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  1. 13.00-15 Padla-Trak with tributes up front, works great even with stock clutch.
  2. Do a search for Honda Talon....been lots of talk and speculation on it.
  3. Well I was just playing with the app on my iPad and you do have a choice to select files saved to the cloud or save to the iPad so it does look like you can work offline. You could probably find the info on YouTube if you searched as there are hundreds of tutorials on there.
  4. Yeah you have to have internet to design and cut, it’s like a cloud. All your designs are save in the cloud and if you save them, they are always there. When logged in you can upload any design or image into the program and it is extremely easy save say a logo off the web and make it ready to cut in vinyl. I didn’t like the idea of the cloud based design at first but it has never been an issue when doing any cutting.
  5. My daughter has the Silhouette and now wants a Cricut after I got mine. Mine is the Air 2 and it works great. The software is web based which I didn’t like but after using it it’s nice being able to use the computer, iPhone or iPad to do design work just by logging on to the site.
  6. I got the Cricut last Xmas and love it. You are limited to 12” wide vinyl but up to 24” long as the vinyl is placed on a sticky mat to run through the machine. I have been using it mostly for doing powder coated thermal cups for friends.
  7. My last 2 rails I used Prismaic Powders “Cast” line of powder. They have it in multiple colors and has a texture of about 100-120 git sandpaper. Love it and would use it again. https://www.prismaticpowders.com/shop/powder-coating-colors?q=Cast
  8. Use a Form a Funnela Nd it can easily be drained out the side, clean and easy.
  9. I just ran them in black braided loom and ran along the roll bar and down the b pillar, you really don’t see them as it blends in with the roof on.
  10. I went the overhead route to keep it out of the elements more. Made my own mount and used the billet mounting plate from Rugged and it works great.
  11. Dillon 1050 all ready to go in .223/5.56 with carbide sizing die, low primer alarm, low powder alarm and no pure alarm and collet crimp die. Also has 3 small primer pickup tube, spare parts kit and manual. Low use, estimated rounds run through it is 8k-10k which is nothing for this machine. Located in Coos Bay OR but willing to ship on your dime. $1400
  12. Latest one from Spinreel area of the Oregon Dunes. Lots more videos from this trip on our channel.
  13. Lastest one from Winchester Bay EDIT: Forgot to mention this was shot with Gopro Session in a Removu S1 Gimbal in a custom mount. The Gimbal keeps the camera more level with the horizon so you get more of the rail movement and angles in the sand.
  14. Here ya go ? http://idahopotatomuseum.com/
  15. These 2 get my vote...

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