless plug for the youngsters! My nephew is 11 years old and raced his RS1 on Friday along with his 570 and 250. He placed 6th in the RS1 but he races stock production so they were on a different track than the big boys. His buddy Mikey is older and runs in the bigger class. He was turning some damn good lap times for n/a versus the turbo cars. Pretty proud of them young boys!
  9. Giving praise to them is pretty funny if you ask me. My nephews buddy raced a naturally aspirated RS1 on Friday and was only 10 seconds off the best lap time for the turbo XP PRO. The kids like 14 years old! Oh ya, his stock Polaris steering knuckles held up just fine! Question, did any CanAms front ends fall off or any RZR’s burn down during this race?
  10. That’s funny, I meant to quote 77charger to get him up to speed. You on the other hand, tried to sell the OP on a SPEED UTV even though he already had a deposit on one. Everyone else in the SPEED UTV thread knew he had a deposit on one because we actually read all of the replies instead of just trash talking everyone! Effing classic!
  11. The OP has a deposit on a Speed UTV. If I’m not mistaken, the plan is to buy a toy to get his family by until the utv is delivered. Also while trying to keep it as cheap as possible. This all makes great sense to me. In all honesty, if this is the case, let’s try and find him something like a TFBB car or even a Chenwith with a beam front end and 3x3’s. Doesn’t need to have coil overs as these cars were heavy enough to make the gas shocks work well. A 2276 with a bus trans would complete the package. At least this is what I think would fit in his price range and work the best.
  12. Quote from LOTD on May 24 As far as whether we'll see cars by Halloween, it's looking like it's going to happen. They're building 10 production vehicles now,should be done soon, then some more testing and they'll go into production. Just trying to get this bad boy to 200!
  13. Going out with the family for breakfast for my sons 19th birthday. Then going to my nieces volleyball tournament. Top the rest of the day off with drinking and relaxing. Tomorrow I will be wrenching on the new to us Jeep!
  14. A vw doesn’t make much torque which is what is needed to push a buggy through the sand. A well built swing axle beam car will be a little heavy for a 1915. Yes you can dune it as long as you keep your speed up. If you think you can just drive up to a big dune, punch the gas, and go right up with two adults and 2 kids in the car it won’t work out so well. A 2276 would be a good motor to go with for that. One thing to remember is running high compression in a vw really makes them come alive and that’s what a lot of people did back when race gas was cheap. So unless you plan on running race gas, make sure the motor is set up for pump gas. Low compression stroker motors will still get you around but a high compression is a whole other story!

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